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Monday, March 06, 2017

Huge 'Occult Symbol' near Oroville Dam

Visible from Space!

Oroville Dam UPDATE 3/5/2017  - THIS IS NOT DONE YET

Another Portal to Hell in California 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 9:27

Demonic and ‘alien’/UFO activity is absolutely on the rise. The spirits are in a frenzy, knowing their time for utter chaos is at the door.

The Crowley / L Ron Hubbard connnection to Devils Gate in California! Conjuring of demonic spirits resulting in murder and other satanic activity. This is dangerous stuff.

Demons Revealed "Devils Gate Dam California"
Published on Feb 28, 2017
Demons are being revealed in Pasadena, California at the "Devils Gate Dam" also Help Us Spread the Word also also

Can we expect anything less from California? There is so much evil in that state.( 2 cor.4:3,4).The witches met out there to put a hex on Trump.Hillery is also a witch that attends on a regular basis.

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Some Believe The Devil’s Gate In California Could Be A Portal To Hell

Beginning with the first people who inhabited Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco, there have been rumors of a spiritual connection to the place. The Tongva believed water running through the gorge sounded like laughter, which they attributed to the coyote spirit.
In the 1920s, the narrowest place in the Arroyo Seco was dammed to control flooding, and it was named Devil’s Gate Dam, for the demon-like face of a horned figure in the natural rock outcropping. Pictured: Devil’s Gate Dam.
In the 1940s, a group of occultists became interested in the area and attempted rituals intended to open a #portaltoHell. Pictured: The face in the rock at the beginning of this post.
The group included rocket scientist Jack Parsons (a follower of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema) and L. Ron Hubbard (future founder of Scientology). Their goal was to bring forth a “moonchild,” which they hoped would be an Antichrist figure that would lead a Thelemic revolution. Pictured: Jack Parsons.
Some people believe the rituals Parsons led in the area opened a portal to Hell and made the area a magnet for all kinds of dark activity. Devil’s Gate Dam continues to draw the attention of people interested in paranormal investigation. The face in the rock remains, silently holding its secrets, the laughter of the water providing no clues to what it may have seen.
 Children went Missing!

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