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Saturday, March 25, 2017

America's Revival Has Come-I Heard The Prayers Of My People!

Published on Mar 18, 2017

Yes,  I, Matthew Peterson truly believe he is a "candlestick", a witness. I believe the scriptures are all pointing to this and are very clear. Many bible codes have also confirmed this! 

This video also has the 2017 presidential inaugural Prayer Breakfast With the speaker Jonathan Cahn that the Lying Media Did Not Talk About and You Will See Why! Jonathan Cahn Call Out Barack Obama For His Evil Doings While In Office Against God Almighty! 

 I believe the video is from a cell phone because the media would not release it! 

Also in this video Kim Clement Had a Prophecy about a new energy. 

The Shocking thing is I,  Matthew Peterson have been work on this very project for the last 5 years. I have One of the five Inventions that he talks about that change the world of energy and it was in Kim's Prophecies a few times about air, water and a whale. Kim was correct when he said it is so simple that you will not believe that it was hidden from us for so long. It is a Free Energy turbine that is so simple man has overlooked it. Yeshua revealed it to me about 5 years ago! But it was not time to release it yet! If you want to be a part of one of the greatest gifts Yeshua has revealed in history. Im Matthew Peterson could use a little help funding in the last steps to release this New Energy Machine to the world! I will finish this in summer of 2017 whether r I receive help or not because that is what Yeshua has called me to do. But help would make things go much faster.. I hate asking anyone for help doing this but YouTube is my only income I have now because of a muscle disease. But that does not make me not able to build this water turbine I have already proved it works 100%. Because of my Kennedy's disease I just can't work as efficiently as I once could But like I said, this system is so simple anyone could build one after seeing the design. And you will all say why did I not think of that! Because it is so simple Man was blind to it! Like A Simple Stone! I am just a simple man that has been given a plan By Yeshua! Anyone could build this but he has shown me because he knows I cannot be bought! Because Money Means Nothing In Heaven! Amen!

1: If you want to Help Me Finish This Project For Gods People! You Can Donate At My YouTube Page At The PayPal Donate Button! Just Add Message For: Turbine - The Big E Link to main page

2: If you live in the Southern Eastern Minnesota Area and want to help Build This Turbine And Of Yah and are a skilled Craftsman or Millwright I could us a hand this summer for a week or so.

3: If you are a  patent lawyer and would like to offer you services to help me get set up that way I would greatly appreciate it. I need to make a little to live, I don't need Millions.

4: When this is all finished I would love for most of it to be free to the world to have and to use! I just want to patent one very small part of the machine!

5: You can contact me at my email address:

I will make Videos about this Free Energy Turbine to keep you updated! And Any Money Donated Will Only Be Used For The Turbine Project! It's not For Me, It's Yeshua's Project And Yeshua's Idea/ And if You Donate 100% Goes To Getting The Project Finished And Out to the Public! P.S. The NWO's Time Of Controlling The Worlds' Energy Is Finished! Once this secretis releasede there is no going back because this can be built from stuff that most people can find around ttheirhomes or buy at a hardware store!

America's Revival Has Come! I Heard The Prayers Of My People! Is Donald Trump A Prophet? - YouTube

Jumpstart  Liberty Click Here

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  1. The link to info about "The Big E" is incomplete and cannot be seen as a result.


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