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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Shocking Oroville Spillway Damage-Incredible!

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Author: Daniel Lang
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Date: February 28th, 2017
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Oroville – The state Department of Water Resources halted flows down Lake Oroville’s spillway Monday afternoon in an effort to get the Hyatt Powerplant up and running and to assess damage.
GIGANTIC Spillway Damage At Oroville - Race On To Save Dam Powerhouse
Photo: Santiago Mejia, The Chronicle
In order to use the powerplant under the dam, the department needs to remove debris in the Diversion Pool at the base of the spillway that started crumbling Feb. 7.
DWR needs to remove the debris, which has in effect created a dam across the river below, and lower the water level in the Diversion Pool to a point at which it is deemed safe to operate the plant.
Debris is being moved from upstream and used to fill in a pond that once housed fish and turtles along the train tracks between Cherokee Road and the Brad Freeman Trail on Wednesday. Emily Bertolino — Enterprise-Record
Debris is being moved from upstream and used to fill in a pond that once housed fish and turtles along the train tracks between Cherokee Road and the Brad Freeman Trail on Wednesday.
Oroville >> Trucks are moving debris from the Diversion Pool below Oroville Dam to various locations, including dumping it into a year-round pond that a nearby resident said is usually full of bass, bluegill and turtles.

The debris build-up began when a major break opened in the concrete chute this month. With no other way to get enough water out of the lake, the department had to let the spillway flow with the realization the bottom part of the ramp would be torn up.
With the absence of flows, the department is able to survey the extensive damage to the spillway. The flow down the broken spillway carved a new path and a huge ravine south of the spillway, toward the dam. That debris, rocks, trees and dirt, mostly ended up in the Diversion Pool.
DWR spokesperson Lauren Bisnett said the department estimated at 3 p.m. Monday that there was 500,000 to 1 million cubic yards of debris in the Diversion Pool. The higher figure is the equivalent of a football field stacked 470 feet high with debris, she said.
Figuring that mass in terms of dump truck loads that must be hauled away, the average commercial dump truck can carry up to 18 cubic yards of material. That’s 55,556 truck loads that will be hauled away and dumped near the dam.
Flows began decreasing starting at 6:45 a.m. Monday morning, down from 55,000 cfs. As of 2 p.m., inflows to Lake Oroville were coming in at 24,089 cfs, a department spokesperson said.
The lake’s surface was at 838 feet of elevation. That’s 63 feet below its 901-foot capacity, which when exceeded causes flows to go down the problematic emergency spillway as happened a week and a half ago, triggering evacuation orders for more than 180,000 people.
With the spillway turned off, there’s still enough space in the lake to handle more than 40 days at the current rate of inflow without filling, the DWR said.
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Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said an evacuation plan for residents downstream of the dam is now complete and he was meeting with entities on Monday to finalize it. He said later in the week, he would meet with local media to discuss those plans. Preparing a social media campaign and community meetings in areas affected are also in the works, Honea said.
“Everybody (will have) an opportunity to look at the plan and understand the key early warning triggers,” he said.

“With drones, helicopters, and a team of geologists and other experts, we’re still gathering information about the extent of the erosion on the main spillway,” said Nancy Vogel, a spokeswoman for the California Natural Resources Agency, which oversees the water resources department. “The damage to the lower portion of the spillway is severe.”
The crisis began unfolding Feb. 7 amid rainstorms that raised Lake Oroville toward capacity. While dumping water downstream, crews discovered a gaping hole in the concrete spillway, forcing them to reduce the flow.
That caused water to flow over the reservoir’s earthen emergency spillway for the first time in the dam’s 48-year history, causing rapid erosion and fear of a collapse of the emergency spillway. The danger prompted the Feb. 12 evacuation of as many as 188,000 people living in downstream communities.
The ravaged main spillway was dry Monday for the first time in about two weeks, allowing workers to clear out debris below in a bid to get the dam’s hydroelectric plant back up and running, officials said. The plant acts as another water release system.
“It’s certainly a big hole,” said Jay Lund, director of the Center for Watershed Sciences at UC Davis, of the damage on and around the main spillway. “They’ll be looking to see how well that gully stabilizes, because later on this season they will need to use that spillway.”


Published on Feb 27, 2017
Dear AEWC,
Dear Advanced Infrastructure Technologies,

You guys have awesome products! I think that your products could be combined to help remedy the Oroville Dam spillway crisis. The country and world need you. Please spring into action!

Please view my video of my idea of how the spillway could be saved.
In summary, 

1. build the components at shops across the country (for production capacity)
2. fly the components in with assistance from the government or private industry
3. fabricate the components into a large monolithic span at a nearby site
4. then lift your products into place (either together, or separately) with the helicopters already on site
5. fill with concrete using hopper shoots from the helicopters, or else pump the concrete down the spillway into you carbon fiber tubes.
I have other ideas that I could share with you for how diamond pier like structures could be placed on bedrock and conform to it and subsequently fastened to the bedrock.

My ideas begin at this video link on youtube:

Hopefully you can help!
Best Regards,

Skip ahead to my idea.

Links discussed in video.

I talk very slowly, so you can speed up this video by clicking on the settings button (looks like a gear) at the bottom right corner of the video , then you can change the speed to or more.

This crisis is not over by a dam site. Gov. Brown's fiasco is still with us. His neglence of California's infrastructure still has the people of the greater Oroville area exposed to massive danger. The upstream resovoirs are filled to capacity and still streams are letting the massive wet snow melt from the mountains trickle into lake Oroville. That trickle can quickly become a torrent. The emergency spillway is not structurally sound and if it fails, a cubic kilometer of water could be rapidly dumped onto the downriver region. The main spillway is horribly damaged, and it does not seem like a quick fix is possible there either. This is a catastrophe waiting to happen, and it will go down in history as Brown's Catastrophe. Hope it is not accompanied with a massive loss of life and property.

    • Avatar

      Blame it on Brown! LOL
      this dam is over FIFTY years old you idiot.

        • Avatar

          There are lots of old dams. Gov. Brown failed to fix the main spillway when warned about the crack or opening in it and he failed to fix the emergency spillway by concreting a path down to the Feather River in the event of an overflow. This is malfeasance in office. It does rest squarely on his shoulders. But he had the support of the CA assembly, and they failed to issue warnings. Our government is irresponsible. He put the money for repair of the dam elsewhere, and this message board if full of those complaints. But what it really boils down to, is that that the State Government put the interests of corporations before those of the safety of its citizens. This is fascism plain and simple. It is that more than anything that he (and the CA assembly) should be held accountable for.
          We will be very lucky if this does not develop into a major catastrophe for California. Odds are against a safe ending to this fiasco.

        LiveCopter 3 flies over repairs at Lake Oroville spillway

        KCRA 3 Sacramento5 hours ago
        LiveCopter 3 flew over the Lake Oroville spillway and the construction site that has grown along the base of the spillway and the diversion pool of the Feather River. Advertisement ...

        Contributing sources:

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