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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Be Ready - Earth diving into DEEP Solar Minimum

 - Scientists warn WILL affect climate!
*Be Ready* - Earth diving into DEEP "Solar Minimum" 
Published on Mar 27, 2017
UPDATE: March 27, 2017: For the first time, model calculations show a plausible way that fluctuations in solar activity could have a tangible impact on the climate. Studies funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.
The Sun is going into what is known as "Solar Minimum", it will peak around 2020. So, for the next few years, we can expect plenty of crazy weather, changes in the overall personality of our planet as the sun sleeps. More updates in the video.

*,SUBSCRIBE* to the ALL climate channel here at the link below. It's simply a 'digital diary' of the coming wild weather phenomenon earth will deliver due to the quiet sun....thanks! (Subscribe for Updates)

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Be Ready

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