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Saturday, February 09, 2013

ANOTHER 7.0 mag Earthquake- Soloman Islands.

dutchsinse has uploaded 2/8/2013 -- Earthquake Update -- ANOTHER 7.0 magnitude -- Soloman Islands.

This makes at least THREE 7.0M+ earthquakes in the Soloman Islands / Santa Cruz region over the past few days (as of Feb. 8 2013).

One 8.0M and THIRTEEN 6.0M+ quakes.

Overall, if you add in the 5.0M+ and 4.0M+ at the same spot (soloman islands) ... it makes a truly excessive amount of movement to see in one weeks time.

This is a time to be prepared for further large scale movement at the Soloman Islands region, AND ALSO elsewhere (as far north as Kamchatka Russia / Japan.. as far west as Italy/Poland.. as far south as New Zealand.. and as far east as the Craton Edge in the USA).

Its a very large area to watch for compensation movement, and also the direct area of Soloman Island for further large scale earthquake activity.

All around the ring of fire (at this point) we need to be prepared for at least multiple 6.0M followups in South America, Central America, and the Pacific Northwest. Don't rule out southern California and the fracking operations either --- these may show actvity as well.

Its been VERY silent along the West Coast of the Americas.. and also very silent along the craton edge in the USA ---- we've only seen three 3.0M+ earthquakes at a quarry site in Utah... which is far too little movement for what we've seen occur in the west pacific (solomans).

Here is a link to multiple sources of earthquake data / international and national:

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