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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Worldwide Mass Animal Deaths -2013

End Times Signs

Below is a list of mass animal deaths for 2013 with pages also for mass die offs in 2012 and 2011. There are animals dying all over the world today in huge numbers, due to the polluted state of the sea and the air. Millions of Fish and massive numbers of whales and dolphins are washing ashore dead. Hundreds to thousands of Birds are falling out of the sky, and countless cattle are dying from disease, just to name a few. Sure, animals have been dying all throughout history. But not in the massive numbers that we are seeing today. And many people are relating this to the signs of the last days which the Bible foretold. Is it a sign? Yes, it's one of the MANY signs of the end times which you can find in this site. We will continue to keep this list updated as the events happen.

List of Mass Animal Deaths                 

Event Summary for 2013 - 88 Known Mass Death Events in 33 Countries

22nd February 2013 - Dozens of turtles, sea lions, dolphins and sharks wash up dead in PeruLink
19th February 2013 - Fish kill caused by Algae Bloom in Albany, AustraliaLink
19th February 2013 - 42+ Dolphins wash up dead since January in ItalyLink
19th February 2013 - 720,000 Chickens to be killed due to Bird Flu in MexicoLink
15th February 2013 - Thousands of Ducks killed due to Bird Flu in Berlin, GermanyLink
15th February 2013 - Thousands of Fish found dead in Angrignon Park, CanadaLink
14th February 2013 - Thousands of dead Lobsters, Starfish, Clams and Skates wash ashore in Massachusetts, AmericaLink
14th February 2013 - 22 dead Whales found on the east coast of the FalklandsLinkDead Whales Falklands
14th February 2013 - Fish kill in Lake Ginninderra in Canberra, AustraliaLink
14th February 2013 - Thousands of Fish found dead in Suck's Lake, Nebraska, AmericaLink
12th February 2013 - 40 Adult Penguins die in mass die-off on the Otago Peninsula in New ZealandLink
12th February 2013 - Thousands of Fish killed by chlorinated water in San Mateo Creek, California, AmericaLink
11th February 2013 - Hundreds of Birds dead from Bird Flu in Jhapa, NepalLink
10th February 2013 - Thousands of Chickens killed due to Avian Flu in Kathmandu, NepalLink
10th February 2013 - Fish kill in the Periyar river, IndiaLink
10th February 2013 - 100 Turtles wash ashore dead in Andhra Pradesh, IndiaLink
8th February 2013 - 200+ Ducks found dead on 2 ponds in Nowra, AustraliaLink
8th February 2013 - "Immeasurable" number of dead Fish span 40Km of the Fitzroy River in AustraliaLink
8th February 2013 - High number of Dolphins, Whales and Porpoise stranding deaths in IrelandLink
7th February 2013 - 144,968 Birds killed due to Avian Flu in BangladeshLink
6th February 2013 - Thousands of Tilapia Fish found dead in Tempe Town Lake, Arizona, AmericaLink
6th February 2013 - Tens of thousands of TONS of Herring found dead in Kolgrafafjordur,Dead Herring IcelandIcelandLink
Update from Oct 2012 - 750,000 Bees die in mass die-off in Montecito, California, AmericaLink
5th February 2013 - Mass Sea Turtle deaths shock conservationists along Chennai coast in India.Link
4th February 2013 - Thousands of Fish have died in Ululah Lagoon in AustraliaLink
2nd February 2013 - 12+ Dolphins found dead washed ashore on beaches on Achill Island, IrelandLink
1st February 2013 - Tens of Thousands of Fish covering 8km of shoreline is an "unbelievable mystery" in Yass, AustraliaLink
Note: - During January, 17 Whales and Dolphins washed up dead in various countries, WorldDownload List
31st January 2013 - Thousands of Fish killed by pollution in Chongzuo City, ChinaLink
31st January 2013 - Hundreds of Fish found dead in the Darling River, New South Wales, AustraliaLink
31st January 2013 - Hundreds of Birds washing up dead along the south coast in EnglandLink
30th January 2013 - 9,272 Cattle have died during the past month in ZimbabweLink
30th January 2013 - Fish kill caused by algae bloom at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas, AmericaLink
30th January 2013 - Large number of dead Fish washing up in the Boyne River in Queensland, AustraliaLink
29th January 2013 - 13 Elephants found dead in a forest "a mystery" in MalaysiaLink
29th January 2013 - 420,000 Ducks have died from Avian flu across 12 provinces in IndonesiaLink
29th January 2013 - 10km of the Srepok River is covered with dead Fish of various species in VietnamLink
29th January 2013 - Dozens of dead Seals found on a beach on Prince Edward Island in CanadaLink
29th January 2013 - Masses of dead Fish found at Park ponds in Botany, AustraliaLinkDead Fish Botany
27th January 2013 - 70 Horses dead from a sickness in Eastern Cape in South AfricaLink
27th January 2013 - Fish kill including other sea creatures found at Pasir Ris in MalaysiaLink
27th January 2013 - Thousands of Birds killed due to Avian Flu in CambodiaLink
27th January 2013 - Fish kill found along the Huangpu river in Shanghai, ChinaLink
27th January 2013 - Fish kill found along the Kalalake River in Olongapo, PhilippinesLink
25th January 2013 - 40,000 Fish suddenly died in Yanzhou city, ChinaLink
25th January 2013 - 15 Donkeys die of "Mysterious Disease" in the Djabal camp in ChadLink
25th January 2013 - Millions of Oysters wiped out by a virus in NSW, AustraliaLink
24th January 2013 - Thousands of dead Starfish wash ashore in Lincolnshire, EnglandLinkDead Starfish
24th January 2013 - Tonnes of freshwater Fish dead due to lakes drying up in Victoria, AustraliaLink
23rd January 2013 - 4,000 lbs of dead Fish found in ponds in Hunan, ChinaLink
23rd January 2013 - 280 Sea Turtles plus many Fish found dead along the shores in Costa RicaLink
21st January 2013 - Fish kill on the shores of Anna Maria Island in AmericaLink
21st January 2013 - Many tonnes of Salmon killed due to "new disease" in Shetland Islands, ScotlandLink
18th January 2013 - Thousands of Ducks die suddenly from Bird Flu in Cimaung, IndonesiaLink
18th January 2013 - Thousands of dead Fish continue to wash ashore on Sarasota beaches in Florida, AmericaLink
18th January 2013 - 12 Dolphins, 35 Sea Lions, 13 Pelicans wash ashore dead in PeruLink
18th January 2013 - 100 Bats found dead in the North Adelaide parklands in AustraliaLink
18th January 2013 - 9,000 Fish killed due to a viral outbreak in ScotlandLink
18th January 2013 - Millions of dead Fish wash ashore in Okinawa, JapanLinkDead Fish Japan
17th January 2013 - Countless number of dead Fish wash ashore on Siesta Public Beach, Florida, AmericaLink
17th January 2013 - Thousands of dead Fish found near the Jatiluhur dam in West Java,IndonesiaLink
17th January 2013 - 40,000 dead Fish wash ashore for 2nd time in a week in South Carolina,AmericaLink
16th January 2013 - 2,000 Fish found dead in Grand Island Lake, Nebraska, AmericaLink
16th January 2013 - 2,200 Chickens killed due to Avian Flu in Pokhara in NepalLink
15th January 2013 - 30+ Birds found dead in Duson, Louisiana, AmericaLink
15th January 2013 - Thousands of dead Fish washed up on Pawleys Island, in South Carolina, AmericaLink
11th January 2013 - Thousands of dead Birds are washing up on Michigan's shoreline in AmericaLink
11th January 2013 - Hundreds of thousands of dead Fish washed up on Masonboro Island in AmericaLink
10th January 2013 - 180,000 Cattle dead due to cold weather in Northern ChinaLink
10th January 2013 - Tonnes of Fish have died off Hanura Beach in IndonesiaLinkDead Fish Masonboro
10th January 2013 - Dozens of Pigs die of rare disease raising concern in Barahona, Dominican RepublicLink
9th January 2013 - 70 Red Deer deaths during past few months is unexplainable in BelarusLink
9th January 2013 - 770 Geese, plus large numbers of Ducks and Fish killed by sewage in Hefei,ChinaLink
9th January 2013 - 25,500+ Ducks and Chickens dead in South Sulawesi, IndonesiaLink
9th January 2013 - Thousands of Sheep and Cattle killed by wild fires in AustraliaLink
9th January 2013 - 284,000+ Birds killed due to Avian Influenza in MexicoLink
7th January 2013 - 50 baby sharks found dead along Nukulau beachfront in FijiLink
6th January 2013 - Thousands of Livestock killed by disease in Marakwet, KenyaLink
4th January 2013 - Several thousand dead Fish found along the shores of Altus-Lugert Lake, Oklahoma, AmericaLink
4th January 2013 - Massive Fish kill along 10km of Coromandel beaches in New ZealandLinkFish Kill New Zealand
4th January 2013 - Hundreds of Ducks die suddenly in Bali, IndonesiaLink
4th January 2013 - 30 Turtles wash ashore dead in Chennai, IndiaLink
4th January 2013 - Mass Fish kill in the Boca Grande Causeway, Florida, AmericaLink
4th January 2013 - Thousands of dead Sardines washing ashore on Sanibel Island, Florida,AmericaLink
3rd January 2013 - Hundreds of buffaloes, cows and goats die from mysterious disease, with 1.5 MILLION infected in PakistanLink
3rd January 2013 - Mass Fish kills happening 2 or 3 times every year on Phra Prong River in ThailandLink
2nd January 2013 - Thousands of Fish "Freeze to death" in Yunlin County, ChinaLink
2nd January 2013 - Fish kill on the Condamine River in AustraliaLink
1st January 2013 - 150,000 lbs of Fish found dead in Bazhou District, ChinaLink
There is no doubt that these mass animal deaths occuring around the world today is one of the many signs of the times, showing that we are living in the last days. Throughout history we have not seen animals dying in these kinds of numbers all around the world. But the earth and the seas are so polluted now from man made chemicals and oil spills, the animals just don't stand a chance! But this was to be expected, as God already warned through Bible prophecy that this world is heading for complete ruin. Friends, it's time to turn to Christ Jesus. He is our ONLY hope for the future.
See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2012 for the 2012 list.
See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2011 for the 2011 list.


The bodies of 18 sea turtles, 22 sea lions, eight dolphins, 16 sharks and 22 marine birds are found on the coastline of Peru.

Dead dolphin washed up on Peru coastline
Video: Warning: Video contains pictures of dead animals and birds

Experts are trying to work out why nearly 100 dead animals and birds have washed up on a Peruvian coastline.
The bodies of 18 sea turtles, 22 sea lions, eight dolphins, 16 angular roughsharks and 22 marine birds were found during an inspection by government officials.
Some of the creatures were sprayed with a special paint as part of an investigation into the grim discovery along 77 miles of the Lambayeque coastline.
The carcasses, were in various states of decomposition, were measured, placed in bags and then taken away for analysis.
Jaime De La Cruz, an engineer with Peru's Ocean Institute, said a report detailing their cause of death was expected in the coming weeks.
In the past couple of years, a worrying number of dead sea creatures have been ending up on Peru's shores.
While officials have yet to conclusively pinpoint a cause, some of the possible explanations include viruses, offshore oil exploration, or poisoned food sources.
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  1. Or did it ever occur to you that maybe all these animals are dying around the world because of the shifting of the poles? To me, that actually seems like the most logical reason this is happening. The poles do shift every certain number of millions of years, that's a scientific fact that we cannot change. We're the only people who have ever been on earth at a time when the poles shift, this is the first time humans get to experience and live through this, therefore, we really don't know the effects or consequences of it. But it makes a lot of sense that all of these birds, and animals, and fish all over the world got thrown off their course, as the poles are shifting very slowly. What other logical explanation is there?

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Check for GEOENGINEERING AND CHEMTRAILS these are really responsible for these deaths.. but the media has a blackout!

  3. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Yes,...all happens due to the Pole is shifting now... People 's mind is also shift...


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