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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Earthquake in Columbia South America -- Unrest Continues.

dutchsinse has uploaded 2/9/2013 -- 7.0M Earthquake in Columbia South America -- Unrest Continues.

Here is my most recent earthquake update from yesterday:

description from yesterday

This makes at least THREE 7.0M+ earthquakes in the Soloman Islands / Santa Cruz region over the past few days (as of Feb. 8 2013).

One 8.0M and THIRTEEN 6.0M+ quakes.

Add in this 7.0M earthquake in Columbia South America as well.

Overall, if you add in the 5.0M+ and 4.0M+ at the same spot (soloman islands) ... it makes a truly excessive amount of movement to see in one weeks time.

This is a time to be prepared for further large scale movement at the Soloman Islands region, AND ALSO elsewhere (as far north as Kamchatka Russia / Japan.. as far west as Italy/Poland.. as far south as New Zealand.. and as far east as the Craton Edge in the USA).

Its a very large area to watch for compensation movement, and also the direct area of Soloman Island for further large scale earthquake activity.

All around the ring of fire (at this point) we need to be prepare...

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1 comment:


    If, the Earth has a vile charge underneath miles of space that is not molten; then have scienceists looked into why the ground is not for a rare vapour that can rape the Earth and tear open ground level?

    The theory is methane can conbust!! The molecular chemistry of Methane is H20+Shulifide!!

    The Earth is buried with the dead!!! Of People and Animals. What occurs is a vapour deadly; and bassining. As with a grenade; a arc builds pressure from release!

    In time; and usually; 10 years; the vapour builds more gaseous methane un released!!

    If, the same scientists study this danger;
    maybe a coolant can be "fisioneded;" and
    cool the burn?

    The best answer is if a Quack does open the
    Earth at any un announced date;
    why are not the best of science there or
    alerting people?

    The Earth is over 10-Trillion years old and today is the Earth's birthday!!!

    Burying any decomposing being is a real concern;
    without a chamber; and held with a type of lye to burn out the explosive methane all people and animals radiate!!

    For further proof; ask You I; is sour gas a menace to those who drill for oil rare and burn dead?

    The reason is H20+Shulifide; is not able to sulphate as gasoline can carbonize!!

    When a Quake occurs the following items occur:
    one as in the San Francisco Earthquake in 1914; during a Hollywood movie; 300-miles of California; quaked!!

    Perhaps; the ground level was burning too much methane!!

    The problem is to find real caring scientists;
    who can find evidence on the next Major 'Quake!!

    The people of Earth can find one other discovery;
    why are people now; and animals cremated and not buried on a major issue -- the methane build that can level the Statue of Liberty.


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