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Monday, February 18, 2013

Weird Meteor Residue - Star Jelly Puzzles Experts

Green 'Space' Slime 

Baffles Experts

An unexplained jelly-like substance which is said to occur during meteor showers has been found on a wildlife park in Somerset, UK.

Weird green slime is baffling the RSPB

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A "weird" green slime said in folklore to appear at the same time as meteors hit Earth has been found in a birdlife park in Somerset.
The RSPB has appealed for help in identifying the slime, which is said to be scattered on grass banks close to pools and lakes around Ham Wall Nature Reserve near Glastonbury.
The jelly-like substance could be bacteria, fungus or toad innards, wildlife experts said.
Some believe it could be a substance that has been written about for centuries called star or astral jelly, which is said to appear in the wake of meteor showers.
Alternatively, it may be related to the intriguingly named crystal brain fungus.
Mr Whitehead added: "We've read a few articles now, and much speculation.
"One suggested it was neither animal nor plant, and another that it didn't contain DNA, although it does give the appearance of something 'living'.

Its appearance has coincided with a meteor strike in Russia and the harmless fly-by of an asteroid at a record distance from Earth last week.
Steve Hughes, the RSPB site manager at Ham Wall, said: "This past week we've been finding piles of this translucent jelly dotted around the reserve.
"(It is) always on grass banks away from the water's edge. They are usually about 10cm (4in) in diameter.
"We've asked experts what it might be, but as yet no one is really sure. Whatever it is, it's very weird."

Star jelly

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Star jelly” (also called astromyxinastral jellypwdr sêrstar rot, or star shot) is a gelatinous substance that, according to folklore, is deposited on the earth during meteor showers.[1][2] Today, it is generally believed to be nostoc.
Star jelly is described as a translucent or grayish-white gelatin that tends to evaporate shortly after having “fallen.”[3]Explanations have ranged from the material's being the remains of frogs, toads, or worms, to the byproducts ofcyanobacteria, to the paranormal.[2][4][5][6]
Reports of the substance date back to the 14th century and have continued to the present day.[6][7] Read more:

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