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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

UFOs spotted at Sakurajima, Japan after volcano erupts

Blogger Note:  Time for a Smile - See if you can identify the live object in lower right frame above.

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Examiner Article

  By Tracey Parece,

  Unexplained Phenomena - Examiner

According to information made available on April 3, 2011, 
UFOs were at the scene of a recent volcanic eruption in Japan.  
   A prolific YouTube user named Sheila (of Sheilaaliens) 
  said that she discovered the UFOs while viewing a live webcam 
  for Sakurajima, one of Japan's most active volcanoes.

April 3, 2011 [video]

Comments on YouTube:
Uploaded by  on Apr 3, 2011
This is not fake, I did a google search for sakurajima live webcams after hearing it had errupted again today, April 3, 2011

I found this site:

archives the four-cam view footage of each erruption or disturbance (from what I can tell)
clicking on the movie play button next to the file/date that you want to see will open a pop-up player with an embedded youtube video, the channel is cubhf137


Direct Video Source:
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Uploader Comments (Sheilaaliens)

  • i noticed when the volcano was erupting with flames and smoke,there where lights everywhere,like they where trying to calm it,then when the volcano stoped so did all the lights stop flying by,am i right
  • @sgtpete1  i think so, like they huddled around it - i thought so too!!
  • @Sheilaaliens theres more videos on this i googled it too like you said theres orbs fying above it
  • @sgtpete1 yes the whole database of video files is full of UFOS! What a find!
see all

All Comments (46)

  • The objects in this video are traveling no more than 60-100mph. The video is accelerated (fast forward mode) Every 2 seconds is equivalent to 1 minute. Every 40 seconds is equivalent to 20 minutes. These lightning and plasma balls have been associated with volcanic activity and earthquake fault's for many of thousands of years. It is definitely a sign it could erupt any day and it will be a big one. sorry UFO lovers...
  • 2:09 AMAZING SHIP!!
  • ....robots:)
  • @ Erdnussdieb I can prove these are not cars, but small boats and large fishing vessels.... Sakurajima is a small island. Google pictures of Japans Sakurajima Volcano. also understand the video is playing at an accelerated rate (every 2 seconds is equivalent to 1 minute.) The lights are moving much slower than they appear . (google) Live webcam Sakurajima volcano and watch the lights in real time. You will see lights 24/7 (Ball lightning and plasma) UFO's???see Ships at3:40
  • Girl how do you have time to watch all the worlds webcams? Nice find.
  • Thats a series of roads there, the glare on the top left box is from a car turning
  • hmm maybe these are just cars ... but 0:54 the blue lightning and 2:08 are very strange ...
  • @IronLingersPlus that's not likely
  • It's a volcano, they spit plasma balls same as fault lines. Why do people think these are craft? There is absolutely nothing to indicate that they are vehicles of any sort. odd.

Examiner Article Continued:
The UFOs were allegedly huddled around the base of the volcano 
at the time of the eruption on April 3, 2011.  

The video shows four previously recorded live web cams each 
aimed at Sakurajima in Japan.  The majority of the unexplained 
activity appears in the upper left quadrant of the screen.

Flashing lights can be seen quickly darting back and forth across 
the base of the volcano in the upper left portion of the video 
while the upper right video shows mysterious white orbs at the top, 
black orbs on the bottom.  The four camera angles show a 
synchronized view of the eruption as it happens.

Sheilaaliens describes the video as follows: "This is not fake, 
I did a google search for Sakurajima live webcams after hearing 
it had errupted again today, April 3, 2011."

Reports of UFO sightings are common at the sites of natural disasters.  
For example, UFOs were reported in Japan preceding, during, and 
following the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami there.

One of the alleged UFOs reported to be visible in a news video at 
the site of the tsunami in Japan was later determined to be nothing 
more than a helicopter.  

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