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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

UFO sightings Japan increased before earthquake

According to information made available on Friday, March 18, 2011,
UFO sightings in Japan increased sharply in the weeks just prior to the
9.0 magnitude earthquake that preceded the deadly tsunami in that
country. A video released yesterday by luckymauro shows multiple
UFOs caught on camera.

This compilation of UFO videos and photos is extremely
compelling and contains sharp, clear, high-quality
documentation of the recent UFO activity in Japan.
The video runs 8:20 in its entirety including photos a
nd on-screen titles.

From the video: "Sightings of UFOs in Japan had exploded
in the weeks prior to the earthquake". Pictures and video
had surfaced from around Japan. Watch the entire posting,
very incredible UFO sightings!

A daylight fleet of UFOs was recorded in Japan on Tuesday,
1st March 2011. Witnesses saw the fleet move over Mt. Fuji
before the multiple craft fanned out.

This was reported by China's main government news agency,

UFO Orbs leaving the mothership in Japan 03/2010

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