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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Japan Sinking, Liquefying?

Excerpt from "2012 – Doom - the rest of the story" : 

"In regions that would support the phenomenon, liquefaction will cause large areas of ground to actually 'soften beneath your feet'. This is not good for buildings depending on 'solid ground' for support. Other areas, including mountainous regions will suffer large, and suddenly occurring sinkholes, which may produce horrific landslides. Where the sinkholes are near the terminal ends of an 'active' tear, it can be expected that earthquakes will also produce what are known as 'long run out slides'. These can be devastating as the sides of mountains are shaken so violently that the soils become a colloidal suspension of air/water/rock/grits that will flow like a lahar and can scour down a valley so far as to run out over 40/forty kilometers if the land form allows; or can run up the sides of opposing mountains to reach nearly the starting height of the slide. Further issues for humans will include all manner of below ground structures, and infrastructure such as piping to be disturbed. Though not ubiquitous across the planet, those regions so affected will likely be greatly affected. There are areas around the planet where ancient irrigation systems, some spectacularly long, have been 'ripped' into several pieces by ground movement over time. In one example in what is now western China, the channel has been broken nearly at its 13 kilometers mid point, and the two halves of the break are now separated by 20/twenty kilometers. Indeed, this irrigation channel now even appears to be in two separate valleys. 

New cracks in Peru, and now major mudslides in Bolivia, large earthquakes off the coast of Japan....we all need to pay attention; planetary change is upon us. In the up coming months, the progression of the solar cycle will let us know if and how these new levels of solar radiation will affect human life here on earth. We can expect that more earthquakes will also be associated with more volcanic activity. This could be very bad. It may be that we get all kinds of volcanic ash in air affect air travel, plants, and breathing...all vital things.....but then, guess what, volcanic ash suspended in the air is almost as good as a magnetosphere for shedding radiation."

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  1. The Great Whales have been navigating the seas of Planet Earth since before the time of the dinosaurs yet we know very little about them other than the fact that they are extremely intelligent and while outwardly friendly, they prefer to be left alone. They are truly an alien species living amongst us, sharing our world.

    Japan is one of several countries that insist upon harvesting these sentient, intelligent beings for commercial products which have been replaced by synthetic materials for decades.

    The whales apparently, have finally had enough abuse and are taking steps to correct the situation. . .



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