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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Clinical Study?


Last week I received an offer from a clinic in the U.S. to participate in a vitamin D study to see if it would help prevent cancer, and heart attacks.  It would be a double blind study, free, and over a period of six years.

Several catches I could see:  
Number one, I already know that there have been several such studies that have shown that Vitamin D3 in the range of around 4,000 units a day taken over months can and does contribute to heart health, and is indeed anti-cancer.  
Number two, this would be double blind, and I would not know if I was getting the placebo or not.  
Number three, the amount in the study was only 800 units (if you even get the real deal), 
Number four, it was not in the form of D3, it was just ordinary vitamin D. 
Last, but not least to me, I would have to promise to not take my own Vitamin D in any amount, for SIX YEARS! 

It makes me sad that there are uninformed and unsuspecting senior citizens who would jump at the chance to get something for free, and at the same time be not getting, even at 800 units a day, enough Vitamin D to do them much good.  Many would indeed, be suffering in the future with increased heart problems and cancer because of this 'study'.  


It pays to be educated and proactive.

Dee Rohe
Acupuncture Physician and
Certified Nutritional Consultant

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