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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some Comments - the Sinister Guidestones

On the surface, these seem like very good guidelines... but, the implementation of these, would mean hundreds of thousands of deaths of "useless eaters". 

There is no humility here, no God, only arrogant human reason - which, being human, is flawed!

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    • Joe Florio That is precisely where religion turns into an abomination, and mobs rule, when good God fearing people remain idle and silent.
      17 hours ago · 

    • Joe Florio 
      On a side note, That reference to useless eaters was repeated by a Lady Doctor who fled the country to Panama yet returned only to be interviewed by Jesse Ventura (Conspiracy Theories)who stated that the USA was going to experience a Holocaust. The Doctor said that she was told by a Head of State that was one of her patients that a pandemic was planned by the Illuminat through swineflu shots.
      (Don't drink the Koolaid!)

      6 hours ago · 

    • Lilleen Dee Rohe A friend of mine, a cardiac care RN, told me over 13 years ago that conferences she had been attending, emphasized the need, and - how to - hurry up the decline of the elderly. .help them die sooner!
      a few seconds ago · 

Yes, Discern! Let mankind behold the true, diabolical meaning behind the beautiful guidestones. 

Kidtruth says:
I just watched the Planet Earth series for the first time this week. It was beautiful and fascinating, but the 5th disc had a discussion that just did not sit right with me– I had never even heard about it being an issue before– that is the "problem" of overpopulation. The idea of there being too many people seems to go against what God's desire is and has been since he created us…to be fruitful and multiply! Hm. Satan always taking what God says is good, turning it upside down, and making it "beautiful" in the world's eyes.
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  • Amore says:
    Love them or hate them, as far as population they're right. If you've never heard the issue of overpopulation you've probably never been to a metropolitan city. Humans do pollute and to accommodate our species millions of other species of the different kingdoms of life have been wiped out and many are critically endangered, and there's nothing they can do about it, they're just animals and they don't know it's our fault.
    I don't think killing people off or giving them misleading vaccines like Bill Gates said is right, but people do need to open their eyes. So many children are born to parents that won't or can't give them the care they need and then what happens? A lot of those kids go on to be a burden to society, in gangs, in ghettos. Parents have children, teach them to hate and then guess what? More war! It cost around at least 100K, probably more I'm guessing to raise a child to adulthood when you consider food, shelter, medicine, education, clothing and everyone of those people will require their own home space, farmland for their food to grow…
    I'm not defending such radical ideas, forced depopulation or saying rich people deserve children more than anyone else, in fact poor people probably need them more to make sure they have someone to take care of them in old age. Just that in the last 200 years the population of the world has gone from 1 to 6 billion people with increasingly long lifespans and in the age the Bible was written there were probably less than 100 million people in the world, perhaps less than a a dozen million, most of whom probably died before they were 50 – whether you believe God actually commanded be fruitful and multiply isn't the issue, it's that circumstances have changed. Nobody needs to still be having like a a huge bunch of kids like Adam and Eve did.
    If it were up to me people just would get this and not do it, people actually seem to have more kids in terrible conditions, like ghettos, in overcrowded countries, but maybe that's just because of lack of education of contraception but idk.
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    • Patrick says:
      I live in Nevada which is almost all desert land. If where you live is over populated then come live here. The world could support maybe 100 times more people if the resources were used correctly. All the people dying in the third world countries are because the ruling class are hoging the resources.
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      • Minetonka 01 says:
        Overpopulated? Let's focus on numbers.
        It's said "the gigantic structure is almost 20 feet high and is made of six granite slabs"
        I'm just starting to read so i don't know if this will be said after in the article, but I bet that 6,66 meter high…
        Which would be, for the less, very meaningful…
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      • Val says:
        I couldn't agree more. The only reason that the world seems overpopulated is because many farmers and people living in rural areas are being driven into the cities in order to survive (access to better jobs, income, etc.). With companies like Monsanto destroying the effectiveness of continuously reproducing crops (i.e. terminator seeds, for instance) and making it more difficult for farmers to support their families living on even just a few acres of land, they are forced to go to the metropolitan areas where they have a better chance of making ends meet. I actually watched a short video on this today and how this is going on in Mexico and really hurting the farmers there. My first thought was that they are doing this to herd everyone into the major cities in order to better round them up during martial law or any type of government takeover. Makes them easier to control when they are no longer able to fend for themselves.
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      • paz says:
        Fantastic point Patrick who wrote before- this earth was created by The Creator for us all and its resources are abundant and plentiful for all to share. Share- thats the key poiint. The Elite are behind creating poverty, manufacturing disease and debt and it all serves to push forward their ultimate goal of world domination. They dont want to share with anyone least of all the Untermenschen of society- the Profane as they like to call us. They have hijacked the environmental banner in order to drive their evil aims forward. Many ecologists and scientists have come forward to debunk their claims on global warming, overpopulation etc. Do the research its all propaganda, If there is instability and injustice its because we've allowed it to exist, we do need light, order and guidance but not from Lucifer and his cronies. We need guidance from the One who created all of mankind and sent messengers time after time after time to remind us- yet we are told in all the sacred scriptures that man is ever-ungrateful and rebellious and ever willing to follow the Devils call. They have used black magic to gain position and power havent you watched them at Bohemian Grove worshipping an owl? They are the ones who are poisoning our water supplies, food chains, experimenting with creation. There is enough for all, but there's not enough for them. ultimately, this is a fight between forces of Evil and Good they wish to pervert goodness and replace God-consciousness with their brand of morality and ethics which has nothing to do with any 'age of reason'. They've done quite a good job of that so far. Creating war, manipulating economies, markets, education, society the list goes on.They wish to destroy mankind and pervert nature which is exactly what their leader Lucifer has instructed them to do. Thankfully those with faith have the comfort of the knowledge we have been given by our Creator, esp those of monotheistic religions about the coming time of the Anti-Christ. We are dealing with one entity in reality- when we refer to the Illuminati or the Elite or The Freemasons- they are all the one same group. The AntiChrist has been prophesied to come and will be released on this earth to cause much destruction but we will win in the end. However it requires us all to wake up and realise, take responsibility and ask ourselves which side of the fence are we on. This is a test of our faith or lack of it and we are suffering because of our inertia and apathy. It's taken a long time but now they have reached a point where they have almost succeeded in eliminating faith, subverting goodness and slowly bit by bit people have come to forget not just God but themselves and that is why they're now laughing in our faces to the point where they are confidently advertising their aims and agendas in the open. you can see it everywhere in everyday life- people are switched off, disconnected and thats with all the technological luxuries we have. Why? Because we've forgotten wo we are and where we came from and where we're going. And them? they're arrogant and think we're all asleep and hey, let's face it they might be right..but rem this they WILL fail. THAT is God's promise.Peace.
        "La verdad padece pero no perece"
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      • Christine Northern says:
        Yeah, just a few days ago I read a statistic that said redistribution of just 2% of the world's grain would solve world hunger.
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    • Joe says:
      the world is not 'overpopulated'. The entire world population could fit in the continent of Australia with every person getting an acre apiece. You've obviously never been to Indiana, Iowa, or Nebraska if you think the world is overpopulated.
      If it is overpopulated where you are…move.
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      • Amore says:
        You guys don't understand, it's not just how little land you need to theoretically put all the people in the world, resources and waste by-products are also an issue. Look at Brazil for instance, HUGE country, right? Almost the same size as the US in area, about half the population. But the ecosystem down there isn't the same, so for them to have farm and grazing land for their cattle they need to cut down and burn the rainforests for land, which results in extinctions, damage to the environment and can even change climates. Not all of the world is has nice, people-friendly terrain, there are deserts and permafrost out there.
        More people need more stuff, both that stuff and those people need land, for homes, factories, whathaveyou.. The more people there are and the bigger the need for space and land means more competition -> Prices go up plus we have to take more from nature, so more creatures go into extinction, the face of the Earth is changed and pollution goes up.
        Moving from place to place doesn't solve that, in fact that is behaving like a virus (did you see the Matrix)? We should keep trying to be less wasteful.
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        • Ian says:
          There are plenty of resources on this earth to sustain the human population and plenty of land to share. If those resources are only used for basic needs and not wants. However, at our current consumption of those resources, most posters are correct, the resources will not last. We in the civilized world, eat food for pleasure not soley for sustenance and we consume resources for pleasure not solely for survival.
          In our efforts to live our lives in the system which we were born and programmed into, we are stuck thinking it's the only way to live and that to live happily we must have MORE, MORE, MORE. Consumption is the path to happiness. Of course men in power cannot rule and cannot profit unless you believe these lies and reach beyond the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter to live happily.
          So in reality, in order to maintain rule over the populations, we cannot run out of resources because someone needs to control them to profit. In the most simplest of terms, to rule others simply control resources, and create demand for the resources you control. If you are growing, gathering and hunting your own food and living in harmony with the earth, no one can sell you anything above that unless you think you need more to live OR if they prevent you from doing so through rule of law or other devices. Back in the day, Kings of old prevented peasants from hunting deer on the King's land. This is a simple explanation of what's going on today.
          To bring a civilizations to its knees, create demand for materialism, flood them with an ample supply of materialism then they will forget how to get what they need on their own.Once they have forgotten or you have prevented them from being self-sufficient (or both), take everything away (without them knowing who took it away), watch the panic, the fear and the desperation as people starve. Then come out of the shadows with the answers and they will bow.
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      • appledanger says:
        The overpopulation debate is a myth, just like global warming is. I do believe there are problems with how we live with nature, but it is not because there are too may humans. It is because there are too many Metropolitan cities. It is the social order that they (the elite) so praise that is the problem. Humans wouldn't starve if each one of us had their own land, and new how to properly maintain such lands. However, each one of us having our own land would mean less workers working in factories, and they (the elitist/slave master complex) don't want that. I remember a quote that once said from a capitalist back in the 1800′s (I forget who) that said, "If workers had land to tend to, they will be too occupied to work the hours needed in the factories. " Wonder why the Banks make buying land so unaffordable, and attach interest rates and taxes to it? Well, they would rather have people in cities or next to polluting factories instead of being self-sufficient.
        I would have to agree with some of the Rosicrucian guidelines as far as living with nature and not continuing to live having such long, unhappy life cycles. However, I do not and will not support mass euthanasia and selective breeding to achieve such results.
        I do believe that if humans could stop putting such emphasis on money, which in itself is unnatural and limiting to human potential, and instead go back to basic bartering and communal growth through clanships and reciprocity, then human sustainability could be achieved. Along with the limiting of destructive technologies, and going back to more biodegradable technologies, we could all live happier lives.
        The point of the matter is that scarcity is manufactured. No human being is born with the intent of stealing someone else's resource, or greater, committing global genocide. However, through the social mechanisms that we are all indoctrinated under, we are led to believe through fear (either loss of life, or loss of power) that the pyramid system is the way to go. Essentially, you are taught not be the "alpha-dog" – you must be the alpha dog, all the time.
        By the notable freemason and Rothschild supporter, Charles Darwin, "survival of the fittest" was the only way to live. However, it is important to recognize what "fit" in nature really means. Nature has proven that "fit" really means "those who are most adaptable", and most able to "endure". The Globalist Pyramid system actually does none of that. In fact, it is the least flexible and the most fragile.
        If one leader becomes inadequate or corrupt, than everyone suffers. Because it is fragile, it continues to stay in power the only way it can, by destroying and manipulating those, which threaten the system – Like a snake or a cobra, thus the reptilian symbolism. The pyramid system never looks for new ideas, never grows beyond its borders or matures. It treats every problem like an incurable cancer, always opting for amputation rather than a cure (which what this guide-stones declaration is – an amputation, rather than a cure). It is destructive by nature, and thus the reason why we have so many wars in the world. In fact it is really the opposite of democracy – Minority focused instead of focused on the majority.
        Borders in fact constrict human integration, along with constriction by tolls and taxation on travel. Every other species in the world eventually has migration periods. Human once were know migrates as well, but now with borders, tolls and restrictions to travel unless you are very rich, those important migration routes are stifled. Peoples who once traveled to more plentiful lands when their lands went arid, are now stuck over-irrigating and farming the same lands, even during dry seasons (a major reason for the continued suffering in Africa, and the tribal wars… because of the unnatural borders forced on the people).
        It is unfortunate that humankind is stuck in its belief that the earth and the universe are scarce, because it is not. Compassion is the only in scarcity, because FEAR IS THE NORM lead by belief in the state, which will continue to LIVE AND WORK THOUGH THE PRODUCTION OF FEAR.
        If we want a change, we must change our internal beliefs.
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        • Amore says:
          Well TBH I doubt most people want to go back in time like that, technology and progress move ever onward and most people say there's no going back, even as we make computers that may someday make Matrix-like dystopias and the, depending on your view, not quite as bad transumanism a reality, but progress isn't all bad. Even now we can communicate over possibly thousands of miles in a fraction of a second.
          I wonder if people would work in electrical and heating plants for free. Greed is evil, but it gives people incentive, just look at China's first communist policies. The country suffered because it wasn't good enough to work for China just to help.
          A system of feudal land might still spark fights between greedy people, clans might fight and there still wouldn't be unlimited land just to give to everyone eventually if people kept reproducing crazily, not to mention what it would mean for the Earth, ecosystems and other species. I'm sorry to poo-poo all over your pleasant, well-written theories, but resources ARE finite.
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          • appledanger says:
            Resources are finite, energy is infinite. Everything is creation, including ideas are made from energy. If you run out of one form of energy, you transfer it from something else… however, that is getting a little technical, which I won't delve into at this time.
            Humans can and have lived with less technology, especially if they can find happiness in more spiritual pursuits. People keep confusing TECHNOLOGY with HAPPINESS, and that is wrong. You can not live a material life. ENERGY does not transfer that way. America's ideal of a good life is to have all the thing they WANT!, with want being the key word here. Well, even with all the material splendors in the world, with no one to share it with or life long experiences, you will not be happy. You won't.
            And more responsible technology is possible. For starters, we can create technology that doesn't pollute or is planetary responsible, i.e. recyclable or bio degradable. You can have technology that is easier to build and would need less specialization, meaning a family or a small group of local people who would have the means to build items with out having to wait for a shipment from CHINA or somewhere just to get that tech.
            Also, in terms of money. MONEY is not a motivator. Money is a means to an end. I need more food, (I need to have money to get food (in today's society). I need shelter, (I NEED money to get shelter). In fact, humans have proven on a historical basis, that their best cultural works are usually done without money, and many are accomplished as spiritual works or at less then their recognized monetary value. Just look at the works of Michangelo or Leonardo, whose greats works were sometimes done with no compensation or recognition at all until many years later. The designs of the Incans and the Mayans were done for spiritual reasons, or for the nobility of such peoples. Some of their great works were also done for the public.
            Part of the problems of labor in a capitalist society, is that laborers can never put a proper value on their labor the same way capitalist can put a value on their product, because the physical and spiritual output of a laborer can never be exactly quantified. This means that usually, laborers will always be working at a loss. It is this inequality, which makes ultimately capitalism and "MONEY" or "CURRENCY" bad, because you always will be working (and living) at a loss.
            Bartering is better, even though slower from an elitist and statist perspective, because there will not be a set value for things (and thus a monopoly on trade from a currency makers point of view). One persons junk, will be another persons treasure. This theory has already been proven on craigslist, where people have traded up from something as small as maybe a ticket to game, up to car or bigger. And they are already groups who have dedicated time and research proving they could live without currency.
            I am not saying that everyday without money will be a utopia. However, spiritual and moral factors will again become the guiding force behind living, instead of vanity and waste. Charity will never become taboo, because reciprocity will be at the forefront.

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