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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tropical Storm coming behind Hurricane Igor

It's Alive! Hurricane Igor Makes It's Way Towards Land

Janice Dean 9:55 am on September 13, 2010


It's peak season in the tropics, and scary Hurricane Igor is living up to his name! A large and powerful hurricane with winds of 150 mph, which is a very strong category 4 storm. Igor could become our first cat. 5 hurricane this season, and the first since 2007 in the next few hours. The system should continue to move west, and make a turn to the WNW tomorrow. Igor could be a threat to Bermuda, but we're still several days away from the storm coming close to land. We'll need to keep an "eye" on Igor through the week.

Meanwhile, we also now have Tropical Storm Julia just off the coast of Africa. Tropical storm warnings are up for the southern Cape Verde Islands. Julia is forecast to become a hurricane tomorrow, but should not be a threat to land over through the rest of the week. We also have an area of low pressure across the Central Caribbean that we need to monitor for possible development. Showers and thunderstorms will push across Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica. There is still a possibility that this system will wind up in the Gulf of Mexico later this week. It's a busy time in the Fox News Weather Center! Stay tuned for the latest updates! And check out my blog for more!


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