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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Senior Citizen Tasered in his own home by those sworn to protect him?

California Cops Taser Senior Citizen in His Own Home

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Kurt Nimmo
September 2, 2010

In America, now officially a police state, you will be tasered in your own home if you lip off to the police.

Senior citizen Peter McFarland of Marin County, California, discovered this after he fell down the stairs outside his home last year. On June 29, 2009, McFarland tumbled down the stairs and after his wife called paramedics the cops showed up. They entered McFarland's home and tasered him because they claimed he was suicidal.

"We want to take you to the hospital for an evaluation, you said if you had a gun, you'd shoot yourself in the head," a deputy can be heard saying on a video of the incident captured on a taser mounted camera. McFarland said the comment was hyperbole made because he was in pain.

"Stand up, put your hands behind your back or you're going to be tased," the deputy commanded. McFarland refused, told the police in no uncertain terms to get out of his house, so the cop tased him not once, but three times, as his wife looked on in horror and pleaded with the cops to stop because her husband has a heart condition.

McFarland's lawyer, John Scott, said the cops did not have a search warrant or any reason to enter the McFarland residence. Scott told KGO-TV in San Francisco his client was arrested, jailed and charged with resisting arrest. A judge later dismissed the charge. McFarland has filed suit against the Marin County Sheriff's Department.

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Cops no longer need a search warrant in order to enter your home and torture you with a device akin to field telephone magnetos used on prisoners during the Vietnam War.

In fact, far too many cops have no idea what the Fourth Amendment stands for or do they understand that in large part the American Revolution was fought because agents of the crown used general warrants to enter homes, interrogate colonists, and seize "prohibited and uncustomed" goods.

John Adams, founding father and the second president of the United States, viewed these events "as the spark in which originated the American Revolution." Adams and the founders understood a man's home is his castle, as Edward Coke declared a century before, and a fortress "for his defense against injury and violence," a concept that seems to be largely lost on many Americans.

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Is it possible the actions of new agents of the crown, in the paid service of bankers and transnational corporations, will contribute to a new revolution? Or will we continue to tolerate ever increasing brutality from sadistic cops who enter our homes illegally and torture us for refusing to obey commands and for the impertinence of telling them to mind their own business?

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Comment Rules



105 Responses to "California Cops Taser Senior Citizen in His Own Home"

  1. JFredMuggs Says: 

    Aside from suing the bastards after the fact, which may be too late… What's the best response to these invasions by the jackbooted thugs?

    These incidents have become epidemic, if not pandemic.

    How far down do we have to go before we all stand up and grab the pitchforks and torches?

    Real Americans Damn England Reply:

    hmm, why is it always elderly people, or handicap people, im sure it has something to do with showing each and everyone of us that if they'll tase an elderly women in her bed, an elderly man in his living room (with a heart condition), or a man in a wheel chair, there is no telling what kind of corrupt stuff cops can and will do inorder to show their sick dominence. im mean honestly besides the man defending himself with a gun (which would end the same way most likley but with heaveir charges) or not allowing the cops to enter in the first place, he really has no rights what so ever. We all really have no rights what so ever. I hope these cops lose their jobs and their homes and become some vagrant homeless people, that get tazed by some other corrupt cops, also in which their is no justice.

    KiD WiZDOM Reply:

    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    Your fuckin constitution at work

    One thing that I will never forget is when a member of the brothers in blue ,who I've known all my life, said.

    "We stopped going by the constitution along time ago".

    The new police slogan should read

    "to protect and serve the rich".

    Before, cadets were taught to observe the individuals involved in the matter and determine through fact finding and wittinesses to make and come to a conclusion about the situation.

    Now their taught that everyone is a potential threat, any gender any age

    Francis Marion Reply:

    A friend of mine who manages a storage business had an altercation with 2
    drunks in his parking lot. My friend usually packs heat but at that particular
    moment was not. The cops were called and the punks run off, but one of the
    cops told my friend: "Next time be sure to have your weapon. Then you
    just keep pulling the trigger 'til there's only one side to the story. That's
    what we do."
    Keep this in mind and act accordingly.

    InvestigatEverything Reply:

    This is another sickening example of the Police State we live in. Goons with guns and tasers… walking around and playing God… bark like a dog, the officer tells you… when you don't, you get electrocuted.

    It's sickening… but most will simply turn away from their TV sets and settle in for another mindless night of Bachelor Pad or Big Brother… having no idea that the very show they are watching is only preparing them for their future.

    We must continue to stand and fight… even if it feels fruitless… or they have already won.

    Articles of Freedom Reply:

    I'm shocked we haven't overthrown the government yet. Honestly.
    Police chiefs should be elected just like sheriffs and should be held accountable if their police force is responsible for wrong-doing.

    I'm not talking about "paid vacation" neither. I'm talking about beating these punks asses for abusing the elderly.

    Articles of Freedom Reply:

    I'm sorry, I apologize I'm not a violent person – but stuff like this really, really, really pisses me off.

    How can cops get away with abusing people the way they do, and get "paid holiday" when the SBI and internal affairs comes to invesetigate?

    Why does the blue mafia get away with everything?

    Why isn't there stronger laws against police brutality?

    Articles of Freedom Reply:

    What really irritates me is the fact that they called for MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, and instead the police come and tazer the guy?

    Our police force needs better track records than this. Bullies don't make for good cops.


    Its a buddy – buddy system, unionized – they protect each other – cover there backs. The power they behold behind a badge and gun – you will summit or else, you have no say – there motto "we are the power that only protect those in power".

    michigun man Reply:

    it's still protect and serve. it's just protect and serve the politicians.

    bilderbuster Reply:

    Why aren't there stronger laws?
    Take a look at the lawmakers & who they serve.
    If they don't follow the law how do you expect the gangbangers in blue who serve as their 'enforcers'to behave?
    The part of the video that is so commonplace is when the cop is on top of him screaming "stop resisting me" over & over as he's tasing the poor man.
    He's screaming as if he's in a struggle for his life while he' tortureing the guy with his taser & the cops don't evrn care if they are on film.

    They also don't have any fears of the judicial system b/c they wouldn't have charged the man falsely knowining a judge or police chief would see this video.
    They won't be charged with violating this mans rights or assulting him with a deadly weapon, trespassing , fileing a false report either

    michigun man Reply:


    OOPS Reply:

    New words to be installed on all patrol cars… instead of "to protect and serve" should be
    "to harrass and torture and incarcerate".

    Henry Reply:

    The movie Transformers got it right, "To punish and enslave!"

    bongobeat Reply:


    California Cops Taser Senior Citizen

    Todd Reply:

    These cops that did this are criminals plane and simple. They need to be dismissed from Law enforcement and fined. On top of that they need to serve jail time and give compensation to this gentleman whose house they trespassed in and tortured………….This is intolerable.

  2. Sheri Says: 

    The problem that I have with this is that the family did NOT call the police for assistance. The paramedics came and treated him and left. I think that if they left, they must have felt that he was okay and needed no further assistance. Notice, THEY didn't take him to the hospital. Since when are the police psychiatrists?

    bongobeat Reply:

    i agree with you 100%. They should of left the man and his wife alone.
    the only thing the police achieved was to agitate a distressed man.
    what right to these thugs think they have, to enter a mans home, un-invited, no crime commited
    and shot a man with 50000 volts
    im sorry to say this, but its about time these cops were made to pay one way or another.

    Francis Marion Reply:

    Makes me wonder to myself just how this story would have been
    reported, (if reported at all), if the man's wife, when she saw
    the attempted murder of her husband, had reached into a drawer,
    pulled out some hardware and TCOB, dispatching the intruders
    on the spot. She would have been completely justified.

    bongobeat Reply:

    i agree she would of been.
    but we both know what would of happened to her.
    maybe this is what needs to happen, an old lady killing a couple of cops for torchering her husband. maybe then people will take notice.
    the msm would proberly make her out to be coke head or something.

    bilderbuster Reply:

    Standard practice for the KGB was to take anyone in the USSR at anytime to the state 'psych ward'.

  3. bongobeat Says: 

    This is disgusting.

    "stop resisting…stop resisting…"
    The guy was rolling on the floor in agony for f33k-sake, how was he resisting?
    These cops are cowards and scum.

    morty62 Reply:

    When my father was ill he used to say the same thing, "I wish I would die" or " I should jump out of that window right nbow." It's just frustration over their declining health and suffering. People in that situation should be helped, not assaulted by armed trash. Whenever I hear of one of these so-called peace officers going down it's getting harder and harder to feel any sympathy. If the damn law enforcement agencies would deal quickly and harshly with cops who violate people's rights peopel wouldn't be so angry. But you know for sure any "investigation" will almost always find the cop "followed department policy."

    WakeUp Reply:

    Good point Bongo. They say that only for legalities when the tape is reviewed … Trying to cover their backsides when they're out there Tasering for fun.

    I can tell you that whenever I give my children a new toy, 100% of the time they want to play with it.

    Nothing will change in law enforcement until there is a fundamental change in what the American citizenry is willing to accept … And I'm fearful that I might never see that day come in my lifetime. I sure hope I'm wrong, my friend.

    bilderbuster Reply:

    I pray your wrong also.

  4. izzy1962 Says: 

    Thats why Americans should start answering the door with a sidearm. After all, you are on your own property, and if the police, etc shows up, let them see that you have a sidearm. If they ask you why you wearing it, tell them to protect yourself and family against bad cops and criminals.

    bongobeat Reply:

    im no tough guy, but if a cop assaulted a member of my family in this way, in my own home
    he would be full of lead

    bilderbuster Reply:

    That's the best part of our 2nd amendent.
    You don't have to be a 'tough guy'.
    I'm sure you have heard the saying "God made big men & God made little men, but Colt made the equalizer

    bongobeat Reply:


    xd40 Reply:

    right on!any scumbag jackboot roughs up any of my family members,coward jackboots and their family will suffer the same fate,gauranteed!

    Francis Marion Reply:

    izzy you've got a good point there.
    For all I've been through in my 60+ years I have to honestly
    say I would take no pleasure in hastening the demise of some
    'roided up kid cop with the IQ of an eggplant.
    But we are swiftly coming to the day when WE ARE GIVEN
    NO OTHER CHOICE. If hired thugs of the NWO elite show up,
    it won't be just a sidearm, and THEY'LL NEVER GET THE CHANCE
    TO SEE IT. Its impossible to see anything out a missing face.

  5. Buck Nasty Says: 

    When the cops show up nowadays, they WANT to taser someone. Not that they show up where I'm at frequently, I'm just saying.

    michigun man Reply:

    back in the day. at least 4-6 deputies would show up if they wanted to talk to me. we'll all get the opportunity to "set things right" soon enough. steady. steady. hold on. just wait a little longer. steady.

    Francis Marion Reply:

    Yep. Like Old Hickory said:
    "Wait 'til you can see the whites of their eyes."
    In other words, be patient until the TRUE ENEMY
    makes themselves known PERFECTLY CLEAR.
    (Its not gonna be who you think!).

  6. acidone emcees Says: 

    wonder what the cops will do when military start shooting their family for being civilians?

  7. captain obvious Says: 

    save a citizen, taze a cop.

  8. morty62 Says: 

    You definitely get the impression that these low-IQ pigs are chomping at the bit to use their toy whenever and on whomever they can. These sadistic swine need to get back exactly what they dish out. An older black gentleman with whom I worked, and who passed away a few years ago, always told me that at first The Man will try his new tricks out on blacks and minorities and then eventually will start doing it "to white folks." How right he was.

  9. Dangerous Brian Says: 

    Each person would say we are protecting our beliefs?
    At what stage do we fight the devil, the enemy?
    Do we wait till their knocking at the door?
    We all want to do god's will, but when men say one thing and do another where do we stand.
    We vote and change society in what we do. Look around you are we in a godly society or a godless society.
    We vote for change a better way of life.
    We hear the words of politicians but once in power they do their own will.
    The Bankers to big to fail. Like thief's in the knight.
    Are they to blame or are we to blame for we believed what they said.
    Did our own greed inflate the bubble also?
    We all want a better life. If it's promised to you are you the one that wants to rock the boat. Tell the people that it's sinking when we are all living the good life?

  10. An European Voize Says: 

    It can NOT be tolerated that elderly people get horrifiied for whatever reason by these cops or anybody else, who ought to see authority in them because of their age!

    there is absolutely NO excuse

    I see a systematic behind all this

    a young mother leaves the hospital with her three year old daughter, in the UK, after the child had there been too long for surgery.
    so she buys a kind of hot dog for her sweetheart,
    the child, as they were IN THE PARK! drops a few crumbles on the grass
    believe it or not,
    but it triggers a "police officer" better called, criminal in uniform, and he FINES that young mother!
    yes for spoiling! so he also endangoured and traumatized that little innocent girl for the rest of her life. For WHAT? For just nothing.
    An old lady in ankle chain for selling a gold fish to a 16 year old boy.
    The young man who got hit at night by a truc and rolled with his car off the highway upstate NY, got on fire but could escape his car, be it he got heavily burnt so had to remove his burning cloths. What do you think happens when this young man, his father later told a very good and decent individual, when he calls for an ambulance?
    Cops come and taser him because he did(read:COULD) NOT stand up! also their mockery over their radio about "naked man" O what a crime!
    or this reverent, epileptic, coming home to his wonderful wife and dito three? young kids
    he had an epileptic attack so his wife calls an ambulance
    A two year old boy condemned for hundred years for sexual harrasment & -abuse because of being tired and bending his little head to the cleavage of the nurse

    on and on that list goes



    When you take into account the millions of law enforcement personal from the various agencies FBI, DEA, CIA, ATF, DHS, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Military and other state and local enforcement divisions and pile on the justice system, prisons, lawyers , infrastructures and support entities, you have a combined enforcement cost that reaches into the Trillions of dollars each year.
    Thats a lot of overhead to secure and maintain that tax payers fork out each year in a never ending invasion on are life, liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness.
    I'm beginning to think that there is a prime directive to remove those freedoms.
    Any one of us could be sit up, planted with drugs on us, it happened to me once.
    Although the drug was a red gelatin pill and was done to intimidate. If it were a real illegal substance, it would have damaged my dignity, reputation and honor of who i am.
    The questions needing answered are..who's in charge here?. And do these enforcement agencies have competent directives that serve the people and is this the right solution for America?. Sometimes i believe we the people could do a better job of policing are cities and communities at a far lower cost that what we pay for.
    When you see all the crime, gangs, drug wars, financial corruption, corrupt politicians, maybe its time we create a new force by the people "Freedom Protectors".

    Jason526 Reply:

    I have to disagree with you on creating a "freedom protectors" force. I think the last thing needed is another "force" which the people rely on and become complacient with. I think this complacency will lead to the distruction of more freedom. I think this is the case today. I think people have become complacent assuming their government is doing the right thing and as a result we now have a government that now precludes freedom.

    you want freedom you have to STAND UP AND SAY YOU ARE FREE AND BE FREE.

    most police officers, from my experience, are on power trips and are abusive to the american citizens. I used to think the british were stupid for having police without guns but I am getting to the point where i think police should not be allowed to be armed. No guns, no tazers, no nothing. They are becomming too abusive. Id rather be responsible for myself and openly carry than have to worry about some thug with a badge that needs to collect money for the state, or wants to flex his petty power.

    also, if people start openly carrying their guns, on a mass scale, I guarentee the police will be more polite and not be so quick to stomp you.

  12. the critic Says: 

    here in FL my lawyer said if the cops knock on the door and you open the door they figuer it's their permission to come in and search, the moral of the story, if the cops knock don't open the door

    bilderbuster Reply:

    Listen to your lawyer.
    They came to my apt. for a noise complaint even though it was 10pm instead of 11pm which is the lower the volume time where they can issue you a citation.
    When I heard them giving 'the cop knock' on my door I killed the music & they demanded I open my door & I refused. They said "we just want to talk".
    I replyed that we were talking but I wasn't opening my door.
    They told me they were going to stay there outside all night until I opened my door so I said "good, I hope you bought a tent b/c I'm not opening my door"
    They left after a while.
    Had I opened the door who knows what might have happened?
    The Miami cops are famous for the murders & home invasions that they pull.
    They are notorious for carrying 'drop guns' when they shoot someone who is unarmed & also for dropping a rock(crack) on someone who they don't like or has an attitude then beating them & charging them with assult & battery on an officer & resisting arrest.

    bilderbuster Reply:

    p.s. That was more than a dozen years ago & I don't play the music as loud as I used to.
    But the Miami cops are as crooked as ever.
    The mayor of that fine city(the former police chief) has a son who was imprisoned for rape & is out after a short stretch & he's suspected of many more.
    Ya gotta love these cops.
    I have absoluty no use for them myself.

    michigun man Reply:

    i have a place in N Palm Beach on Federal Hwy 1. i'm on the 20th floor and look south and west along the coast. Riviera Beach and West Palm are lit up with red and blue all night long. it's crazy down there in the FLA

    bilderbuster Reply:

    I won't argue with that.
    It' seems like Broward Co. & W.Palm Bch. are trying to compete with Miami's bad example.

    michigun man Reply:

    NEVER answer the door. don't talk to them. let em bust in. they usually won't because it's illegal.

  13. Samuel A Moser Says: 

    When they first came out with these tazer weapons they told the people that they were just to replace guns so criminals are not killed by the police. That was all lies. They are know using these Tazers to torture and tyrannize the people. I hope the officer that did this is fired and the the man wins huge amounts of money in damages from this.

  14. seattleguy48 Says: 

    So nobody does a fucking thing about cops! All you do is talk shit never do any of you ! Shit!but say how you would do this or that. And when they come to your house you will all piss your pants and cry!. I stood up to 12 cops in jail and was beaten half to death in 1987 was picked up for a warrant that was not even me . So I was being talked to like a slave and I went down with a beating that took me 3 years to recover from and was charged and sent to prison for 3 years for assault on cops. and took many more beating in prison. Now free for 20 years I see what only used to happened in jails and prison in the 80s happen all around the USA. And just like when in jail or when I was in prison all you on here talk shit but when they crack open the cell door or now crack open your house door you all shit yourselves and get taken out! I saw this shit over and over and have the scars today to prove it! your all sheep all of you so shut the fuck up!

  15. bongobeat Says: 

    fuck you a hole, you know shit about me nor anyone else on here for that matter.
    so you got fucked by the system. The system, we on this site are fighting. why attack me and others?

  16. seattleguy48 Says: 

    I wrote this is so much anger I wrote it and used the grammar of a thug! I'm white as if that has anything to do with it and was a great student all the way school and went in the Marines at 18 not college. So what's that got to do with anything you may ask nothing. My point if I can slow down and type words and not emotions is the cops are doing what they used to only be able to do in the Jails and prisons yards across this nation. And Cos would all talk shit and when they came in would not do nothing but get taken down. We always had them out numbered inside the prison walls. just like we have them all out numbered here on the streets! Look at history I'm Like Alex love history have read 1000;s of history books. Same thing the few of them always control and instill fear in the masses. Watch how when cops are beating people down in the streets the crowds watches and does nothing but stand there! I grew up in Church till I was 17 or so and never thought I would see the last days they would talk about all the time in the pentecostal Church I grew up in! now I see its coming and damn soon. i will be 50 in 4 months and I have visions it will be the last of my birthdays and many more of us in this message board. So what do we do? Please ask yourself that!and think about how we will die alone or in a mass grave.I see no hope I want to but i don't! I feel it in my soul I have nightmares about the future and not see nothing but sheep playing with their cell phones and drinking a fucking latte where ever I go in Seattle.

    TOR-744926 Reply:

    If you grew up in that church you should know (and I believe that you do) that the good guys win in the end.

    Questor Reply:

    In the end. But, that is g-ds justice and not ours. We must refrain from using the same violence they use on us. There is going to be a point and time, where its going to be us versus them. I rather not see it come to this, I abhor violence but when the pervebial crap hits the fan a line will be drawn. Until then, just bide your time. Remind them of the law and perhaps let god open thier eyes.

    Francis Marion Reply:

    Yes, Seattleguy, so you also know that
    in the power of the Holy Ghost,
    So get back into your faith and FIGHT!
    We're a long way from done. I believe

    bongobeat Reply:

    i hear you man. i see the same shit.
    i wish people would wake up and see where we are heading.
    i sometimes think whats the point, let the bastards have the world they clearly want.
    but just like you, i know whats happening is not right.
    so we keep fighting
    we keep banging our head against the wall.
    we may fail but hey just got to keep moving foward

  17. seattleguy48 Says: 

    Anyway Still too many typing and grammar issues in my post. but this is my call out to us that will fight this future to our deaths. When do we get in the streets and stop this madness? And get off the laptops and really take it to the streets!. I'm alone and the Seattle change is small and does nothing but blog or hang out and bitch in small groups. Were do we go to meet and talk and work on a real strategy before its way too late? When are we who want a future see the real bad shit coming at us going to get organized and stop it ! When? Someone tell me where to show up and oragnize I'm there!

    bongobeat Reply:

    people are getting organized.
    there is no point getting to the streets, untill you have a critical mass of the population awaken.
    otherwise the mainstream media will just discredit your protest and the general population will go back to sleep.

    Francis Marion Reply:

    We "show up and organize" HERE. It would be foolish to notify
    a crowd of Patriots to meet at such and such a place.
    When that happens Lucifer's bunch always sends in infiltrators.
    You know, the ones the Word calls "Wolves in sheep's clothing".
    Work at teaching others you know about the truth. Keep it
    low key. It is to our great advantage to keep the enemy NWO
    confused about our numbers and our strength.

    bongobeat Reply:

    i tell everyone who knows me what i believe, i show them the facts ect…

    and then i say this –

    " ….if im right about all this, i will be taken away and/or destroyed………and if im wrong, you`ll think i`m an idiot……..
    ………..i lose both ways"

    bongobeat Reply:

    it is working, slowly but it is happening.

    bongobeat Reply:

    i point out -
    the central banking system (the fed ect..)
    no difference between the parties.
    controlled media.
    the punch and judy show.

    i`ve given up on explaining about things like false flag attack ,vaccines eugenics ect… you know the "conspiracy" stuff. i feel this stuff is best to be discoverd by oneself.

    bongobeat Reply:

    oh and i point out the erosion of the bill of rights and constitution WITHOUT THIS WE ARE AND HAVE NOTHING

    stick to things which affect people's everyday lives

    michigun man Reply:

    EVERYONE here goes thru the same thing everyday. it really wears you out, but you keep on trying. we have too.

    bongobeat Reply:

    i feel what you feel bro
    it`s tiring
    i find it hard to respect my fellow man somedays
    how can people be so stupid?
    they`re good people at heart, they just don`t see the shit which is coming down.
    like you say just got to keep on trying.

  18. TOR-744926 Says: 

    Is it no surprise that people don't know the Constitution. If you quote excerpts from the Constitution to police, judges, lawyers, IRS agents, hey all act with either a blank stare, glazed eyes, indifference or vehemence. "You must be some kind of nut that hates the government" is what comes out of their mouth; or "What are you quoting from?", "Where did you get that from?". The Constitution is no longer recognized as the Law of the Land. In every court in this land the gold-fringed admiralty flag flies indicating that "booty law" or the "law of the sea" is the type of law observed within the area known as the bar.

  19. Word of Mouth Says: 

    "Stop resisting!!"

    "Stop resisting!!"

    "Stop resisting!!"

    Yes. They sound totally brainwashed. No emotions at all. Machines.

    This guy is a rich daddy. He will rock their cradle really good.

  20. karlos Germany Says: 

    This has to stop! You Americans are being treated like
    *hit by your law enforcement goons.

  21. Questor Says: 

    Dear All;

    And it's the police that want to know why they are hated. When I was a child, years ago I used to revere them, even set them above others. But, being a NYC Emergency Medical Services worker I used to see them every day. And every year, they became worse. They behave no worse than your average local mafia at the least, at the worst have become lieing jack booted thugs who don't deserve one ounce of respect. I used to, but not anymore.

  22. Gabriel Says: 

    Ok first of all what gives these creeps the right or better yet who authorized them to enter the mans house?How can this be tolerated over and over again?When the man told them to leave thats what they were supposed to do.His rights are clearly violated by these heartless bastids.Scum in a uniform
    and all like them.Disgusting and totally shameful.Its a sad day to think and see this kinda brutality going on in this country.I hope the man turns it back on them and they be removed from their positions and punished for there sick fucking ways!

  23. Sophia Says: 

    "Cops no longer need a search warrant in order to enter your home and torture you with a device akin to field telephone magnetos used on prisoners during the Vietnam War."

    Please allow me to issue a correction to the above statement:
    Cops no longer need a search warrant in order to enter your home and tortue you with a device akin to electro shock torture used in MK Ultra mind control experiments!!

    xd40 Reply:

    jackboot cops enter my home or even step on my property,they are history!they are going to receive some of the s–t they dish out, "F"EM! SCUMBAGS!

  24. bongobeat Says: 

    i have no idea how to do this
    is there any way we can file some kind of procedings against these officers. contact the judge, The courts, The police department, congress, The senate and demand these officers be put on trail or something.
    i understand the system is corrupt but it isnt broken yet.
    if we allow this to carry on it is finished, we are finished.
    we can`t let this carry on.

    Francis Marion Reply:

    Hate to rain sh*t on your noble and worthy ideas, but you must remember this:
    The officers, judges, courts, congress and senate are OWNED and operated by
    an occult "society". These are members of a secret fraternity who swear BLOOD
    OATHS to each other AGAINST US, (non members), whom they refer to as
    "Useful Idiots". The "lodges" of this cult are in every city in the U.S. & Europe.
    If a "useful idiot" brings any kind of charge against a "brother", the poor "idiot"
    will not only be laughed out of court they will be HOUNDED and PERSECUTED
    virtually out of existence. This is called "Malicious Prosecution" and it is used
    with impunity every day in this nation against those who dare defy "The C***t".
    Its high time this stuff was shouted from the housetops. Its a STENCH in the
    nostrils of God and every honest upright citizen of this country.

    bongobeat Reply:

    i hear you man. it`s been like that for 100s of years. only now they have some fucking awesome technology to back up their tyranny.
    there is good guys out-there still though

  25. bongobeat Says: 

    does anyone live in the area ?

    Karin Reply:

    I do. I live in Alameda County, which borders Marin County. And I'd like to make a comment on this. Marin County is one of the wealthiest areas in the Bay Area, and it's interesting that the cops were tasering one of the residents there. I could see by the house that these were people of wealth (property here is very $$high$$ per square foot), showing that now the police are going after the top of the food chain (under the globalists, of course). As a previous poster wrote:

    "An older black gentleman with whom I worked, and who passed away a few years ago, always told me that at first The Man will try his new tricks out on blacks and minorities and then eventually will start doing it "to white folks." How right he was."

    Now they've moved it up a notch, to the RICH white folks.

    bongobeat Reply:

    it makes sense
    the cops were not even called they just turned up.
    maybe the " bubble class " will finally wake up. when the cops are violating them and the goverment takes everything they have.
    unfortunately they`ll proberly blame us and/or turn on eachother.

  26. roaddog6 Says: 

    imagine a boot stomping a cops face…..forever

    Hermes Reply:

    Kafka is rolling over in his grave.

    Seems to me we need to go after these guys in big way through the civil courts because we aren't getting justice in the criminal courts.

    If this guy lost his home over this and his means of making a living was attached for the next 10 years he might think better of doing this again and let the other police officers know the law applies to them too.

    I mean uninvited in the guys house, why isn't he charged with a hate crime or a civil rights violation?

  27. BobLeeSwagger Says: 

    I've said it before, I'll say it again- They will keep pushing till the touch off the powder keg that is the pissed off American populace. Then, it's going to get REALLY bad… Just like the globalist bankster scum and thier ilk want.


    michigun man Reply:

    haven't seen you around in some time. how was the weather this summer?

    BobLeeSwagger Reply:

    It was good. Then I read of monstrosities like this…

  28. Marc Says: 


  29. Karen225 Says: 

    Ha Ha we are here to hep you1 Old people an dogs. Has anyone noticed it's kill the dog even if it is a poodle. They need to run in to well armed young people.

  30. jpw Says: 

    looks like modern psychiatry to me. the old man showed darwinian weakness by not being able to get up and sounding desperate and in need. some believe that this weakness cannot be tolerated and the weak must be dominated. nzism is a direct outcome of a culture that believes the study of the soul is left to the experts who force drugs on people to make them feel better about life, where the "weak" (in other words human) inconvenience the non-feeling human.

    has anyone ever thought that sometimes life does feel awful and that it is a part of being human? have we forgotten what it means to be human, thinking we are just a bunch of chemical reactions, accidents of nature? if life is just an accident, then could this situation have just been an accident of chemical reactions and an overly emotional elder? Let this not be so!!

    commandments of God summarized: love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor.

  31. websuspect Says: 

    Sensationalistic. They wanted to see if he broke his hip. He decided he didnt want to go.

    Its not the nanny states job to look after him.

    But the police were just unable to propertly Sherrif Andy the job properly.

    POor police training.

    bongobeat Reply:

    poor police training?!!!

    what?!! the police need training not to be thugs
    do they need training to piss or tie their shoelaces

  32. Mad As Hell Says: 

    If I'd witnessed a situation like this, I would have shot a cop.

  33. Jastam Says: 

    Please everybody don't take what I will write out of context..1400 years ago during the rule of Khalifa Omar who was one of the best companions of Muhammad (PBUH). He appointed Amro Bin Al-Aus as the governor of Egypt. The governor's son beat up a Christian man with his stick. The news reached Khalifa Omar which made him real angry and ferious. He wrote a letter to the governor & sent it immediately with a courier. The letter was short, brief, comprehensive and warning to the governor's son and to every Muslim at that time and in the future: " Since when you intend to enslave people who where begotten by their mothers as free men". He ordered the governor to bring the Christian man and let him beat his son the way he beat him. Where is the justice now..Where in this world..You Americans are now waking up too late after the government turned you against Muslims under false pretences and went a long with the corrupt Senates and Congressmen to enact new laws which took your rights away from you. You dug your own deserve what's coming to you…

  34. gwana Says: 

    what are the laws concerning citizens carrying tasers? I'd like to carry one on my side and ocassionally give a few pigs a jolt for the hell of it.

    michigun man Reply:

    laws? WTF? just do it.

  35. Regulus Says: 

    Children playing with their toys…

  36. bongobeat Says: 


    California Cops Taser Senior Citizen

    bongobeat Reply:


  37. bongobeat Says: 


    California Cops Taser Senior Citizen

    at least 20 times
    spread the word over at prison planet

    lets get people/msm to take police brutality seriously

  38. William Morgan Says: 

    Hey Nimmo, why say the guy lipped off to the police when he did no such thing, he only said he wished he could shot himself and as he shouldn't have to explain that it was "hyperbole made because he was in pain." Now the old fart AND WE ALL have reason to shoot the piggies!! No I'm not saying anyone should shoot these piggies. But we're not going to take this Naxi-esque vicious garbage much longer, and it's not a 'threat' to say "If you cross the line and infringe on my rights I have the God-given RIGHT to put you tyrants down with force." We may not know where each of YOU piggies live as you know all about us, but we know where you work out of, and if we don't find remedy for our grievances in the courts then we will enforce the law ourselves, which is what the 2nd Amendment was written as. That 2nd Amendment is part of the Supreme Law of the Land (as the Constitution says it is) and it's law for our public servants. It's the amendment WE THE PEOPLE can invoke when any of the major laws our servants are supposed to follow don't get followed by them. They've proved to be in need of constant reminding of the fact that they're our SERVANTS, and no one has to take $#it from a servant!
    "after his wife called paramedics the cops showed up." -WTF!!??
    "Cops no longer need a search warrant in order to enter your home and torture you" -NOT TRUE Nimmo!! Many cops seem to THINK they don't need a warrant. Why is it Nimmo that I so often see your writing all screwed up here in your articles?

  39. 426Hemi Says: 

    The 2nd Amendment is "The Palladium of the Liberties of the Republic" without which, the Constitution is irrelevant – Supreme Court Justice Story, (Appointed by James Madison).

    "God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty…..And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." —Thomas Jefferson

    "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything." — Alexander Hamilton

    "Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear." — Harry S. Truman

    "When the government fears its people you have Democracy; When the people fear its government, you have tyranny." – Thomas Jefferson

    "It is sobering to reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in their struggle for independence."— CHARLES A. BEARD

    bongobeat Reply:

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
    John F. Kennedy

  40. MadMax Says: 

    If they're in your home uninvited with no warrant shoot the bastards in the head!

  41. rjbdam Says: 

    lets face it the liberals of the country have brought us to this point. i saw the video a few days ago and saw the usual garbage from cops, they feel as if we have to answer them or else suffer the wrath of the police. cops in connecticut are the same way. they dont care who you are, if they ask you even a stupid question they demand a response or they will threaten to arrest you for resisting arrest. im just sick of the cops thinking they own the street, then they wonder why they get problems in alot of situations when they try ro stop people. if you treat people like animals long enough they will eventually start to act like animals.

    Francis Marion Reply:

    There is plenty of blame to go around for this sh*t.
    For instance how many people LOVED the show "24″?
    How many worshiped the THUG "Jack Bauer" character
    as a "protector" and "terrorist fighter"?
    How about the show "CSI"? How many LOVE this GARBAGE?
    Shows like that are DESPICABLE and fill us with DISGUST.
    Vaunting individuals who, without a membership in a secret
    worldwide cult, would be nothing but common THIEVES and
    VAGRANTS, to a position of HERO WORSHIP on a TV show
    The MSM have TRASHED the American peoples' MINDS.

    bongobeat Reply:

    the thing i find really sad is it wasnt very hard to do either.

    decades ago the msm would "ban" something only making it more popular.
    old values rubbished and replaced
    the norm made abnormal
    perversions made the norm

    everytime we fell further and further down the hole
    look at us now
    desentized, deceived and soon to be destroyed

  42. George_Costanza Says: 

    Exactly, resisting arrest is not a cause to arrest someone.

  43. sara Says: 

    Obviously, you are now taking your life in your hands and exposing others to murder if you call the cops or EMT's for assistance. If you are under duress, be prepared to handle your own problems. If you are angry at a neighbor, be sure you are okay with them, their grandparents, their pets and/or their children being murdered on the spot before calling the cops.

    Everyone has to address cop training in their communities NOW! They are a danger to society.

  44. tatoott1009 Says: 


    OATH KEEPERS: ORDERS WE WILL NOT OBEY 1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people. 2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people 3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as "unlawful enemy combatants" or to subject them to military tribunal. 4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a "state of emergency" on a state. 5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty. 6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps. 7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext. 8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to "keep the peace" or to "maintain control." 9. We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies. 10.We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

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