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Friday, September 10, 2010

Global Rumblings Seven Years ago...Many things still the same? But not all!


Check back often, Breaking News any Moment! - - - Last Modified: - Monday, March 24, Anno Domini 2003

STILL HERE due to Popular Demand! Strange Vortex in the Sky Photographs 

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:



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Could anything be more bizarre than the Truth?

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@ -- March 24 -- New! As troops rush through Irag, questions arise About BabylonIs this predicted in the Bible? Is this Armegeddon? Are there connections?

@ -- February 21 -- Hoagland Speaking for the First Time in Two Years!
The Untold story behind Bush's Prometheus announcement!Report on the Albuquerque conference. 

@ -- February 10 -- Mt. Etna is about to blow again - and worse!
"Considering that the volcano has been intensely fractured during the last two flank eruptions, Mt. Etna eruptive activity could become more frequent, voluminous and potentially hazardous in the near future." 
"Geophysical evidences (sic) ... indicate that a considerable quantity of magma is still accumulated beneath the volcano in the shallow storage zone," they wrote. 

@ -- January, 2003 -- Planet X and the Coming Earth Changes Sooner than we think? 

@ -- November 30 -- UFO attacked Huge Meteor Saving the Earth? So where are the mainstream news headlines? Who's afraid of the big bad truth? 

@ -- November 18 -- Something is not right with this world, my friend, Choose your dreams wisely, as reality is the price.

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@ -- November 15 -- Many Near Death Experience prophecies tell of IncreasingCatastrophes, Earthquakes, War, unless ...
These visions are in line with prophecies by Edgar Cayce, Fatima, Garanbandel, and Medjugorjie. We CAN change the future. How?

@ -- November 4 -- Buildings on Mars? In plain view! 
Denial en perpetua. -- "The problem is not the evidence, scientific or otherwise. The problem is unbelief, denial and a refusal to face truth. We have become so hardened and so skeptical that we can no longer accept that which is obvious. If we cannot accept obvious truth, we must embrace the lie. If you find the truth, you shall be set free. If you embrace the lie, you shall be enslaved forever"

@ -- October 4 -- Meteor Alert in Russia -- 
Due for another Tunguska-level blast?
4:50 p.m. ET The Russian newspaper Pravda reports that witnesses..., saw a "very large luminous object" fall to Earth - accompanied by a flash and a thunderous sound.

"....locals felt a strong shock, which could be comparable to an earthquake," 
South Africa's Independent Online, meanwhile, quotes scientists in Irkutsk as saying no injuries were reported. 

The news flashes were eerie on two counts: 

First, it arose just as experts were telling Congress that even relatively small-scale meteor strikes could set off nuclear alarms - and that more attention needs to be paid to the potential threat. Second - see article for whole story. 

@ -- September 9 -- Is the 'Alien Face' crop circle formation A Hoax? 
And, "All of this early talk about Phobos being the King of Terror and that war would reign after his arrival was all wrong. It seems to my elementary knowledge on the subject that the King of Terror was/is Osama Bin Laden and/or Saddam Hussein, and he/they struck in the ninth month of the first year of the new millennium which would fulfill Nosty's predictions would it not???? If true, is there a chronology of events listed by Nosty? If so, what is next and when?" 

Fat girl Before, Skinny After - My Sister Ann - 

@ -- September 5 -- New Enterprise Mission Discovery Verifies Soviet Mars Data From 1989You have to see these photos! Cities under "Poof Dust"?

@ -- August 26 -- Is there life after September 11? You bet there is! Ride, Debbie, Ride! Check it out. A Friend of ours is riding through 48 states in 48 days to celebrate her 48th birthday! 

@ -- August 20 -- Have you ever wondered why newborn babies that are defenseless against disease can survive their first few months on this planet without succumbing to the multitudes of colds and viruses? An "immunity cocktail" which provides data from the mother's own immune system? So how can that help the planet?


@ -- August 12 -- Can we move that Asteroid in time? Which Asteroid?

@ -- August 12 -- Take your pick! Sample of just ONE day's:

Earth Shaking News 

CHEMTRAILS - CONTRAILS What are they?Links 

Chemtrails one Winter Day Thanks to Carol Becker
What made me take chemtrails seriously
My first personal bout with chemtrails. And bout it was!

CHEMTRAILS DISAPPEAR? Rep. Kucinich rewrites the Space Preservation Act
Well, what do you think? They're still up there - only now the term is excluded along with 'tectonic' weapons and others.
Government Bill Look Up Do a search for ChemtrailsCompare Bills HR2977 and HR3616 - Does this mean that Chemtrails and the others mentioned are 'Weapons' that are 'already developed' which are not included in the banning of space weapons?

And UFO'S, What are they ? Current UFO News - 

New! UFO Video Footage UFO Videos 

Site Search

@ -- July -- Comet in Inner Solar System Crumbles Spectacular photo of pieces. What a trail of debris - hope they keep going in the other direction!

@ -- June -- Truth, or Fiction? Lords of Perdition Rings TOO true! What do you think? Probably already in the consciousness of many.

@ -- May -- Timothy Snodgrass has a new format on his website: Earth Changes Will answer emails barring Power outages, Volcanic Eruptions,and Giant Lizard attacks.

@ -- March --Asteroids and Tsunamis What are they?

@ -- March -- Mysterious Force Pulling Pioneer Probe Back! Defying the Law of Gravity?

@ -- February -- Series of Prophecies known as Final Warnings. Are they reallyFinal?(Temporarily Unavailable)

@ -- Feb. 5 -- Mexico Evacuates Villagers as Volcano Spews Fiery Rocks and LavaThe "Volcano of Fire" has been rumbling for the past week Scientists said it could erupt any time as pressure builds behind a dome that has formed inside its crater. 


@ -- Jan. 28 -- Mt. Kilimanjaro is melting to its DEATHAn astonishing development is changing ...

@ -- Jan. 26 -- Something is Perturbing Comet Orbits in the OOrt Cloud Sitchen's Planet X? Not So! says Dr. Matese

@ -- Jan. 24 -- Antartic Lakes Warming Too Fast? 
``This is almost a beacon going off saying, 'Look, we've gone through this threshold at this point on the planet, and it's an indicator that the environment is changing rapidly,''' researcher Lloyd Peck of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge said in a telephone interview.

@ -- Jan. 19 -- Large Chunk of Red Something Orbiting the Sun. New Planet Discovery?

@ -- @@@@@ Well, Awesome. That's all I can say. For the moment.Let the picture load...ah. 

@ -- Jan. 05 -- Newly discovered Life-Form Invades Harbor What the Heck is This?

@ -- Jan. 03 -- Making the Dark Side of the Moon Light? 

@ -- January 2002 -- Oldest and Recent Domestic Well, well, viewpoint changed!

@ -- Nov. 9 -- Ukrainian mystic warns against "Large War" and talks about time period for "Evil Powers"

@ -- Oct. 19 -- Venezuelan mystic who foresaw Attack Warns America that War had better end soon.

@ -- 2001 -- Is the Earth in danger of Exploding? You tell me! 

@ -- 2001 -- Did Noah's Flood Really Happen?

@ -- 1995 -- Iraq's BioWar Weapons Could wipe out the world

@ -- Oct.17, Israel's Cabinet Minister Assassinated! 

@ -- October, 2001 - Convenient Quakes in Afghanistan.

@ -- Oct. 10 -- Is China moving in to support Taliban? Pravda thinks maybe yes.


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