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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Think of Food as Your Next Currency

Food Shortages Coming?

Listen to Alex Jones Radio Talk Show Host with Steve Shenk, Sundance Global Owner

(Alex Jones YouTube videos below)

$20. Worth of Free Food - 15yr Shelf Life   

Get 8 Meals Now , only pay $5.95 S&H. 

Feeding Families Now and for Generations to Come

Created to save your life!

No additives. MSG or harmful pesticides


The following VIDEO contains timely advice and a solution to providing food for your family in the event of a local or national crisis creating food shortages.  See Video:

* * * * * * *

At Sundance Global we have very strict requirements in order to provide the highest quality product:                           

• Foods dehydrated from #1 grade fresh raw foods 
• No genetically altered food
• No added MSG 
• No imports from countries using illegal fertilizers and insecticides
• No hydrogenated oil in our foods 
• Shelf life of 15+ years (Best stored in a cool, dry place) 
• Foods packed fresh and date stamped

Listen to Alex Jones Radio Talk Show Hosts with Steve Shenk, Sundance Owner, and others in these YouTube videos:

·    Stock up on Food While You Still Can!

·        Breakdown on Global Food Crisis Pt. 1

·        Experts Warn of Food Shortages

·        Roubini: Worst yet to come

·        Leading Economist G. Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012

·        Threat of Worldwide Food Shortages

·        Food Shortage in the USA

·        Forty countries face food shortages worldwide, FAO says 

Here is What You Need to do Immediately:

Order Your FREE 8 MEALS Now  USA Only.  Pay $5.95 shipping only. Credit Cards accepted. Go to my SUNDANCE Website:

  • Watch the video. 
  • Enroll for FREE.
  • Get your FREE website.
  • Order your FREE 8 Meals.
  • Start sharing with others and help save lives!

JOIN NOW  Thank you.

Never Again Worry About:

• Poor economic times

• Famines

• Droughts
• Disasters
• Shift in politics
• Unforeseen hardships

• Other peoples' rules

We believe Sundance has the best food on the planet for good times and tough times. 

Don't get this food for its amazing taste.
Don't get this food just because it is so easy to prepare.

Don't get this food just because it is safe from dangerous ingredients.
Don't get this food for the large portions.
Don't get this food because it is the most versatile food you can buy.

Get this food because it was created to save your life and those you share this message with!


In Business for 28 Years and Serving over

60 thousand families nationwide just like yours!

Go to:

  Go ahead and sign up at my site.  It is FREE and order your FREE 8 MEALS now.   

Think of Food as YOUR Next Currency!     Thank you.

Grow your own organic food anywhere.
     Click here: 
Easy Garden

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