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Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Super Meteor" Explodes and Lights up Skies over Finland

Diane, now was this also a rocket test?  What with Planet X (yes, NASA at least now admits that we have a 10th planet) and its debris field and electro-magnetic and gravitational influences coming ever closer, we probably will be seeing more of these 'missile tests'....
And more earthquakes, (in divers places, like under Lake Erie) and more volcanos and more floods, more cancer, global warming, seas rising, typhoons, tsunami's, birds flying south too soon, violence, etc. And more government cover-ups..because they can't handle it and us and don't have the answers to this 3,600 year re-occurring event coupled with the 26,000 year re-occurring event (when earth lines up with the center of our galaxy) in 2012.
Head for the hills!! 
Maranantha!  Come, Lord Jesus, Come!  Soon.
  'Super-Meteor' Lights up Northern Sky Published 29.09.2007, 19.08 (updated 29.09.2007, 20.47)
Image: YLE
The apparent superbolide seen over Finland late Friday was many times brighter than these average meteors.
Finland's biggest astronomical association, Ursa, says that a light phenomenon seen over much of northern and eastern Finland on Friday night was a meteor -- the brightest seen in the country in more than 30 years.
The editor of the organization's journal, Marko Pekkola, says it was a superbolide, a fireball more than 100 times brighter than a full moon.

The fireball was apparently caused by a space rock striking the atmosphere over Northern Ostrobothnia and then exploding over Finland. Ursa says the rock may have weighed some 200 kilogrammes. However it was not clear on Saturday whether any meteorites fell to the ground.

The dazzling 'shooting star' spurred worried telephone calls to emergency centres in various parts of Finnish Lapland, as far apart as Kemi, Enontekiö and Ivalo.

YLE, Tähdet ja avaruus
 Bird Flu Vaccine Programme Takes More Time and Funds  
  Power Restored in Helsinki  
  Without Rowanberries, Waxwings Winging South 
Without Rowanberries, Waxwings Winging South
Published 28.09.2007, 19.43
Image: Pentti Karvinen
Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulus)
Rowanberries, a winter staple of many birds' diets, are practically non-existent in Finland this autumn. That is driving species that usually winter in Lapland southward in search of food.
These include the colourful Bohemian Waxwings.

Researchers say that the lack of berries is mostly due to last year's drought. As a result, most trees did not flower this year. Another reason is that the rowan or mountain ash does not produce bumper harvests of berries two years in a row.

Many waxwings are now leaving Finland altogether as winter looms ahead. In the past, waxwings banded in Finland have been found as far south as Greece and Bulgaria, says researcher Timo Helle of the Forest Research Institute (Metla).


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