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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Message from Sky Woman

From Mary Elizabeth Thunder:

A Message from Sky Woman

In Iroquoian Tradition, Sky Woman is the first woman on earth. Science now says they can trace the maternal line of mankind back to the same woman.  Wondering what information she might have for her children today, we asked. This is her reply:


In the beginning, we were a race of peace loving people.  And when we were directed by the God Source to come here to this planet, the prime directives, which you call the original instructions, were very simple.  When one is directly connected to Central Source, one understands the entire makeup of the universe; how all things operate in love.  Even love has had its understanding changed.  In your language, it is extremely limiting.  For love is what we call the smallest particle of creation.  It is what we call the energy that creates all things.  Love in of itself is perfection.  It has such greater meaning than what your world puts on it.  If you were to look at love as a scientific principle, which it surely is, then you would understand that love is a component.  It is the physical energy/matter that creates and binds all things in your physical world.  And when you take love out, then you create a black hole.  You create nothingness where everything should be.  So this thing that you call love is an attachment.  You connect it to your feeling world, and I am sure that all good things of feeling are love.  But it's more than that.  For it's the very physical makeup of your being, of your world.  Nothing in your world would exist without it.  The chaos that you experience in your world is the result of non-recognition of this law.  It is.  The only way to heal your planet is to recognize that your planet is love.  And again, this is not the emotional attachment, but the most basic of building blocks.  So, those things which are contrary will surely destroy your world.

Mankind has free will.  There are those from other spheres of existence that also came to visit this beautiful space.  People who didn't want peace, people who wanted control, people who were motivated by greed.  These thoughtforms took root upon this planet. and many of those who came to live in peace, to live in harmony, to live a good life, were taken hold of personal gain.  Until today, their descendents now rule your planet.  But those of you who come from the peace seed can yet reclaim your planet, can yet bring upon it the peace and happiness that this planet was meant to be.

What are these original instructions?  The original instructions: First; you are love, you are out of love, you are from love.  All is love.  Second original instruction: Recognize all life is love.  With these two principles, now realize that if you cause any harm to one another, or harm to the sphere in which you live, in any way, this is an opposition to this original instructions.  After so many years, the race that is now upon this beautiful planet has long forgotten what this truly means.

You have other words now that will guide you.  These words are peace.  When you bring peace within your being, it brings a comfort and a knowing that preserves love.  When you find even the smallest way in which you do not support love and correct it, then you bring more love into the world.  You manifest more physical aspects of love here in your planet, in its energy makeup, in its grid, in all of its physical beingness, in its breath, and therefore, promote advancement toward its pristine condition.

Same as with your physical beingness.  As you draw peace, love, joy within you, it creates healthier joining of all particles that make up your beingness.  You once upon your planet had a great teacher.  This teacher expressed to you these original instructions.  His expression was simple.  It was love one another.  Consider this: if you truly love one another, and this love is your basic building block, then to love another is to build this person.  Consider this: to add to another, to build another, to raise one up spiritually and physically in your world of now.

The peace was implanted upon the soil.  It was implanted in the rivers, and in the air, and this peace prospered throughout the land for many, many years until those of the mixed starseed arrived, and then, the beautiful thoughtforms, the beautiful <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />DNA that was implanted in the land and in the waterways and in the air became overpowered by the sheer number of negative thoughtforms of the mixed starseeds.  But it's still there. If one can clear off the negative starseed transmissions that are on the surface, then again, the DNA can come forth out of the land and bring balance to the earth, bring balance to the people, and again create all the beauty that was here on this sphere."

 "Remember: all is love, it is the building blocks.  Remember that your words are power.  Be careful in using them.  Be conscious of the intent and power behind these words.  Call forth the DNA, the original instructions from the ground, where it lies sleeping.  Call it forth from the air.  Plant it firmly and let it flow forth over the earth to all those who are susceptible of it.  Remember that love is not an attachment, but love is the building block of creation, and by invoking love, you can recreate what has been turned to chaos, bringing it back to wholeness, fulfillment of dreams and plans, establishing the original instructions again for this sphere                                 


Mother Earth is calling for all Cultures to come together in Sacred Ceremony NOW

to restore balance and harmony.

Please join with us to heal the Mother and all Her children.

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