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Friday, September 14, 2007

Fwd: Re: Breaking News-We're in Lock Down - Homestead/Cutler Bay Fla - Police Officer

The Killer is himself Killed!  Whew! 
Thanks Ann..
I was exhausted and went to bed early last night so didn't know till you told me. As you know, I rarely watch TV .
( But O.J. is still out there doing a break-in in Las Vegas and robbing back his auctioned off mementos. If O.J. had killed an officer of the law, he woudna be here now I betcha. And his cancelled book is now bought by the Goldman family, renamed "If I did it, Confessions of a Killer" and is going to the press.    hmmmmm....)
deexxoo wrote:
To: Dee Rohe <>
Subject: Re: Breaking News-We're in Lock Down - Homestead/Cutler Bay Fla - Police Officer
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 11:55:52 +0000

By now you know the picture was supplied by the real killer's girlfriend to throw the police off his trail.  About 4 hours after the picture of the real Kevin Wehner was boradcast, they finally got the truth out of her.  Mr. Werner's uncle called to clue them in that his nephew lives in Jacksonville and his wallet had been stolen last year. The real killer WAS Shawn LaPeete, a 25 yr old with a history of violent crime. I say WAS, becuase he was caught and in a hail of gunfire last night  before midnite between him & the police he was KILLED.
-------------- Original message from Dee Rohe <>: --------------

Thanks Art..
We made it safely through the day.  Looks like he's up in Coral Ridge, Broward county now - that's where my son and his family live.  
Antigray wrote:
Re: Breaking News-We're in Lock Down - Homestead/Cutler Bay Fla - Police Officer

Hi Dee,
I'm watching the manhunt live on the Fox News Channel. If you have a
gun you should keep it handy. That guy is desperate.
--- In, Dee Rohe <drrohe@...> wrote:
> Four Policemen have been shot - airlifted to Jackson Memorial
Hospital. One dead.
> I live in Cutler Bay and I hear sirens. Roads are blocked,
schools are in lock down. Suspect is out there. U.S. Highway is
closed in the area. My daughter Lorrie called me from the highway
telling me police cars are everywhere. Our friend Phyllis was
supposed to be here at 2:30; she called telling us the roads are
blocked and can't make it.
> The suspect's car has been found with a broken windshield. He's
out there on foot with a rifle. So far, no one knows where he is.
The picture of the suspect shows a black(?) man in his twenties with a
white headband. Where did they get that picture, I wonder?
> deexxoo

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