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Friday, April 15, 2016

NWO Opening Thousands Of Portals To Ancient Demons


Upcoming 13-Day Window Of 'Blood Sacrifice To The Beast' Begins April 19th

Published on Apr 6, 2016

Back in August of 2015, ISIS destroyed a majority of a mixture of Roman, Persian, and Mesopotamian ruins in the City of Palmyra, Syria. After Syrian forces drove ISIS out of the area they discovered mass graves of mostly women and children as the Independent reported in May of 2015.

At least 400 Syrians were brutally tortured, beheaded, and mutilated in Palmyra.

Now as a supposed act of defiance, The Institute of Digital Archaeology, Harvard University, and UNESCO are erecting 43 foot tall 23 foot wide Arches of the Temple of Bel in New York’s Times Square and London’s Trafalgar Square.And the date to unveil the arches falls directly on the celebration of the all important pagan holiday Beltane and anniversary of the massacre of The Branch Davidians at WACO and The Oklahoma City Bombing, April 19.

Michael Snyder of End of The American Dream Writes "But these are not the only two giant arches that are going to be made. That same article from the New York Post says that the Institute for Digital Archaeology ultimately hopes to put 1,000 of these arches in cities all over the globe…Michael Snyder continues "If you are anything like me, this is an extremely disturbing development. Baal worship is definitely not something that we should be celebrating as a society.”

Michael Snyder continues” the name of the city of Babylon is believed to have originally come from an Akkadian word that meant “Gate of God” or “Gateway of the God”…So could it be possible that we are laying out a couple of giant welcome mats for this ancient pagan deity by erecting these giant arches in New York and London ?” Could we be opening up gateways and portals that are extremely dangerous and that we simply do not understand?

Baal worship involves human sacrifice, public bisexual orgies, and the offerings of the children produced from these orgies to the ancient Babylonian God Baal or Bel which means “ lord", which is actually a catch all phrase for a host of deities that sprang from Mesopotamian Mythology. And if you think those things all happened in the past, sadly you are mistaken. Another offshoot of Baal is that of the God Marduk who can be traced back to the Sumerian King Nimrod. And Nimrod is the seed that branches out into a host of occult deities. One of those being the God Moloch. The very one worshiped by World Leaders at Bohemian Grove.

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April 12, 2016 
Russia Warned Of “Wrath Of God” Event As West Prepares To Honor New Planet With Satanic Ritual

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today released by the Security Council (SC) says that His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, this afternoon, notified President Putin that his church’s efforts to persuade the United States and Great Britain to halt their “planned satanic ritual” next week to “welcome” into our solar system the recently discovered mysterious new planet has failed—and because of this failure the Federation should begin immediate preparations for a “wrath of God” event to occur shortly thereafter.

As we have previously reported about this mysterious new planet (Mysterious Planet Ejected From Black Hole At Center Of Galaxy Warned Could Soon Impact Earthand US Scientist Confirms Russian Fears Of New Planet, Warns Will Affect Earth Soon), Federation concerns about the effects it could have upon Earth have grown so severe that last week President Putin created, for the first time in Russia’s history, a National Guard force to safeguard the nation should the worst effects from this celestial body be realized as it has been in our planets ancient past
The West’s response to this mysterious new planet though, this report notes, is to erect next week, 19 April, in Times Square (New York) and Trafalgar Square (London) a memorial to is arrival dedicated to the ancient “god” of this planet, Nibiru, the ancients called Moloch—and whom they preformed the ritualistic killing of children for. 

Called by the name of Arch of the Temple of Bel, this report explains, the West’s plan to erect its memorial replicas in both New York and London next week (and 1,000 other cities around the world too) to honor the arrival of this mysterious planet is not fully understand by Western peoples as the name “Bel” is but another name for “Baal” (or Ba’al) having the ancient meaning of “lord/master”, but fails to denote that his particular arch was dedicated to the ancient “child murderer” Moloch.

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