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Friday, April 15, 2016

Myanmar Earthquake accurately Predicted

13/2016 -- Earthquake Forecast Hit -- Large M7.2 (M6.9) strikes Burma ...
Dutchsinse predicted the strong Myanmar earthquake.  Here he explains his method of prediction.

4/13/2016 -- Earthquake Forecast Hit -- Large M7.2 (M6.9) strikes Burma in warned location
This past week the earthquake forecast video specifically warned Burma as a location to watch for potentially large earthquake activity.

Now, as expected, Burma / Myanmar has been struck by a large earthquake measuring M7.2 (m6.9) .


The most recent earthquake forecast video can be seen here:

Burma was specifically named in the forecast, even showed Burma in a graphic that I put out on April 10th, (and again put out yesterday April 12th).
 is the  graphic  I put  out  yesterday, and  Apri l 10th showin g Burma as a location to  watchL

Is Burma the same country as Myanmar?

From Yahoo Answers

    • Yes. It is all down to differences in language. In English, the name officially chosen for the country at the time of independence was "Burma". This was already the name that the British called their colony before 1948. This name most likely comes from Portuguese Birmania and was adopted by English in the 18th century. The Portuguese name itself came from the Indian name Barma which... Full answer answers

Search results

BBC News - Should it be Burma or Myanmar?


Is Burma the same country as Myanmar? 



Dr. Joe McCord talks about tuning abilities...

It worked wonders for my MS.

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