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Monday, April 04, 2016

Feel the Burn

Did we make a typo?   

No, this is LifeVantage's PhysIQ Fat Burn

We've just ordered it and will report back as to the results.

I only want to lose ten pounds, but boy, is it hard to even go down one or two lately! You know how that is. This probably isn't an immediate 'impact' product like ShapeRite was, where you sure couldn't miss the 'burn' though and felt it working burning off the fat! Well that one was formulated with ephedra and now is no longer available as it was just too powerful!  

Cannot get any weight loss products with ephedra any more. Oh well.

Going by the science behind 'Protandim', LifeVantage's premier product and its many patents, this should be a pretty well researched product. After all, the discoverer of SuperOxide Dismutase, Dr. Joe McCord, was the head scientist at LifeVantage.   S.O.D. units are called 'McCord units' in honor of him. Search 'Protandim' in  

Of course, to lose weight, I will also just have to be getting up out of the computer chair more often and also off the couch! After all the healing with Protandim is complete (have been taking it for a few months) and ongoing, I'll have more energy to do just that.  Maybe instead of walking around the block, I'll be running! Oh, I bet I can do that now after an Axio!  Just thought of that. Hmmnn...Maybe I'd better wait till my knees are healed more.

Wish me luck! 


This could happen!

My darlin' Roy's LifeVantage webpage:

ABC Prime Time Experiment with Protandim

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