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Monday, January 13, 2014

WARNING-Huge Fireballs Incoming Worldwide-Increasing Now

The Latest 25 Worldwide Meteors Dynamic Map™ ©2009-2014

14 January 201414 January 2014
Japan Fireball Meteor #2 06JAN2014 - 2014年1月6日20:06:45JST出現の小爆発火球

Japan Fireball Meteor #2 06JAN2014 - 2014年1月6日20:06:45JST出現の小爆発火球 - new photo

"click on image to enlarge"
Japan Fireball Meteor #3 06JAN2014 - 2014年1月6日20:06:45JST出現の小爆発火球
Image Credit- 司馬康生
SonotaCo Meteor Forum Post with more photos, videos and details-

Posted by Lunar Meteorite * Hunter at 9:16 am Labels: 2014年1月6日20:06:45JST出現の小爆発火球, Japan Fireball Meteor 06JAN2014

Breaking News- NSW, Australia Meteor 12JAN2014

Breaking News- NSW, Australia Meteor Approx. 0200 NSW Time 12JAN2014

"click on image to enlarge"
NSW, Australia Meteor Approx. 0200 NSW Time 12JAN2014
v1 c2014 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth

We’re In A Big Sudden Wave Of Fireballs And Earthquakes

 Is this more Comet ISON debris? If not, why have there been so many fireballs seen around the world recently? In a strange and totally related story, medical doctors in America have warned emergency first responders that if they ever see a bright light in the sky, to immediately ‘drop and cover’ as it may save their lives. Why are US medical doctors suddenly warning us to ‘drop and cover’ over meteors? Do they know something that the rest of us don’t know? 

Large Fireballs, Earthquakes, 2 Million MPH Solar Winds

Contributing sources:

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