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Thursday, January 30, 2014

LARGE Increase - ASTEROID Activity

Comet 2

Major increase in asteroid activity has MIT astronomers 'upgrade' solar system from 'stable' to 'dynamic' -  SOTT News

Oort Cloud

"Everything's been moved around a lot and the solar system has been very dynamic." 

Scientists from MIT and the Paris Observatory claim that rogue asteroids are more common than previously thought. 

© Armagh Observatory
All observed asteroids by 2010. The green are those in stable orbits... but more and more of them are turning red, potentially on earth-crossing orbit...

Researchers developed a map that charts the size, composition and location of more than 100,000 asteroids throughout the solar system. The new maps suggests the early solar system could have undergone dramatic changes before the planets laid claim to their current alignment. 

Previously, scientists believed that asteroids were static and remained near the sun. However, observations in the last decade have revealed that asteroids show up in unexpected places in space. 

The team said that the trickle of asteroids discovered in unexpected locations has turned into a river. They said that all asteroid types exist in every region of the main belt. 

Is it Time to revive the Nemesis Twin Sun theory?

Comment: What if it's not "early" pin-balling of asteroids?... What if it's repetitive pin-balling of asteroids, knocked in by an as-yet-to-be-discovered Twin Sun? What if the reason they've discovered a "river of asteroids" recently is because a river of asteroids is currently streaming into the inner solar system? What is it's not a question of "pin-balled asteroids" having had an impact on Earth, but "pin-balled asteroids" CURRENTLY having an impact on Earth? 

Notice anything about fireball activity in our skies lately

Goldilocks is in for a fright; something wicked this way comes... 


    » All AMS Events
    Everyday, we receive reports about Fireballs. Here are some of the latest major Fireball Events:

    Jan 30 5 reports from IN & KY
    Jan 30 9 reports from MDNCOHPAVA...
    Jan 29 17 reports from ILINKSKYMO...
    Jan 28 15 reports from CA
    Jan 28 5 reports from ILKYOH & ON
  • The American Meteor Society has received over 100 reports of a bright fireball seen from mid western states at approximately 8:30 PM local eastern time. Witnesses from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan and Pennsylvania reported an extremely large and bright bluish green ball of light followed by a bright white tail. Sighting reports clustered the start and end point of the meteor near the Ohio and Kentucky border, heading from the east almost due west.
    UDPATE FROM Bill Cooke (Meteoroid Environments Office, NASA)
    • Time of this fireball was January 29 at 01:17:39 UTC (Jan 28 – 8:17pm EST.)

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