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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

'Don't Impeach Obama'

Surprise! 'Don't impeach Obama' plan backfires 



Surprise! 'Don't impeach Obama' plan backfires 

Oh, the delicious irony!

Barack Obama's minions are getting a taste of their own medicine following their latest attempt to discredit the president's critics.

You can't say they weren't warned to "be careful what you wish for" ...

Excerpts from WND~

A long-time strategy of the political left has been to take its most threatening opponents – and those enemies’ most damaging arguments – and mock them, as though they’re ludicrous to even consider.

Usually, the bullying technique results in marginalizing the opponent and silencing his or her arguments.

But sometimes, it backfires.

“The general American public views with increasing concern Obama’s illicit extension of executive authority, his repeated bypassing of Congress and the many serious scandals that have plagued this administration from Fast and Furious through Benghazi through the IRS fiasco and now Obamacare.

VIDEO Will Congress rein in the Imperial Presidency? –

At least Lyndon Johnson knew the Constitution requires Congress to declare war, otherwise LBJ would not have had to go through the lies and contortions involved at turning a Vietnamese torpedo boat attack that never happened on a U.S. ship, the USS Maddox, a Navy vessel that turned out to be a CIA-equipped spy ship.
But what makes Obama’s power-grab so breathtaking is the utter lack of respect in which Obama seems to hold the Constitution of the United States. 
So too, Richard Nixon had the good graces to cover up the Watergate burglary, evidently having enough minimal conscience left to know the Constitution does not give the President of the United States the authority to break into the office of the national head of the opposition political party

Amish warned that Congress was letting down the American public by not fulfilling its Constitutional purpose.

“I think as a Congress we have to step up and point out when the President is going beyond his constitutional powers, which is frequent, and we have to do something about it and we haven’t done that as a Congress.”
Amish admonishes Congress for being complicit in Obama’s power grab.
“There’s been an undermining of the Constitution. We’re supposed to have separate branches of the government that are co-equal, and we have a situation where the executive branch is taking more and more of the power and authority. A lot of the blame goes to Congress for not reasserting itself and saying, ‘No, Mr. President, you don’t have that authority.’”

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Whoa! 'Don't Impeach Obama' Email Backfires | Obama:

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