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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

LOUISIANA SINKHOLE "Likely to be Permanent"- Pictures

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  • Nolom Ebal 
    The Blue Ribbon Commission members were recruited by the Government. They work on behalf of the government; NOT the people. Just like the 9/11 committee. People of Bayou Corne and surrounding areas - DON'T LET THESE greedy, in bed with the Feds, get away with this! 
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  • Nolom Ebal 
    What kind of person would thank those responsible for destroying the livelihood of an entire community and turning the environment into an uninhabitable toxic waste dump? I'm just saying...
  • rainbeaudais . 
    A person that does not put property or other material things over peoples lives. No one from APPJ, CB&I, the airboats, dirt haulers, skimmers, contract workers, etc. That includes TB workers. Some of them that live right here in our parish, just as afraid, and suffering loss too. THAT is who I thanked. Who in the FUCK are YOU to come on MY page where I post with nothing but honesty and tell ME how I should think or feel, and question my integrity just because I feel differently than you?
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LOUISIANA SINKHOLE Code 3 ALERT - "likely to be permanent"

Thanks for the update. how this has not made national news is beyond me. I pray one day we don't wake up to devastating news about it.

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  • Wow. The sink hole has really grown over the months. Heartbreaking for the people that live there. I hope this commission can get something accomplished. Thank you for keeping us updated.
  • L_DOG 
    Did they ever say WHY they cannot pump all that oil and gas back out of the ground ? because thats what they need to do or the whole Top of the salt Dome will be Liquefied and there will be one big Toxic saltwater lake where Bayou Corne once was! i guarantee

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