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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Comet-Induced Civilization Disruption

Blue%2BStar%2BKachina Hopi Prophecy : Blue Star Kachina
An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, 
“When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, 

The Fifth World will emerge”. 
This will be the Day of Purification.                    Image source: Illuminati Mind Control

Thanks to John Dinardo for this:

"Store Now"

God speaks thoughts into the minds of some whose minds are 
seeking God. The native Americans were inclined toward the 
spiritual. Out of that mental quest for God arose an ancient Hopi 
prophecy that a "blue Kachina" will appear prior to the appearance 
of the great "red Kachina" (what NASA calls "Planet X"). This Comet 
ISON would seem to be the blue Kachina, which is prophesied to be 
quite large, and we know that the Sun's great gravitational force 
field is pulling ISON, and later X, inexorably toward it, in what 
will be a cosmic size U-turn under and then over the Sun (for 
Planet X, at least). 

ISON is small enough that it may be sucked 
directly into the Sun, which would provoke the Sun to expel 
extraordinarily massive flares and coronal mass ejections. 
We see a clue, in that the elite appear to be going into their 
underground cities. When you put those two facts together, 
along with the National Academy of Science's report that the 
Sun will become extremely hyperactive around 2013, then we 
will probably have the destruction of power grids, worldwide. 

I think that the continents that take solar hits during the daytime 
will be much more heavily damaged than the continents on the 
dark side of Earth when the solar hits occur. Maybe the entire 
Globe will get hit. 

This will knock out power and electronic systems 
permanently, because those house-size transformers cost millions 
of dollars, and China is the only country that produces them. Right 
now, there is a three-year waiting period for any transformer order 
to see delivery to the U.S. Naturally, China will probably be knocked 
out, industrially, by these solar blasts, so we must learn to live like 
our ancestors. Time to spend some time living with the Amish.

However, solar emissions also cause earthquakes because of their 
electromagnetic disturbance of Earth's smooth rotation. And, when 
you're carrying a tray of Jell-O with pineapple slices floating on top, 
and someone bumps your elbow, those pineapple slices clash and crash 
together. That is exactly what happens to Earth's tectonic plates as they 
float on the underlying Jell-O-like mantle as electromagnetic forces 
from solar blasts impact Earth's magnetosphere. So, earthquakes will 
be severe "in divers places" {MATTHEW 24} around the Globe. God our 
Saviour tells us, in three of the Four Gospels, about these worldwide 
earthquake barrages, and about the wars, famine, and plague that will 
accompany them. The satanic rulers will perpetrate false flag attacks 
to blame Christians as terrorists, and this is why Jesus says that we 
will be hated by all of mankind for His name sake.

Right now, go to 
your recycling center and get as many plastic bottles as you can load 
up on. Fill them with tap water. You know how to filter and disinfect 
it when you need to drink it. There are certain grains and legumes 
which we must buy quickly, because Earth calamities could strike any 
day, victimizing us in the frailness our human shortsightedness. 
Amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, oats -- these are gluten-free, 
and the first two have complete protein. Combine millet, wheat, spelt 
and barley with lentils and beans according to God's instructions to 
EZEKIEL (Chapt. 4:9}, and you will have another form of complete 
essential amino acid protein components. Incidentally, dried lentils 
sprout easily and will provide the enzymes your body needs to 
fully assimilate digested food. 

Well, I've gone on long enough, but you and those whom you help 
will benefit from this advice. 


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  1. .
    As much as I ( a determined urban catastrophe survivor ) hate to admit, it appears the time has come to at least establish fool proof bug out routes and a couple month's portable survival supplies.

    Not necessarily due to the potential for natural events to get out of hand but because the global political situation isn't looking too stable these days either.

    Do so on an individual or family basis and avoid groups or co-ops except as a common means of protection once you arrive at your " safe " destination. Even THEN, be careful whom you trust . . .



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