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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Urgent - Vital Information to Combat Exposure to Oil Spill Toxins

From Dr. Robin Falcov's website:

Combating Exposure to Oil Spill Toxins

In AL, MS, LA, TX and Mexico, as soon as prevailing weather conditions changes the dew points, the prevailing winds full of Benzenes and other crude oil VOC's will occupy the air spaces, begin condensing, coastal and inland fogs will be relatively toxic....warnings are extreme benzene exposure to respiratory, skin absorption and direct diffusion into the bloodstream if contact with waters are made, containing pools of crude oil sludges.

Please pass this information along, especially to those in sates surrounding the Gulf....and as the underwater sludges creep up the eastern seaboard of the US...Cuba.

Inhalation of benzene laden air is dangerous, as benzene vapors inhaled will flow directly into the bloodstream.
An 'unknowing' deception will occur, while in these benzene vapors.

1. The olfactory nerve is desensitized...meaning, it becomes more and more difficult to discern or detect the smell of the benzene vapors, the longer one is in the point where the olfactory and the taste buds on the back of the tongue can no longer function....the deception is: If you can't detect it or small it, must be non existent! Wrong! Primary stages of Acute Benzene Shock are probable.

2. If you have friends, relatives, loved ones in these areas (even the ones you don't necessarily like) tell them to stay out of the water, the fogs, rains or mists from the Gulf Oceans. They are now all full of benzenes. From this point forward, fatal benzene exposure will result if the life form remains exposed, in whatever manner.

Combating Exposure to Oil-spill Toxins

Slowing down and 'Reversing' benzene poisoning

3. Use coconut oil, organic grade if possible, or cocoa butter, and wipe onto the exposed skin, face, arms, legs and extremities . . . quite well, even under your clothing. Coconut oil and cocoa butter was found to be a very good 'barrier' to benzenes. It slows down the absorption and diffusion (into bloodstream) thru the upper epithelial cells of the tissue and skin. As benzenes are blocked by the vegetable oil barrier, this reduces permeability thru the Skin. This reduces the probability of 'chemical-type' burns.

4. Petroleum Jelly is exactly the opposite and SHOULD NOT be used. Benzenes are not blocked in any they came from petroleum! DUH?  

Reversing is also known as detoxifying.

5. Lignite coal and water solutions were known by oil field workers, to keep headaches away, take the numbness out of their lips and skin, generally, make them feel better after working in the oil field all day. Lignite coal solution in water...around 4 to 5 % solution, when simply wiped onto the skin even with coconut oil on them, will immediately diffuse into the bloodstream, just by wringing your hands, onto the arms...don't wipe it off, let it dry. The lignite coal solution in water 'dissociates' the benzene molecular structure, even in the bloodstream. The lignite method unplugs the systemic poisoning stream. oxygen will once again displace the Benzene on the receptor.

Washing Off Humans or Animals

Do not use any soaps or dish washing soaps that contain 9-Moles ethylene oxidesurfactants....represented by Dawn dish soap, Palmolive dish soaps or many many others...These type surfactants leave an ethylene oxide residue on the skin and hairs, feathers...when washed, oil may be wettened...but the benzenes actually diffuse faster into the bloodstream, because of the water soluble ethylene oxide.

Amway LOC or even Borax 20 Mule Team

Washing the skin, hair feathers, even fish and dolphins with these cleansers are made from natural ingredients or even minerals....natural soaps such as Borax. These cleansers remove the oils and benzenes but do not leave water-soluble residues.

A wash down should be followed by a good rinsing...then rub a topical of the lignite solution onto the skin, hair feathers, or fish, dolphins...will not harm them.

Kooky Soap

Combating Exposure to Oil-spill Toxins

Dr. Castle developed a really good soap years ago that I just called Kooky Soap that anyone can make.

It's simple . . .
Combine a small amount of Borax Soap, a small amount of Williard's XXX Brown conc., a small amt of Silver Colloid, goodly amount of Citrus (Orange) Oil (Florida Chemical) and the rest Amway's LOC (Liquid Organic Cleaner)

Dr. Michael Castle has used it for washing dishes, showering, shampooing, and washing pets.

Dr. Castle has no monetary connections to the sales or distribution of any of these materials I have cited, herein. 

Dr. Robin Falcov's website:

Dr. Dee Rohe's websites:


Dr. Robin Falkov's radio interviews with Dr. Michael Castle and James Fox can
heard for free because of their extreme importance.
There is a Chipin button on the public podcast site for those who'd like to contribute a few dollars toward site maintenance. The Castle and Fox podcasts on our public site include a donation pitch at the beginning of each hour and just prior to each commercial break, whereas the Members Only versions do not.
Chip in ... And tell a friend.
I called in at Dr. Falcov's invitation to participate in the June 29th podcast with Dr. Michael Castle.  

Dr. Dee Rohe
Concerned Florida Citizen


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