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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Dangerous Temperatures in the Gulf

Independent Reports: Dangerous Temperatures In Gulf Stream +7° Higher

Fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico have dropped temperature sensing devices into water, determined an increase of 7° higher than normal.  What does this mean?

See the latest report from Greg Evenson and John Moore on the Evacuation Plans click here.

A mean temperature increase of two degrees is dangerous.  Seven degrees is a reason for great concern.  Multiple reports have concluded the danger of this increase obviously due to the oil and other chemicals/toxins filling the Gulf will lead to numerous changes – not the least of which is the expectation that any storms or hurricanes developing over the region will be stalled causing them to intensify and slow down.

"The transducer on the bottom of the boat, including things that they [fishermen] drop down into this [plume/masses of oil].  Two degrees is a problem.  Seven degrees is a serious, serious problem.  It's like adding fuel to the fire, not to mention the high pressure system will stall the high pressure system in the Gulf… and the hurricane will build.  That means any storm this year that would normally have been a moderate storm that we could handle is not going to be so "moderate".  [Hurricane] Katrina brought up debris and mud, brought it all the way up the eastern seaboard.  We're already seeing acid rain all the way up to North Carolina.  When a hurricane comes in, it's going to pickup oil, pick up every chemical out there including the dispersant, and is going to dump it across the entire eastern seaboard."

Further, due to the sandblasting effect of the constant pressure shooting  up the drilling pipe has – as multiple reports confirm – degraded the original two-inch-thick pipe insert to almost nothing.  It is expected that once the remaining degraded portion/s of this insert fails, a volcanic-like eruption will occur.  Looking at the live video feeds over the past weeks is a continuous reminder that this is, indeed, much like a volcano spewing ash and material into the atmosphere.  We need to think of this as a volcano, undersea, to truly grasp the magnitude of its awesome power. Once a volcanic eruption occurs, a twenty to eighty-foot wall of water is expected to develop to hit the coast of Florida anywhere between three hundred to five hundred miles per hour.  The Project Gulf Impact organization expects this to occur within the next sixty days, stating further that it has the capacity to "take the whole state of Florida off the map".

If we look back at above-ground volcanic eruptions, it is easy to comprehend the destructive capacity of this man-made "vent".  In fact, many times, such as the eruptions of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State, caused domes to buildup within the crater the ultimately burst with atomic-like force causing ashes and debris to circle the globe.  Scientists watching the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico around the area of the Deepwater Horizon situation have measured a similar "dome" building that is said to be increasing in size continuously.  Only high internal pressure can cause such a state.  With radioactive waste included in the smorgasbord of chemicals and toxins being stirred within this witches brew, many people are expressing their desire to be outside of the United States altogether.

- Tobias Davidson, The John Chronicles [Project Awakening]

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~ by thejohnchronicles on July 4, 2010.

Summer and autumn water temperatures in the Pascagoula area (Report / Geology Division)Temperature, salinity and oxygen measurements of surface and bottom waters on the continental shelf off Louisiana during portions of 1975 and 1976 (Professional paper series : Biology)

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