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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fierce Magnetic Onslaught Now!

Fierce Magnetic onslaught right now...

...what's coming next?


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SylviaComment by Sylvia 6 minutes ago
We've had strange weather...severe storms, flood watches/warnings, tornado watches/warnings, heat warnings, etc...fortunately, we've only had the storms for about 5 min or so and later, more... continues that way.....our temps are hot for us and have remained in high eighties and mid nineties, a few weeks now, very humid and muggy....all going on now. The forecast for tonight is hot and muggy...In our particular area, I've always been told we're in a valley and rarely have touch-downs (tornadoes). In SE MI our weather has been very unusual. I can't ever remember it being continuous as it is now and I've lived here @ 50 years...only sporadic severe through-out the seasons. No matter what anyone says this is very unusual....
Barbara WozniakComment by Barbara Wozniak 24 minutes ago
Things are more than wet in Wisconsin.....may declare national emerg. I heard in Milw.County due to flooding in southern part of state. I am amazed at how heavy the downpours are and it seems that we have a continuous flow of very powerful storms...some with tornado warnings. Grass and crops must be happy for the most part.
Sydney LokComment by Sydney Lok 43 minutes ago
i'm feeling it.
Geoffrey CousensComment by Geoffrey Cousens 44 minutes ago
Its been like this since yesterday,indeed,what next?
John V. GavarreteComment by John V. Gavarrete 45 minutes ago
With such polarities, I wonder how hot, and wet things are going to be
1010001-Dave-0111001Comment by 1010001-Dave-0111001 1 hour ago
Not looking forward to tomorrow is all I can say, Hairy. Yeesh!

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