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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Earthquake on west coast of America soon?

Heads up please. 

From Clif High:

In working through the longer term data, I had to go through some of the last of the immediacy stuff due to cross links. Within the immediacy data sets there are clear indications 
of a major [damagingearthquake on west coast of america (MOST likely 
north america due to angular momentum issues of planetary alignment) and 
more probably than not, in the PNW perhaps down to mid CA.

This quake 
shows as being completed with problems, *such as yet more [wedding 
interruptions] by August 3, however the data accretion patterns point to the 
last two days of July as the point of impact and largest number of after 
shocks. Damages are indicated to include [roadways] and [bridges] such that [transportation/movement] is [restricted (in some places)] for months afterward. Water flows are also to be affected and even altered for long time (months/years) which is how i found it. By noting the odd number of longer term indicators for [water pathways change] in the data accretion patterns for November and onward in 2010. A significant majority of these traced back to something in the immediacy data that turned out to be this pending earthquake in very late July.

Probably i am wrong though. In any case thought to let y'all know. Will try to speak to George Noory about it tonight (7/26/2010) on Coast to Coast AM. Probably just because i do this, it wont happen. Here's hoping pies bake without interruption. 

Clif High (posted 7/26/2010)

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