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Saturday, July 31, 2010

2012 - Magnetosphere Anomalies

Changes in the Magnetosphere

2012 - Solar Flares - Earthchanges

Can someone please explain these pictures.

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per sigurd hansenComment by per sigurd hansen 1 hour ago
yes i have noticed it to, i havent closed the real time page for almost 3 weeks now and download yesterdays vid the moment i wake up... something is happening and i think we should take it dead seriously and listen to nancy,it scares the heck out of me... we are getting closer by the minute to the PS..
Duane RichtsmeierComment by Duane Richtsmeier 3 hours ago
Theres been a lot of this lately! Been noticing it the last few days! Not good for humes.
Earth420Comment by Earth420 4 hours ago
Great thread! Peace
Nancy LiederComment by Nancy Lieder 5 hours ago
SOZT What you see here is that portion of the bowshock that represents the area just BENEATH the Sun's Ecliptic deforming. We have warned that July, 2010 would bring changes, and it has. This area currently deforming is the same area called to attention on December 16, 2008 when a HOLE in the Earth's magnetosphere, 4 times the size of Earth, was noticed by the THEMIS spacecraft. Of course, Planet X is 4 times the diameter of Earth. Why is this area now deforming? Because the magnetic fields are now being forced to merge, in various contorted ways, and this is the side of Earth's magnetosphere that is losing its identity as it faces the more dominant magnetic field of Planet X. EOZT
A Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field December 16, 2008 NASA's five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a breach in Earth's magnetic field ten times larger than anything previously thought to exist. But the breach itself is not the biggest surprise. Researchers are even more amazed at the strange and unexpected way it forms, overturning long-held ideas of space physics. The magnetosphere is a bubble of magnetism that surrounds Earth and protects us from solar wind. Exploring the bubble is a key goal of the THEMIS mission, launched in February 2007. The big discovery came on June 3, 2007, when the five probes serendipitously flew through the breach just as it was opening. The opening was huge-four times wider than Earth itself.
Nancy LiederComment by Nancy Lieder 6 hours ago
I just posted the answers for the 7/31 chat, and one of them applies so will also post it here: shams said:
Hello Nancy and the Zetas: could you perhaps provide an update on the position of the Dark Twin, with respect to the Earth?
SOZT The Dark Twin has come up behind the Earth in their shared orbit, and there stopped, halted like the Earth. Because of the increased crowding in the field in front of Planet X, which is moving steadily toward the three planets trapped in the eddy flow cup, it has dropped slightly behind the Earth's orbit. If one were to look down upon the solar system one would see coming out from the Sun first Planet X, then Venus, then the Earth, and finally the Dark Twin. Planet X is coming outbound from the Sun. Venus is being pushed back and forth in front of Planet X to simulate her orbit in the view from Earth. The Dark Twin is somewhat further from the Sun and to the side of the Earth, behind the Earth in their shared orbit. The Dark Twin on occasion is captured on film /newsletr/issue181.htm as a dim monster when light rays which have been bent out are returned to Earth, distorting the original size. These photos are taken after dusk, pointing out into the night sky toward the west, which would be where one would expect to find it. The exact coordinates can be surmised from these photos, but this changes about because these planets are all in a dance with each other. The Dark Twin intermittently shows up on the magnetosphere simulator, because the ACR satellite taking space weather measures drifts about between the Earth and Sun, and when at the right angle captures the magnetic field of the Dark Twin as well. Note the angle invariably puts it BEHIND the Earth, confirming our words. This first came to the attention of the public on May 3, 2010 when the Dark Twin's magnetic field was evident on the 2D image. It has now reappeared on the images as a DUAL object. Why this dual image? This indicates movement in the Dark Twin, who has freedom to bop about as it is on the PERIMETER of the particle crowding in the cup. The ACE satellite is taking a type of long-exposure image of the space weather, and thus captures both positions. EOZT Prior ZT: We have been asked for the RA and Dec, the location of the Dark Twin, in the past and declined, stating that it would be in another spot before Nancy could type the answer. Both the Dark Twin and Venus are at present caught in the cup, caught in the eddy flow of particles flowing around from behind Planet X such that the eddy flow acts like pincers. These 3 planets, of nearly equal size, are pressed together. Venus is moved back and forth to simulate a natural orbit in the view from Earth, or light rays are bent so that humans on Earth think this to be the case. The Dark Twin is not a concern as it is a black hunk of rock and absorbs almost all light. From the photos taken on March 30, which we have verified as real and true, is it slightly outside the orbit of Earth, pushed there by the Repulsion Force to evade bumping into the Earth. The Earth is meanwhile trying to evade the oncoming Planet X, trying to move the the left, backwards in her orbit, to do so. This is a dynamic situations, ever changing. Planets are bouncing around! Even Planet X dithers in how far it points its N Pole at the Earth, for various reasons. Certainly, looking in the general direction should be encouraged, however.
KMComment by KM 6 hours ago
Really curious to see what the Zetas make of this.
BERNADINOComment by BERNADINO 6 hours ago
Who know maybe it just because planet x is moving closer or it has a sharp point in its field.Don't know but great pics!!!
LexsionComment by Lexsion 6 hours ago
KojimaComment by Kojima 6 hours ago
2010/07/31 09:51:02, 09:53:12, 09:54:17, 09:55:21, 09:56:28, 09:57:35
KojimaComment by Kojima 7 hours ago
2010/07/31 09:38:46, 09:39:51, 09:40:57, 09:42:03, 09:43:11, 09:44:20, 09:45:28, 09:46:36, 09:47:46, 09:48:51, 09:49:57

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