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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Anonymous is Knocking Out the Grid around the Planet

NORSE - Protecting  the Dark Horse?

Just got the message: Anon is knocking out the grid in certain places. It's good thing. Guess why.

Watch live map for awhile - will blow your mind.      Place your cursor on some of the nodes. See what happens! 

Main: Real-time visibility of Cyber attacks. 

  1. Dark Horse | Definition of Dark Horse by... horse

Dark horse candidate | Article about Dark horse...<...
dark horse, in U.S. politics, a person unexpectedly chosen by a major party as a candidate for public office, especially for the presidency. A presidential dark horse ...

Some info on NORSE:


Norse offers proactive security solutions, based on our global "dark intelligence" platform, to defend against today's ... U.S. Power grid, it's not doomsday yet.


Norse weighs more than 1,500 actuarial variables in risk score calculations for every IP address, and resources more ... 12.24 Guard the power grid.

Norse | Secure The Grid
Norse. Report: Iranian Hackers Eye U.S. Grid ... Exploring ways to protect nation's power grid via @YouTube.

Coincidence in the NORSE - GRID - THOR - Pagan gods' names connections? 

 'Grid - from 'greed' in old Norse/English.  Thor - 'Thunder', lightning, electric power. 

Grid, (Grior) female goddess, dark, mysterious, negative power, nurturing, weaves web, Yin, greed attracts - 

Thor, male power, attacks, positive, bright flash, direct blow,Yang, repels.

Positive/Negative electric potentials.  World of duality.  

  1. Godchecker guide to GRID: Thor's giant ex-girlfriend. Grid is the Norse Goddess of Mystery and comes from the mythology of Scandinavia. Read the facts about Grid in ...
  2. Gríðr - Wikipedia
    In Norse mythology, Gríðr (Old Norse "greed" or "greed, vehemence, violence, impetuosity") is a female jötunn who, aware of Loki's plans to have Thor killed at the...

Thanks to Ann Warren, Global Rumblings Key West correspondent.

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