Sinkholes are no laughing matter. Unless, of course, they swallow up cars that we all agree are completely loathsome, like that Dodge Avenger in Chicago a while back. Here's another one we can add to that list: a Smart Fortwo swallowed by a sinkhole in our favorite state, Florida.P
The Huffington Post reports that Madaline Keeble was driving in Ponte Vedra Beach when she drove through what she thought was a water main break, only to realize it was actually a water-filled sinkhole. Their story on the matter has one of the most obvious ledes ever written: P
When the water level inside Madaline Keeble's car hit her chin, she knew she was running out of time.P
Naw, you think?P
Fortunately, Keeble was able to grab her belongings and got out before the car was completely submerged. A tow truck driver later fished it out, but its current condition is unknown. Perhaps with a bit of driving, it will live to Smart Car another day. P
Hat tip to $kaycog!P