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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Alert: Banking Cyber Attack - Not Coincidence, Not Glitch

Lloyds Banking Group downed by IT Glitch

From Urban Survival Blog:

Triskamarketphobia? (Fear of the number 13)

You gotta love it when the market has just run into overhead resistance in the S&P 1,686 level and just can’t seem to get enough traction, and then looks like it will fall back.  You see, because the S&P and the Dow have not been able to punch through the old highs set on August 5th and 2nd respectively, the doors of hell could open in the next couple of weeks because (repeat after me) Crashes don’t just appear out of thin air:  they occur often times 55-days, or so, from a major high (which is coming up soon enough) and along the way there, you’d expect (under Elliott wave rules) to see Wave 1 down, then a wave 2 rally, and the decline and rally would then give you some key insight as to what will happen next.
That’s because a “normal” decline might be expected to be 1.608 times the first wave down, and then a 5th wave down would be another 1.5 to 1.8 times, except that with high frequency trading, it could be 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 times that.  So we sit with our cuppa Kona roast this morning (thanks again Hawaii Hank for that!) and ponder our navels and next trading moves.
One more “up” is possible, to the 1720-1735 area on the S&P, but catching falling knives is not the smartest thing to do on Friday the 13th. 
A week or three back I suggested in one of my columns, with gold north of $1,425, that a move down to the $1,200 level and lower seemed to be in the cards, too.  And sure enough, this morning, gold futures are down to $1,312 and, once a potential sell-off in coming weeks in the markets gets organized (if it does, remember this is not financial advice) than as big players sell everything including the kitchen sink and any gold or silver laying around, we could see the bottom drop out from under gold.  Not yet, but the potential is out there.

Quayle Alerts:
9/16/13-- V'S EMERGENCY UPDATE-Alert. It's Not A Coincidence, It's Not A Glitch/
I will keep this to the point. For many months I have been warning that there will be a banking/financial cyber attack that will put the economy on it's back. This was one of the scenarios that the banksters have been wargaming/simulating for years.

I became privy to it once it was revealed to me that not only are the banks open to it, but that they are doing nothing to prevent it. No real investments nothing in protecting vital banking infrastructre. I have in past alerts notified many as to the hacks that have syphoned billions from investors/depositors.

Over the last few weeks we have seen massive interruptions from online banking to exchanges shutting down for hours at time. This is not just a mere coincidence, when one takes into account the large scale of these disruptions. It becomes clear that something is fundamentally wrong.

From payroll problems in the private sector to now the very same issues affecting the public/federal sector. This problem seems to be mounting and I believe the culprits are two fold.

One, there is an anomaly that is moving through the system. This is causing an incredible amount of "glitches" and fail safes to trigger. This is true and it is happening. Time will tell what this anomaly is though followers of this site and of mine know what it really is.

Two, the sudden issues in exchanges as well as payroll are symptomatic of the massive liquidity crisis that we are facing. I have illustrated to many over the months the absolute insolvency of the US financial system. I have documented many of the biggest banks in this country are borrowing as little as $10,000 from the FED window as they simply are short and do not have the funds to pay their expenses.

Add all this and the continued bellicose musings/rants from the politicians in this country of now wanting to attack Iran and we can see where this is all going. Whatever manifests in the next few weeks is something that is the progeny of NOT one event but multiple. A flock of Black Swans are looking to nest where an Eagle once flew.This is your last warning--V-
Sep 16, 2013

From Quayle Alerts:

To all employees:

The following information is an update regarding payroll deposits for Pay Period 19, ending September 7, 2013. As reported an oversight occurred with the Department of Interior, Interior Business Center (DOI/IBC), certification process for Pay Period 19. This oversight resulted in delayed processing of payroll payments until the official pay date of Tuesday, September 17, 2013. This oversight affected approximately 23 agencies and 40,000 federal employees. DOI/IBC has contacted numerous financial institutions and the financial institutions listed below have agreed to deposit payments before Tuesday, September 17, 2013.

· NASA Federal Credit Union

· The Partnership Federal Credit Union

· Navy Federal Credit Union

· Citibank

· USAA Federal Savings (deposit payments on Monday, Sept. 16)

· Charles Schwab Bank

· Tower Federal Credit Union

· Meriwest Credit Union

· Century Federal Credit Union

· Energy Federal Credit Union

· Commonwealth One FCU

· Kennedy Space Center

· Johnson Space Center Federal Credit Union

· 1st Advantage Credit Union

· PNC Bank

· M&T Bank

In regards to bank fees or other charges, DOI/IBC has agreed to work with employees and their financial institutions.

Please note the following information from DOI/IBC.

Comptroller General Decisions indicate the liability of the Government is limited to that provided by law and regulations, and there is no legal basis for reimbursement of financial institution charges. For more information, please refer to Comptroller General Decision B-202273, May 7, 1981, Request for Reimbursement of Overdraft Charges; CG Decision B-228632, March 10, 1986, Charges on checks Returned for Insufficient Funds; and CG Decision B-173783, March 2, 1976, Claim for charges for Handling Insufficient Fund Checks. However, as stated, the DOI/IBC payroll division will assist employees in discussions with Financial Institutions regarding overdraft fees for insufficient funds.

To facilitate resolution on bank charges due to insufficient funds please send your inquiries to In your request, please include the information below. OCFO will forward the information to DOI/IBC for processing.

Employee Name

Employee contact number


Financial Institution (FI)

FI Routing Number or Address

Fee Charge

FI Contact Name and phone number (If available)

If you have any questions, you may contact the HRMS helpdesk at (301)415-1234 option #3 or the DOI/IBC Customer Support Center at 1-888-367-1622 option #3.
Sep 16, 2013

Lloyds Banking Group downed by IT glitch

09 Sep 2013 by Jamie Hinks

Lloyds Banking Group downed by IT glitch
Image Credit: Flickr (Ell Brown)

Lloyds Banking Group websites were hit with a surge in traffic that prevented customers accessing their accounts for much of the morning.

The IT glitch, which caused problems for the now separate Lloyds and TSB brands as well as Halifax, meant websites were completely inaccessible for some and prevented most customers from logging in and viewing accounts online.

"We are experiencing an issue with our internet banking service this morning, which has affected the ability of some customers to log on successfully,” read a statement from a Lloyds Banking Group spokesperson. "We are working to resolve this as quickly as we can and we apologise to customers for the inconvenience this will have caused. Our branches, telephone banking and cashpoint facilities have not been affected in any way."

Problems first began in the early hours of Monday morning with customers not able to access the Lloyds TSB site for around 90 minutes with the TSB site only starting to accept customers by 08:30. The group’s other sites came online as of 11:30 and all signs point to the problem simply being a huge amount of traffic and nothing more sinister.

Read more:


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    The RBS group says it's business as usual today but we are still seeing sporadic reports ofbanking problems. ... Banking glitch. ... Week from 11 September 2013.
  • Sky News - RBS To Compensate Customers Hit By IT Glitch
    RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank promise to "make things right" after banking services are disrupted - months after an IT meltdown.
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    Home Business Banking ... 05 September2013, 9:56am ... The Securities and Exchange Commission has called for a meeting next week to address a trading glitch that ...
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    Wednesday, 4 September 2013 (5 days ago) There are reports this morning of problems with ANZ Bank's internet banking system. Customers began posting on the bank's ...
  • The Telegraph - - Fury as NatWest bank glitch drags on ...…g/
    Fury as NatWest bank glitch drags on RBS is warning its 17 million customers that the backlog caused by a technical glitch could take at least another two ...
  • Credit Union Times - Trusted News for Credit Union Leaders • September 4, 2013 -……nking-by-voice-next-up-print-previe...
    Last September, at the Finovate banking technology conference in New York, the company demonstrated a voice mobile banking app that served as a proof of concept, van Dam said. In the video,…

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