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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strange Earthquake Rumblings are Clouds Bumping Together?

Oh come on now.  When I was kid, that's the way friends thought was the way that thunder formed during storms. We're expected to believe it now as adults? Or that sonic waves "bounce off of clouds"?
Maybe they do - what do I know? 

Thing is, some think these mysterious rumblings and shakings are coming from the ground, not the sky. They're saying they experienced an earthquake.

 But there has been no earthquake reported.

NWS: Quake-like movement in Twin Falls 'unexplained'

Twin Falls, Idaho residents and local experts from the Intermountain West University of Utah Seismograph Station in Salt Lake City an, the Idaho Army National Guard in Mountain Home don't know,

Perhaps as said in the article, “Some say it is the test bombing range between Twin Falls and the Mountain Home Air Base that the military is testing and keeping quiet on.”  

Nobody's talking.  

Except the residents are all talking.

No Earthquake Reported, So What Was That Rumbling?

TWIN FALLS • Kelley Gorringe didn’t say anything about the rumbling he heard the night before when he came to work Tuesday.
That is until a co-worker asked everyone if they felt the earthquake.
“I’ve lived in California for 10 years so I know what an earthquake is. It wasn’t a big shaker, it was more rumble and noise,” Gorringe said.
But when Gorringe checked the U.S. Geological Survey’s website, no earthquakes were listed in Southern Idaho.
So what did Gorringe and others around the Magic Valley experience?
Paul Roberson, earthquake information specialist with the Intermountain West University of Utah Seismograph Station in Salt Lake City, also confirmed no earthquake activity in the area Monday night. The closest earthquake was detected in Yellowstone at 4:24 a.m. Tuesday, Roberson said.
“There was nothing in Utah around that time either. I don’t see anything on the Hansel Valley south of Twin Falls,” Roberson said. “We didn’t locate anything up in Southern Idaho so it probably was not an earthquake.”
Roberson said sometimes if cloud conditions are right sound waves can bounce off clouds making sonic boom-like sounds, which can cause shaking.
“That does happen from time to time down here with the right atmospheric conditions,” Roberson said.
Peaceful Idaho

Jeff Mikesell said in an email that he was working at Locally Owned Radio on Highway 30 in Twin Falls at 8:30 p.m. when he the windows started to rattle and he heard a huge rumble.
“ It was like our tower had fallen, so I ran outside to check everything and still heard a rumble for several more seconds,” Mikesell said.
He also checked the USGS website for answers.
“There was an air pressure change and a ground rumble. Facebook posts by others suggest it was from the Saylor Creek Bombing range. ... I really have no idea what it may have been. The Earth does make noises. It may just be something natural.”
Col. Tim Marsano, public affairs officer with the Idaho Army National Guard in Mountain Home said Tuesday that they were not the source of the rumblings or noise.
“I have experienced this in past years and I know that I have heard about many other people in the Magic Valley area, hearing and feeling the same rumblings in past years, but there is never any report of earthquakes,” said David Bastow of Twin Falls in an email. “Some say it is the test bombing range between Twin Falls and the Mountain Home Air Base that the military is testing and keeping quiet on.”

Christy Taylor of Twin Falls said she was at home at 8:15 p.m. when she heard a loud rumble and what sounded like something falling on her roof. Taylor said she lives south of the College of Southern Idaho.
“I assumed it was a sonic boom because the ground didn't really shake much ... sounded like it was coming from above,” Taylor wrote in an email. “I was in a tiny earthquake in Ohio once, and it felt like the ground was moving like you were sitting on a wiggly bench that someone was moving back and forth. Last night was just really loud like thunder with a tiny little rumble.”

NWS: Quake-like movement in Twin Falls 'unexplained'

Posted on September 24, 2013 at 10:12 AM
Updated yesterday at 1:15 PM
TWIN FALLS -- After checking with multiple government agencies about a possible earthquake in the Twin Falls area on Monday night, all are at a loss for words and told KTVB they don't have any information or evidence of a quake.
KTVB received multiple email tips, calls, and Facebook posts concerning an earthquake-type movement they felt at around 8:30 p.m. Viewers from Twin Falls, all the way through Filer and Buhl told KTVB they felt something rumble.
Twin Falls County Emergency Services Director Jackie Frey told KTVB that she never received any reports yesterday about possible movement in or around her county. But she mentioned that she was home at that specific time and felt a rumble in her own house, a rumble that shook her china cupboard.
"We don't know what it was," said Frey. "We definitely felt something."
After checking with United States Geological Survey and Idaho's Bureau of Homeland Security, all said no reports were made and nothing was shown on their end.
Warning Coordination Meteorologist Jay Breidenbach, from the National Weather Service office in Boise told KTVB that the closest movement to Twin Falls County was a small earthquake in Yellowstone National Park.
Breidenbach said the quake was a magnitude 2.8 and would not have been felt in Twin Falls or any of the outskirts. He also said he never received any earthquake reports for Idaho and that for now, he'll refer to it as "unexplained" movement.
Mountain Home Air Force Base also told KTVB they did not have any activity or training at Saylor Creek Range on September 23rd.

Not related, but the most interesting thing that happened in Twin Falls this year: 

Here she comes boys!

published on Apr 12, 2013 by SewerRatID
I happened to be on a job right beside a lateral for the Twin Falls Canal Company system in southern Idaho working when I heard a noise and looked behind me and saw the water coming. It will run continuously for about 5 months before being turned off for winter.

Contributing sources:;postID=7005082347894734698

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1 comment:

  1. Can you say " nuclear tipped bunker buster testing " ?

    Then again. maybe its just more weird fallout from fracking .

    I'D be more worried about accidentally setting off that monster under Yellowstone , a volcano which could blow a hole in the Western U.S. the size of the Gulf of Mexico and not give a moment's warning. . .


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