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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Planet X Nibiru Crop Circles Tell Arrival Date

 First Published on Jun 23, 2015
CHECK UPDATES Crop Circles Decoded & Tell the PLANET X - Nibiru Arrival Date - Nibiru Planet X Timeline , This is SUPERB and A MUST WATCH Produced by Anu Proph this excellent Presentation shows what all these years the crop circles have been Warning us.

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I thank Anu for the mass of work and being so skilful in this presentation as i rate amongst the slickest video and technical skill production i have ever seen on Planet X. so thanks again Anu and PEOPLE Sub him here ---

As he is working on more Decodings !! I for one wait eagerly.

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"Finding The Balance"-"Full On"-"HitMan"-"Arcane"-"Redletter"-"Undaunted" by Kevin Macloud

Do The Leaders have a Genius like “Anu” on their team? as this timeline is near our own other predictions but earlier than we figured and ties in with all the world Leaders preparing for something? Is this what they have also known all along?

Planet X - Announced by NASA?

Planet Nine - Tilts the Sun!

Contributing sources:

Planet X Nibiru Crop Circles Tell Arrival Date & Its Not Good News | Space:

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