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Wednesday, August 10, 2016



A lesson on islam 

What Russia has done to control the muslim terrorism
What America has to keep in mind is that it is Wash DC that is PURPOSELY BRINGING IN the muslim terrorists for the distinct PURPOSE of internal civil war - whereas Russia is NOT and is EXPELLING THEM

29 July 2016
Like many of you I, too, have been fascinated this past week with Donald Trump’s open embrace of Russia, especially President Putin as it regards Hillary Clinton’s emails—if for no other reason then it makes a great spectacle.  What is more intriguing about Trump’s affection for Putin, at least to me, is how it pertains to Islamic terrorism—and that Putin figured out how to stop it in Russia, and may be the reason that Trump isn’t going to tell anyone how he’s going to stop ISIS.

To understand fully how Putin stopped Islamic terrorism in Russia, you must first remember some American history from the last time the US had to deal with “terrorists”—and it was a terrorist force so fearsome it took the US Army nearly 40 years to defeat them and, before that, neither the Spanish nor the Mexicans even came close in 190 years! This 'terrorist' force was called Indians, and the worst of the lot were called Apaches—and that took the full weight and might of the entire US military to finally defeat even though there was only fighter left named Geronimo.

Now the reason that neither the Spanish nor Mexicans could defeat these “terrorists” and the US military had to resort to outright genocide against their main food source (bison’s) and then the Indian’s themselves lies in none of them understanding that they weren’t fighting against an ideology.  Rather they were pitted against tribes and clans whose rules and customs were foreign and not easily understood. The most important of the rules of these Indian clans and tribes lived by involved conflict resolution or, in Western terms, war—and that called for a blood price to be paid when someone was killed no matter what the reason.  That’s the reason that the Indians never fought a lot of wars among one another.  It was just too expensive.

If you think that the North American Indians had a monopoly on the paying of a blood price for those members of their tribes or clans who were killed, you’d be wrong!  Because right here in the 21stCentury we have tribes and clans calling themselves Shiite and Sunni Muslims who not only live by this ancient code, they will fight to death, even forever, if they don’t get paid for what they are owed.
The Muslim peoples call their blood price code Diyya and, though it takes many forms among the various tribes and clans of these people, it’s the same system they’ve used for centuries—and those who fail to understand it pay dearly for their ignorance.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s, the Western backed Russian government of President Boris Yeltsin began to find this out first hand in what is now called the First Chechen War. This war involved a number of muslim clans and tribes in Russia attempting to form their own country, to which Russia said 'No'.

Though the First Chechen War ended in a decisive defeat of these muslim tribes and clans by the Russian military, up until 1999 they kept committing acts of terror throughout all of the country leading to the Second Chechen War—and that’s when Putin took power and said “no more”.   What Putin did first was to send the Russian military into Chechnya, surround the capital city of Grozny, told everyone who wanted to leave to go, and then he leveled the place. 

Grozny at the end of Second Chechen War

What Putin did next wasn’t in anybody’s playbook, though.  He had his military commander’s meet with every leader of every muslim clan and tribe, paid for the deaths of every single rebel/terrorist killed, paid for the lives of all civilians killed to their proper clan or tribe, re-established the ancient boundaries for all of these clans and tribes, and then rebuilt everything!   

Grozny in 2016

Over these past 16 years, very few terrorist incidents have originated from this region as the muslim clans and tribes like their peace rather than war—and, to this very date, only one American military figure has bothered to study it—his name was General David Petraeus.  In the early 2000’s, General Petraeus worked side by side with some Russian commanders in Bosnia and Herzegovina where he learned what Putin had done in Chechnya to stop Islamic terrorism—and in 2007 he used these same tactics among the clans and tribes in Iraq in what is now called “The Surge”—which nearly brought peace before president Obama ended the practice of the US military paying Diyya. General Petraeus wasn’t through, though, and when he took over in Afghanistan in 2010 he began the practice of Diyya again, but it only lasted a year before Obama fired him and then later charged him with a made up crime. 

Even to this very day in Syria, Russian paymasters work with the Syrian government to pay for every single death their bombings cause, even the terrorist ones, and pay immediately for all property and innocent civilians who are killed, too—and unlike the US and NATO, Russia is not only free from Islamic terror attacks, there isn’t a single muslim clan or tribe that will threaten one. (ISIS - U.S.A. CIA creation - being the exception.)

In the US, the media called General Petraeus’s use of Putin’s tactics to make peace with muslim clans and tribes a “surge of bribes”, while at the same time missing the point—it worked!  So, finally, and if I had to make an educated guess, Trump’s plan to deal with ISIS and the Middle East is going to be like Putin’s—go in and smash everything up, have all of the muslim clans and tribes stand in line for blood money payments to settle the score once and for all, and then leave to “Make America Great Again” instead of spending another penny, or drop of American blood, ever again in that troubled region. 

If I’m wrong, or Hillary Clinton gets 'elected' (??!! God forbid), get ready for another century of terrorism.

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