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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Chelsea informs her mother

Hillary made a rather strange claim recently. She said that she first learned of Zika from her daughter, Chelsea.
“I first learned about Zika last December. My daughter, who has a PhD in public health, is the first one who said ‘this is a very serious problem,” Hillary claimed in a recent campaign stop.
Doesn’t Clinton read a newspaper or watch TV? Maybe she’s not as informed as someone who is running for President should be. What a sheltered life she’s leading if she credits her daughter Chelsea for being the one to inform her of the potential of the Zika virus to be a serious problem. 
Nothing wrong with a daughter helping her mother out, however, In this case it would be to Clinton's benefit if she didn't let it out to the public that she personally is clueless and incapable of keeping herself up-to-date with what's going on, instead relying on a family member. You'd think with all the 'Clinton Cash' she could afford many good advisors working full time. 

Angry Patriot reports:
What earth-shattering thing did the former first daughter do to figure out Zika was going to be a threat?  She was certainly not the first, but evidently the first to inform Hillary.
Clinton's latest bizarre claim must have been uttered on a bad day—either that or she truly believes the American people are complete idiots. Wait, wasn’t the Internet invented by another Democrat, Al Gore? Dems make up their own facts! 
Her health has been apparently deteriorating in the past few years. It has been suggested that she has Parkinson’s disease among other things. The Clintons have publicly discussed Hillary’s concussion and the clot on her brain along with the trouble she had recovering from it. She has episodes where she becomes very confused and disoriented. They appear to be 'Jacksonian seizures' where she shifts into an automatic mode, not really thinking clearly with strange movements and expressions, especially when startled.  
Occasionally, these episodes or “short circuits” happen in public but they are largely ignored by her adoring public who don't want to believe that she could be incompetent. Did Hillary Clinton just “short circuit” again? The career politician has a tenuous relationship with the truth on a good day. It’s getting hard to tell when she’s having a brain hiccup or just lying. They all seem to blend together seamlessly. Makes for poor judgement and carelessness, short temper, overwhelming inappropriate laughter at the wrong times."I came, I saw, they died. Hahahahahahah", she exclaimed in a television interview.
Has Chelsea figured out yet who Webster Hubbell is?  Being involved with 'public health' she needs to research her DNA. Even after some plastic surgery, she still resembles him. No fault of hers, but sad. See:   

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