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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Stairs are out to get Hillary

Hillary's back
Pacemaker and Catheter?
Notice the Handler, a Retired Marine Medic
Hillary Clinton catheter
Catheter line and Hyped on Uppers?

You are not alone in your concerns about  Clinton's health issues!
Hillary Clinton is neither morally, physically or mentally fit for the Presidency, Her campaign is trying to hide what we all know out here in the real world; that something is horribly wrong with her concerning seizures, and trouble walking, falling, coughing and standing. I know that you people in the press must follow the status quo or face a crushed wind pipe, or being shot in the back like Seth Rich, or committing suicide due to two gunshot wounds to the temple. Please get on the right side of history and help save what's left of this nation. Please follow up on this medical file below.
Thanks Vic
(A concerned citizen)
R Dub
Hillary Clinton’s original diagnosis: (Transcribed from YOU TUBE video)
Mount. Kisco Medical Group
90 S. Bedford Road
Mount Kisco, NY 10549
PATIENT: Rodham Clinton, Hillary SSN: (Blacked-Out)
DOB: 10/26/1947 ACCOUNT: (Blacked-Out)
OFFICE VISIT: 20 March 2015
PRESENT COMPLAINT: Dizziness, fatigue, mini seizures, Memory loss
INTERIM MEDICAL HISTORY: Patient returns for checkup. Patient has been diagnosed with having complex partial seizures and sub cordial Vascular Dementia. Patient is being treated with both an anticoagulant and anti-seizure medications.
MEDICAL EXPLANATION: Patient is starting to become more depressed and frustrated about her medical condition and the way it’s affecting her life. She states she has been experiencing more frequent mini seizures causing her to black out for short periods at a time.
DIAGNOSIS: Complex Partial Seizures, Sub cordial Vascular Dementia.
IMPRESSION/PLAN: The patient and I discussed at length her treatment plan and we elected to raise the dosage on her antidepressants and anxiety medication. She advised me of her future plans and I advised her to travel with a medical team.
Lisa R. Bardack, M.D.

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        The Clinton campaign scrubs the INTERNET as soon as something unfavorable is unleashed on Hillery's unhealthy AZZ! And my post is as honest, and accurate as anything CNN puts out. And further more:
        The Clintons made Dr. Bardack an offer she could not refuse: Crushed windpipe, Shot twice in the back at 4:00 AM leaving a bar and NOT be robbed, and the garden variety suicide featuring 2 gunshot wound in the temple! See how simple that was! Any diagnosis you want on the spot! Or any lie the bully Clinton's want their victim to put forth! And you should do something about those injured knuckles yours! (Call Dr. Bardack today, and get any diagnosis/lie you may need if you're running for public office!

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