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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jacksonian Seizures-Bizarre Behaviour

A disturbing picture of bizarre psychotic episodes!

Why does she refuse to give press conferences? 

Is it because she knows she can't handle them?

Cognitive impairment, stress triggers the seizures. 
Psychopathological behaviour, autism, brain damage, aftermath of long- term drug abuse?
No empathy, emotional illiteracy, power driven imbalance. Freakish laughter. Angry outbursts, Memory blanks. 

Dissociative disorder (multiple personality syndrome) may explain why she looks like different people so often. 

"I Asked for Decaf so You&... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Greatest Faces Hillary Clinton Has Ever Made"Aww Hell Nah!" Hillar... is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The Greatest Faces Hillary Clinton Has Ever Made

Young woman has mini-seizures with cam on.

Comment in YouTube:
I think she means she has a derealization episode.... I have those and sometimes it is a common anomaly with epileptics... they are not a seizure in the sense that you lose consciousness (at least not in my case) but you are very distracted and on edge. This includes not thinking straight etc. I am not sure it the feeling of distraction is the episode or more from the fear of the fact those are often the premonition of a real seizure. I have also had episodes with "false memories" you will swear they were real usually these happen when I am really tired (and in bed) or I am about to or just had a seizure. aka wikipedia: "In simple partial seizures a small part of one of the lobes may be affected and the person remains conscious. This will often be a precursor to a larger seizure such as a complex partial seizure. When this is the case, the simple partial seizure is usually called an aura." the area of my brain that the seizures comes from happens to relate to Fear.... what luck... I have not had anything other than an aura in years. Eventhe auras are less common.

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