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Friday, September 18, 2015

Planned Refugee False Flag-Happening Now

Published on Sep 8, 2015
This Refugee crisis is just another phase of the plan. this crisis has been engineered planned out and even talked about well before hand! I believe there are all ready jihadis or sleeper cells in place but this is the perfect plan to destabilize nations by over loading them and also provides cover to many more terrorists that are undoubtably exploiting this planned crisis if you believe that these terrorists haven't received outside training funding weapons and protection you can either go back to sleep or start to warn others of whats coming! THIS IS A FALSE FLAG!!!

The Muslim Refugee Trojan Horse Will Soon Burn Europe to the Ground ...More
Hijrah, or jihad by emigration, is, according to Islamic tradition, the migration or journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622 CE. It was after the hijrah that Muhammad for the first time became not just a preacher of religious ideas, but a political and military leader. That was what occasioned his new “revelations” exhorting his followers to commit violence against unbelievers. Significantly, the Islamic calendar counts the hijrah, not Muhammad’s birth or the occasion of his first “revelation,” as the beginning of Islam, implying that Islam is not fully itself without a political and military component.
To emigrate in the cause of Allah – that is, to move to a new land in order to bring Islam there, is considered in Islam to be a highly meritorious act. “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance,” says the Qur’an. “And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.” (4:100) The exalted status of such emigrants led a British jihad group that won notoriety (and a shutdown by the government) a few years ago for celebrating 9/11 to call itself Al-Muhajiroun: The Emigrants.
The media and globalist propaganda machines are working overtime in an attempt to sell the invasion of Europe as a humanitarian crisis circling hungry women and children fleeing Syria. But here’s the problem, only half of the hundreds of thousands storming Europe are from Syria. And here’s the real whopper of the story. Nearly 75% of those flooding Europe are men.
Of the 366,402 refugees who arrived by crossing the Mediterrean Sea so far in this year, 51 percent — 186,865 — have been Syrian, up 5 percent fromlast month. Far behind at 12 percent are Afghans, and ranking third are Eritreans at 8 percent. The remaining 29 percent included refugees from Nigeria, Iraq, Sudan and Somalia.
Of the European host countries, Greece takes on most of the arrivals, with 244,855 so far this year, followed by Italy, receiving 115,000. In total, 75 percent of the refugees are reported to be men, 12 percent women and 13 percent children.
Seriously. What? Did they just leave their wives and children in the war zones? Did civil war break out in their countries and the men fled over fighting?
In virtually every society in history men take up arms and fight when push comes to shove. The women and children are always put in life boats.
So what makes this scenario different? Why are those invading Europe’s shores primarily Muslim men? Half of whom aren’t even from Syria?
It’s simple. The “refugee crisis” is merely a tool for Jihad. Never let a good crisis go to waste, say the Democrats in American politics. And Muslims are using this one in a historic way.
But to what end? Well, if we’re to take ISIS for their word, this is all designed to enable Jihadists to infiltrate the west, help bring about the collapse of the west and establish a global caliphate.
An ISIS smuggler in Syria claims 4,000 trained ISIS gunmen are already quietly living in the west.
The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.
The ISIS smuggler, who is in his thirties and is described as having a trimmed jet-black beard, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success.
“Just wait,” he smiled.

Published on Sep 2, 2015
Humanitarian Catastrophe as refugees flood into Europe.
EUROPE receives a "TROJAN HORSE" The Disguised ASYLUM
REFUGEES. Some of the REFUGEES seeking ASYLUM in Europe are believed to be "Muslim Extremists" posing as Migrants.
- Greek Coast Guard Seizes Ship Smuggling Ammunition into EUROPE as "MUSLIM EXTREMIST" enter EU posing as
Syrian REFUGEES. (Link 1 below)
- This was the way the Greeks won over the Trojans. They offered their enemy the gift of the TROJAN HORSE in which the Greek warriors were hiding and gained access into the Trojan walls. Traditional dating: c. 1194–1184 BC. (Link 2)
1) 1) ISIS Weapons In Europe? Greek Coast Guard Seizes Islamic State Ship Smuggling Ammunition, IB Times, Sept. 1, 2015.
2) Trojan Horse - Wikipedia Images Public Domain
3) Trojan war - Wikipedia
4) Hellenic Coast Guard (Greek) - Wikipedia images public domain
5) Greek island Region - Wikimedia commons images
6) ISIS Wikimedia commons images
7) Thumbnail image - Wikimedia commons image public domain
TROJAN HORSE from movie "TROY" – Çanakkale, Turkey.
8) ISIS entering EU as refugees.
9) Music - Youtube Audio Library
"Ambient Ambulance" MP3

Muslim Refugees Invading Europe But Not Muslim Countries
Published on Sep 5, 2015
Muslim Refugees Invading Europe But Not Muslim Countries

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islam is the cause of this, let islam deal with the consequences.

this argument makes a lot of sense,

+1967SuperG Countries like Russia, Iran,USA,France,GCC, Turkey are the cause of this .

This is the end of Europe. civil war will take place 15-25 years from now.

+Steve R. You're an optimist Steve I'd give it 3. 

+MrAntiFarLeft 15-25 years? no way, 5-10 !!! this shit hole MOB is multiplying like rats

this government is not stupid they r evil.. they r destroying this great nation on purpose


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