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Friday, September 04, 2015

" Miracle Tree"

Today, shopping at a thrift store looking for a particular piece  of Corning Ware (yes they do break!), I had such serendipity, that it seemed to be Divine Guidance, which once in a while we are all blessed with - and hopefully pay attention to.  

No, I didn't find Corning Ware, but I did find a Revere Ware pan with lid,  a piece that I didn't have.  Plus a super-duper black Mr. Coffee coffee grinder, a perfect match to my super-duper Mr. Coffee coffee brewer.  I really think the grinder should be 'Mrs.' Coffee, as it is a bit smaller and more shapely, and has more jewels. 

 I also bought a hardcover book by Johnny Cash, "The Man in White" about the Apostle Paul.  Being as Roy loves both of these guys, I got it for him.  I just might enjoy it myself.  While he's reading that, I'll be reading David Baldacci's "The Hours", then I'm sure Roy will want to read it after me. But, I digress. 

First such an interesting encounter at the shelf where electronic kitchen gadgets were located! A woman had just picked up a weird looking yellowish beige pitcher type gadget by Krups, and asked me, in Spanish, did I know what that was. Happy to have an opportunity to practice another language, we entered into conversation. I was really curious myself about this thing, so I pulled out my smart phone, and checked it with Google Goggles, which scanned the thingy and analysed it, bringing up several links describing it.  Seems this thing is an electronic wine aerator, which if you pour your wine in it, it will infuse it with bubbles, increasing the goodness of wine's taste, in much less time than if you just 'decant' it into another decanter.  Hmmm..  Well, my wine cellar is totally depleted at the moment, so I wasn't tempted.  Thank goodness, because I wouldn't have a spot for it!  And the color wasn't compatible with my black, white, chrome and red accented kitchen. The Spanish speaking woman was so excited by my Google app, Google Goggles.  She said she didn't have Google, and showed me her phone.  Yes, she had Google, and didn't know it, so I showed her how to get it in her phone.  She was so delighted - I felt so good to be sharing some little something with someone that would delight a person and see it on her face.   

Unfortunately doing a search for images for the ugly Krups, I couldn't find any.  They were mostly beautiful. 


But the really "Divine Guidance" part, although I'm divinely fond of these above finds, is that I met another remarkable woman. She gave me more delight than I gave the prior woman.  Her name is Joy, quite fitting, I would say. She had left her cart at the end of a long check-out line and everybody was going around it, so I started to also. But she called from behind me, saying, "I'm right here, coming!"  I stepped aside to give her her rightful place in line, and we smiled at each other. But then, she looked at how few things I had in my cart so she offered to let me go ahead.  I was grateful, as I was running late getting home from my errands and thanked her, telling her that indeed, I needed to hurry as my husband would probably be worried that I was out so much later than he thought I'd be.  She said, "Of course, go ahead, as I don't have anybody waiting for me at home." She was speaking with a lovely Jamaican accent, and seemed so warm. I showed her a beautiful long sleeved East Indian styled silk jacket/blouse, in soft gold color with a few sequins in the front.  We both really admired it.  I tried it on over my clothes there, and found that it was just too small for me.  (I guess my self image has shrunk).  I offered it to her, and she tried it on.. it looked great on her! Especially the color which matched her golden skin, and light brown hair with gold highlights.  Was she excited! 

I noticed that beautiful silk garment looked perfectly lovely with the large golden cross she had on, and I remarked how lovely that cross was.  It was, indeed.  Especially the significance at this time of dire straits all over the world.  We need all the prayer reminders we can engender. Joy told me that her son had given it to her - on his 18th birthday, which was also his day of graduation from high school. I remarked that it must have been a gift to express his gratitude for her raising him so well. and she said it was - that her son recognised that it had been difficult for her, as she was a single mom for years.  God bless him!

Being as I was a bit disappointed that I'm not as small around as I'd thought she asked if I went to a gym to exercise, so I told her that my husband is my personal trainer, but that he had been very ill with serious heart problems for a year or so, and we hadn't been doing much exercise lately.  Then she asked had I tried alternative healing treatments, and I said, "Oh yes, I believe in them very much, that I'm an Acupuncture Physician, a CNC, and a Traditional Chinese Herbalist, and my husband is an LMT, and my daughter Lorrie is a very holistic RN. Also my son Bruce next door is an LMT, too, and he and his girlfriend Cherie are also very alternatively health conscious so we are all very interested in doing as much as we can for our health by natural means if at all possible.  So, she said, "Had I ever heard of the 'Moringa Tree' ?"  This is no coincidence!  My son's girlfriend had just mentioned it to me yesterday, and somehow I had also read about it in a health bulletin that I subscribe to.  We were both very anxious to get a tree for our backyards!  Well, Joy said that she had some dried moringa leaves in a big bag in her car and would give me some!  She did, and she even told me how to make tea with it.  "Take a handful, wash it, and put it into water which just reached the boiling stage, and steep it overnight."  She has grown a little plant into a big bush, in a pot on her patio!  Oh I want one, too!

Joy and I exchanged telephone numbers.  She will find out where she bought the little plant a few months ago somewhere in Homestead, Florida, just a little south of here, and call to tell me.  My son's girlfriend Cherie works in Homestead, and she wants a tree too, so she can bring a couple home from the nursery in her truck!   

Divine guidance is awesome.  It pays to be open to it.  And happily grateful.

Doing some research online, I found a few gems about the Moringa Tree, also called the "Miracle Tree" ~ Here's just a few:

Grows into a tree in temperate and tropical climates in as little as 65 days!

Has all eight essential amino acids!
High in vitamins and minerals.

Every part - bark, roots, fruit, leaves, stems is edible and each has a separate,  nutritive and healing property!

Lowers high blood pressure.

Helps in blood flow.

Helps in cellular repair. 

Is a 'superfood' - (Joy told me that a particular tribe in Africa had run out of food, and subsisted healthily on just this plant for almost a year till their crops increased!) Can be eaten raw, in teas, or cooked as a vegetable.  (Joy says just sprinkle it on other foods for extra nutrition - salads, potatoes, ice cream.  Ice cream? Wow.)

Gives you even energy and stamina.

Well here are some enlightening links to explore for your natural medicine cabinet!~

Good ol' Dr. Oz re Moringa   Cached
(NaturalNews) Often referred to as the "miracle tree" because of its uniquely diverse array of nutritional, medicinal, and purifying properties, Moringa oleifera is a ...

Moringa  in Amazon, powder and capsules:

Organic Moringa Leaf Powder - FREEZE DRIED (16 Ounce - 1 Lb). 100% Pure and Natural Raw Organic Super Food Supplement. Non GMO. Gluten FREE. US FDA Registered Facility. ★ USDA Certified Organic ★ ALL NATURAL!   Cached
Moringa For Diabetes Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where the human body does not produce or properly uses insulin, a hormone that is required to convert sugar ...

  1.  › Home  › Herbs and spice
    Moringa tree leaves is one of the most important medicinal plant on earth. It is capable of treating more than 300 diseases. The powdered form of the leaf is used for ...

  2.   Cached
    Nov 12, 2014 · Now that moringa is emerging as a popular supplement for health enhancement, the science on this plant is accelerating. The glucose-modifying, anti ...

  3.   Cached
    Health benefits of moringa include relief from stomach disorders, allergies and edema. The antioxidant power of moringa aids in liver protection, diabetes, eye ...

  4. From Chris Kilham, Fox News: 

Also known as drumstick tree or horseradish tree, moringa trees grow quickly, reaching a height of between 15 and 30 feet within just a few years. The leaves, fruit flowers and immature pods of the tree are eaten as nutritious foods. The leaves in particular are consumed either raw in salads, tossed into blender drinks, or steamed like spinach. Rich in protein, beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium and calcium, the leaves make an excellent green vegetable, and are pleasing in flavor.

But beyond the flavor and nutrition, moringa offers healing benefits. Virtually all parts of the plant are used to treat inflammation, infectious disorders, and various problems of the cardiovascular and digestive organs, while improving liver function and enhancing milk flow in nursing mothers. The uses of moringa are well documented in both the Ayurvedic and Unani systems of traditional medicine, among the most ancient healing systems in the world.

Moringa is rich in a variety of health-enhancing compounds, including moringine, moringinine, the potent antioxidants quercetin, kaempferol, rhamnetin, and various polyphenols. The leaves seem to be getting the most market attention, notably for their use in reducing high blood pressure, eliminating water weight, and lowering cholesterol.
Studies show that moringa leaves possess anti-tumor and anti-cancer activities, due in part to a compound called niaziminin. Preliminary experimentation also shows activity against the Epstein-Barr virus. Compounds in the leaf appear to help regulate thyroid function, especially in cases of over-active thyroid. Further research points to anti-viral activity in cases of Herpes simplex 1. 
Now that moringa is emerging as a popular supplement for health enhancement, the science on this plant is accelerating. The glucose-modifying, anti-diabetic effects of moringa may prove of great use amidst a virtual epidemic of Type 2 diabetes and obesity. The liver-protective activities of the leaf and its extracts could make it a staple component of bitters formulas and various cleansing preparations. And ongoing work on the anti-cancer properties of moringa may at some point earn this plant a role in chemotherapy.

In the traditional medicinal systems of many cultures, plants with long uses and benefits remain to be discovered. Moringa oleifera, unknown in the market just ten years ago, is surging into greater popularity due to its multiple health benefits and nutritious value as a food. Also known colloquially as “miracle tree,” moringa is a valuable plant medicine, and deserves a place in the home pharmacy. 
Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter who researches natural remedies all over the world, from the Amazon to Siberia. He teaches ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he is Explorer In Residence. Chris advises herbal, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies and is a regular guest on radio and TV programs worldwide. His field research is largely sponsored by Naturex of Avignon, France. Read more at



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