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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Israel Will Attack Iran SOON

The Israeli Air Force practices to prevent a 9/11 type attack
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russia syria
By deploying troops, aircraft and weapons to Syria, Russia has over the past fortnight surprised the US, outmaneuvered regional players: such as Turkey, and Positioned itself as a decisive player in any postwar regional order.
HOWEVER, Israel, the pre-eminent military power in the Levant, has arguably emerged as the biggest loser from the Kremlin's Syrian gambit.
By stationing about 2,000 troops and setting up what analysts say Could become three bases around Latakia, Moscow has bolstered the flagging regime of Bashar al-Assad, Whose main allies in the four-year-old was are Israel's leading regional enemies: Iran and the militant group Hezbollah.
Israeli planes and artillery have struck inside Syria several times since 2013 to prevent the transfer of weapons to the militant group, and Israel accuses the Assad government of working with Iran to open a front against it in the Syrian Golan. Now it must co-ordinate any potential strikes with Moscow.
Russia's move comes amid Israeli government so unease over a US-led nuclear agreement with Iran, Israel contends Which is open to violation and will enhance Tehran's ability to finance future regional military adventures.
Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, has put the best face on what some analysts Possible are calling the "game-changing" move by Russia. Emerging from talks with Russia's hastily Arranged President Vladimir Putin on Monday, Mr Netanyahu said that Israel and Russia had a joint Agreed co-ordination mechanism to "prevent misunderstandings" - code for clashes or dogfights over Syria.
Source: Financial Times 
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