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Monday, December 08, 2014

Huge Asteroid Heading toward Earth

An Asteroid, the Size of a "Mountain"

asteroid swing by earth tonight scientists say asteroid could hit ...

SECOND TRUMPET, "The Burning Mountain"

Rev. 8:8-9.

"And the 'SECOND ANGEL' sounded, and as it were a 'GREAT MOUNTAIN' burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea BECAME BLOOD; and the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, DIED; and the third part of the ships were DESTROYED."
As this "MOUNTAIN" is to fall on the sea, and the Judgments poured forth by the "Trumpets" and "Vials" are to fall mainly on that part of the world bordering on the Mediterranean Sea, it is highly probable that the "SEA" here mentioned is the Mediterranean Sea.

Notice that John does not say that it was a "Mountain" that he saw cast into the sea, but that it appeared like a mountain, not a burning volcano, but an immense meteoric mass ablaze with fire. That was as near as John could describe it. The effect of this "burning mass" on the sea, into which it fell, was to turn a third part of the sea into BLOOD.

 If any are disposed to doubt the possibility of such a thing let them turn to the "First Egyptian Plague" Ex. 7:19-21, and read the account of the turning of the waters of the River Nile into BLOOD. "And all the waters that were in the river were turned to BLOOD. And the fish that was in the river DIED; and the river STANK, and the Egyptians could not drink of the water of the river: and there was BLOOD throughout ALL THE LAND OF EGYPT." 

The only difference between the "First Egyptian Plague," and the effect on the Mediterranean Sea by the falling of a "Meteor" into it at the sounding of the Second Trumpet, will be, that only 1/3 of the sea shall become BLOOD, that where the "Meteor" strikes, and thus only 1/3 of the living creatures in the sea shall DIEOne-third also of the ships shall be DESTROYED, possibly by a tidal wave, or the "Meteor" may fall on a fleet of naval vessels, like the storm that destroyed the Spanish Armada.

Russian  scientist  spies  MOUNTAIN-sized asteroid  heading  our  way

In a video posted online Sunday, astrophysicist Vladimir Lipunov says the newly discovered asteroid could collide with Earth during its three-year orbital cycle. A giant meteor exploded over a Russian city in 2013.

Vladimir Lipunov, a professor at Moscow State University, announced the find in a short documentary, "Asteroid Attack," posted on the website of the Russian Space Agency on Sunday. Mr. Lipunov says the asteroid, which he calculates is 370 meters in diameter, could hit the Earth with an explosion 1,000 times greater than the surprise 2013 impact of a bus-sized meteor in Russia. That object entered Earth’s atmosphere over the city of Chelyabinskresulting in a series of ferocious blasts that blew out windows and damaged buildings for miles around.

A video from the Russian Space Agency looks at a potential collision between Earth and a 'mountain-sized' asteroid.

Published on Dec 5, 2014
Translated to English from Russian:
Recently, with the help of the Russian robotic telescope network astrophysicist, a professor at Moscow State University Vladimir Lipunov detect potentially dangerous asteroid 2014 UR116. Its size is no longer known to earthlings Apophis. However, response, how seriously threatens the Earth asteroid unavailable.Today, scientists around the world are working to develop surveillance systems for space objects that threaten Earth.

The Book of Revelation

by Clarence Larkin


This is the Rev. Clarence Larkin's guide to the Book of Revelation. Larkin, who published several books about biblical studies in the 1910s and 20s, was a 'Dispensationalist,' one of the threads of modern Evangelical Christianity. The predecessor of Larkin is J.N. Darby, the founder of Dispensationalism, and among his many successors are Hal Lindsay, and the Left Behind books.

7 Trumpets of Revelation | The Day Trumpet 2 Hits Earth

Published on Feb 25, 2014 - 7 Trumpets of Revelation | The Day Trumpet 2 Hits Earth

• A 'burning mountain' will be cast into the sea
• 1/3 of the sea will be turned to blood
• 1/3 of all sea life will die
• 1/3 of all ships will be destroyed
• Probation for all is closing
• Yahuwah's last offerings of mercy

In this video:
What will happen when Trumpet 2 Hits Earth!
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For more on the Prophetic Timeline of End-Time Events:

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WorldsLastChance ►

The Bible is our rule of faith and striving to obey the promptings of Yahuwah's Spirit and the teachings of His word inspires us to call attention to its truths. We believe that Yahuwah does indeed reveal Himself to all those who search for Him with all their heart (Jeremiah 29:13).

When Trumpet 2 hits the Earth, a burning Meteor will be cast into the sea. Sea turn into blood, sea life will die, and Mother Tsunami will destroyed 18,000 ship a day. And daily more people will die from hunger and really an indescribable state of panic. when Trumpet 1 hits Earth: trees, grass, crops was destroyed. Food-deficient will be more severe than Trumpet 1, distress of nations call for world leaders meeting. Sign to All people to attract their attention!, to open up their eyes and spiritual ears. Salvation is at hand! Do not harden your heart! Repent and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and you will have the Seal from God who will be protecting you when the 5th Trumpet sounded. Satan and the demons will be released for a while to punish those who don't have the seal of God.( Rev.9:4 )

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    Dec 08, 2014 · There is little indication that this particular asteroid could hit the Earth in the next few decades, though over a much longer period a collision looks ...
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    Russian scientist spies mountain-sized asteroid heading our way In a video posted online Sunday, astrophysicist Vladimir Lipunov says the newly discovered asteroid ...
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      Apr 22, 2014 · CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) - The chance of a city-killing asteroidstriking Earth is higher than scientists previously believed, a non-profit group ...
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      Nov 17, 2014 · If you're the sort of person who worries about asteroids, a new map from NASA's Near Earth Object Program is unlikely to offer much reassurance.

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