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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Direr than usual Headlines

Thanks to Prophecy Keepers Radio* for these heads up! 

"Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society."  – Aristotle
As oil prices plunge, wide-ranging effects for consumers and the global economy
I Asked a Privacy Lawyer What Facebook's New Terms and Conditions Will Mean for You
Over the years, Facebook has slowly expanded its terms and conditions, and last month the company announced that come January 1, 2015 all users will have to agree to new Terms of S​ervice (TOS) or be locked out of the site. Since the social network has roughly 1.32 billion users, that is a BIG deal
FBI warns of 'destructive' malware in wake of Sony attack
Right-Wing Militia Financiers Say Poroshenko's Days Are Numbered
The men behind Ukraine’s nationalist militias say they feel "betrayed" and predict that Poroshenko's government won't last another three months
US fighter pilot killed in F-16 crash in Middle East
The US military says one of its fighter pilots has been killed in an F-16 crash in the Middle East, where US warplanes are conducting airstrikes against the ISIL terrorist group.
World Markets Fall With Oil, Commodities,
China Manufacturing
Stock Markets worldwide suffered losses today as oil and other commodities depreciated on the recent OPEC decision to not cut production and China’s manufacturing activity nearing a halt; while across the ocean, Americans are spending less before Christmas.
Food supplies to Syrian refugees halted as UN's money runs outThe WFP announced on Monday that it could no longer afford the cost of its main project to help the millions of Syrians who have flooded over the country's borders into Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and beyond since the war started three years ago. It had been providing food vouchers to 1.6 million people, and said the consequences of its decision would be "disastrous".
Oil at $40 possible as market transforms Caracas to Iran (Video)Bloomberg - Oil's decline is proving to be the worst since the collapse of the financial system in 2008 and threatening to have the same global impact of falling prices three decades ago that led to the Mexican debt crisis and the end of the Soviet Union. Russia, the world’s largest producer, can no longer rely on the same oil revenues to rescue an economy suffering from European and U.S. sanctions. Iran, also reeling from similar sanctions, will need to reduce subsidies that have partly insulated its growing population.
Federal Shutdown: Will Congress Ruin the Holidays?NBC News - The current government spending bill runs out in less than two weeks — December 11 — and it must be re-upped to prevent another federal shutdown. The good news is that Congress set the deadline with nearly three weeks before December 25, allowing a buffer of negotiating time before Social Security payments are jeopardized and national parks close.

*  PKR=Prophecykeepers Radio and Foundation, a ministry of Oklevueha Native American Church of The White Roots of Peace, a 501(c) Public Foundation and a United Charitable Programs at The White Roots of Peace Council was founded by the late 6 Nations Peacemaker Mad Bear Anderson, Sachem of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. We tell unpopular truths at that others are afraid to tell... and cannot profit from. IF YOU ARE SICK or suffer from STRESS related disease or if you have CANCER or want to avoid contracting it see If you are part Cherokee, or wish to be adopted, register free as a citizen with a Cherokee Nation that is federally recognized by a North American Government at

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