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Monday, December 01, 2014

SIGNS-Earth Changes Everywhere.Floods,Ice Storms,Earthquakes,Meteors

This is last year - This year is worse.

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So November 2014 (9)


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+Hawthorne Sherman illusion* and no... things are progressively getting worse.

Meteor at 9:19 looked really fake for a lot of reasons

Some may dismiss all this a earth business as normal, they are wrong. There is a huge up tick in all kinds of extreme weather and earth extremes phenomena. We are in the crux of a shift in our planets activity and the Solar System as well. Everything is connected and any who say otherwise are just denying the obvious. 
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+Dano Pierce
I agree Dano!
Naysayers abound, regardless of the rhetoric, it's painfully obvious that things have changed, big time in the space of our own history. I do believe, as many others, that we're in for the bumpiest ride in the known history of Mankind.
Wonderful thing is, not to be fearful. There are things we cannot change, this is going to run it's course.
But Death has no sting for a Believer in Jesus Christ.

All the best, during these perilous times, and to your family as well!
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Snowflake Cold

Wheat kill-off in the U.S. heartland from extreme cold during November

2015-2035 Mini Ice Age - Extreme cold in the U.S. heartland where farming takes place 


With 130-year cold sweeping across the USA, temperatures -50F below normal are bound to have an effect on winter wheat seedlings that are just a few inches tall

Temperatures dropped to -26F/-32C, which caused an 8% increase in wheat futures. 

Thanks to David DuByne, who created this video.
"I think the cold will not be the regular interval of Dalton or Maunder Minimum type cold," says David. "I think we may be heading into a 5125-year cold cycle."

Comment: SOTT has been talking about this for quite some time: Fire and Ice: The Day After Tomorrow
Ice Cube

Rare ice storm strikes Waldviertel in Austria

© APA/FF Ottenschlag/Fichtinger
Firefighters preventing a tree from damaging a power line.
The fire service was called out more than 200 times over the weekend in the district of Zwettl (Lower Austria) as a rare ice storm hit the region, bringing chaos with layers of frozen ice in trees. 

Rivers of Mud Sweep Through Morocco in Deadly Flooding

Days of heavy rain in Morocco, which began Nov. 20 but intensified over the weekend, have turned dry riverbeds into raging rivers, leaving dozens dead.

At least 32 people were killed and dozens of homes were swept into the torrents, the Interior Ministry said Monday. Video purportedly taken in Tantan, located in south of the city of Guelmin, shows a raging river of mud bursting through the city.

The southern part of the country was especially hard hit, with 24 people reported dead in Guelmin. Several bodies were pulled from the Oued Talmaadart, which is normally a dry riverbed.

The world is crazy- rain in southern Morocco!

Buried Under Snow, Buffalo, NY, Braces for High Winds

Bizarro Earth

UN agency declares emergency due to severe flooding in Gaza

© UNRWA Archives/Ahmad Awad
A flooded street in Gaza
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza, has declared an emergency in Gaza City, following extreme weather and severe flooding over the past 48 hours exacerbating the already poor humanitarian situation in the enclave, which is dealing with the aftermath of a last summer's conflict, and an acute fuel and energy crisis.

"We are particularly concerned for those families still seeking adequate shelter and preparing for the winter months, and for the impact the flooding is already having on children unable to attend school," said UNRWA's Director of Operations Robert Turner in Gaza on Thursday.

No casualties or injuries have been reported, but hundreds of residents in the flooded areas around the Sheikh Radwan storm water lagoon have evacuated their homes. One UNRWA school and an UNRWA Collective Centre in Gaza City have been affected by the rising waters.

The Agency has established an Area Emergency Operations room in Gaza City following contingency planning undertaken last week. As the largest UN agency in the Gaza Strip, UNRWA supplies emergency fuel to municipalities, water, sanitation and health facilities, partially through the WASH and Health clusters led by UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
Bizarro Earth

Southern France recovers from the worst flooding it's seen in years

As southern France recovers from the worst flooding it's seen in yearsThe Localtakes a look at some of the most shocking images of the damage done by the forces of nature. The latest victim was a 73-year-old man who died of heart failure in Rivesaltes, in the Pyrenees-Orientales region, when trying to force his car through a big dip in a road that was flooded.

Along the banks of the Agly river in the same region, some 2,800 people had been evacuated by late afternoon Sunday, the government office there said. The flooding was considered already more serious than deadly overflows in 1999 and "we are evacuating residents within 200 metres (yards) of either side of the river," the government said.

The prime minister's office dubbed the flooding "exceptional" in a statement but said "the situation is under control."
Bizarro Earth

4.7 magnitude earthquake strikes near Sedona, Arizona

Despite some rock falls, there appear to be no injuries due to Sunday night's earthquake. According to the US National Weather Service, "An earthquake just hit northern Arizona this evening Nov 30th at 10:57pm. The magnitude as reported by the USGS was 4.7 on the Richter Scale.

The location was near the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon 12 km north of Sedona. Multiple reports of this earthquake were received in Flagstaff, Sedona and Camp Verde this evening." Rock falls have been reported along 89A near the epicenter. ADOT crews worked to remove the rock and debris overnight from the roadways. Drive carefully!

Here is the information from the USGS website
Bizarro Earth

USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 4.7 12km N of Sedona, Arizona

Event Time:
2014-12-01 05:57:38 UTC
2014-11-30 22:57:38 UTC-07:00 at epicenter

34.977°N 111.740°W depth=10.2km (6.4mi)

Nearby Cities:
12km (7mi) N of Sedona, Arizona
13km (8mi) NNE of West Sedona, Arizona
25km (16mi) SSW of Flagstaff, Arizona
36km (22mi) NE of Cottonwood, Arizona
172km (107mi) N of Phoenix, Arizona

USGS data

Arctic snowy owls may be preparing for another irruption into the U.S.

© Sean Simmers
A snowy owl sits in the grass in a courtyard at Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill.
Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill was visited Tuesday by a snowy owl, one of several of the Arctic birds that have shown up in Pennsylvania in recent days.The large, mostly white birds may be the precursors of a repeat of last winter's mass invasion into Pennsylvania and several other states.

Scott Weidensaul, one of the owl researchers who organized the Project SNOWStorm banding and radio-tracking effort in response to last winter's record-setting irruption by snowies, said already this year owls have been spotted in the Gratz Valley of northern Dauphin County, near Morgantown in Berks County, on Presque Isle in Lake Erie and "a bunch on the coast."

Dozens of additional snowy owls have been reported throughout the Northeast, around the Great Lakes, and as far south as Illinois and Maryland.

2 Rare Arctic ross's geese turn up in Hardeeville, South Carolina

© Carol Clemens
DA Ross's Goose photographed in the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge
When avid birdwatcher Carol Clemens had a chance to see a rare species -- one that usually migrates only along the West Coast -- just 45 minutes from her Hilton Head Island home, she couldn't pass it up.

A Ross's goose, similar to but smaller than a snow goose, had been spotted in the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge near Hardeeville, and Clemens hopped in her car almost as soon as she heard.

"This bird is so unusual that if I hadn't called my friend to go out and see it, then it would have been a lost opportunity," said Clemens, membership co-chairwoman of the Hilton Head Island Audubon Society.

"We were hoping to get a glimpse of the goose, but thought that it would be just a white speck on the horizon," she added. "But then we got almost 10 feet away and could really admire it."

Sadly, the visit by both the goose and its apparent companion proved short-lived -- both have been found dead, within about 10 days of their arrival, according to refuge spokeswoman Monica Harris.

The first goose is believed to have been killed last week by a bobcat, Harris said. The second was found dead Monday morning, though the cause is not yet known.
Snowflake Cold

30 Kemp's ridley sea turtles suffering from hypothermia taken from Cape Cod to the Florida Keys

© Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau/HO
Bette Zirkelbach checks a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle’s heart rate Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014, at the Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Fla.
The Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital is caring and warming up 30 Kemp's ridley sea turtles suffering from hypothermia just days after they were rescued from a frigid beach on Cape Cod Bay, Mass. On Wednesday, each cold-stunned turtle had a full physical examination, X-rays, a swimming test and was administered intravenous fluids and Vitamin D, according to Bette Zirkelbach, the hospital's manager

"We're trying to slowly raise their body temperatures," Zirkelbach said. "We're hoping they will get healthy enough so they can be released."Zirkelbach said some of the turtles have secondary issues including head trauma and pneumonia.

The 30 are a portion of 193 flown to Orlando in banana boxes by the U.S. Coast Guard Tuesday evening with the balance going to four other Florida-based marine animal rehabilitation centers.

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