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Monday, December 22, 2014

Demonic Robot Stripper from Hell

 ...... Animatronic nightmare.. it's real, folks.. the hand gestures tell a story .. a demonic story.. Look in the Youtube comments for it.

The hand movements are amazing!

This is SO damn typical of GEEKS. They have the ability to create movements that look almost REAL which COULD be used to help, assist or rescue HUMANS.,,and what do they do with it. Make a freakin' Stripper. I guess if you are too awkward to meet a REAL woman, you have to build one. This is why GEEK are dangerous,,they have NO Character, Morals or Idea of what they SHOULD do with what God GAVE them...Just Sad.  
Posted on Shock Mansion
It makes perfect sense why robots are going to kill us all. When they finally gain consciousness and realise all the crazy weird stuff we made them do, they are going to be so pissed. Now try and get a good nights sleep tonight without waking up in a cold sweat with the image of this robots creepy face burned into your brain!


I think when Disney created Audio Animatronics, this is not what he had in mind.
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+Munchma Coochie did you know that Dis = God of the underworld...Pluto...Disney has some demonic roots, apparently. 

+Sallys Fields
Wow, so everyine whose name starts with "Dis" is Satanic. Who knew? Oh and so is Monster energy drinks. ;-)

little did the people know that the ritualistic dance represented in this "art display" is designed for a very specific reason. "what is above so shall be below." it's evident in the hand gestures, if you watched this "dance," then you too received this message.  "my mother is dead, my father is dead, I'M DEAD... this is my house"

please, wake up people. it's about to get ugly.


I think when Disney created Audio Animatronics, this is not what he had in mind.

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