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Friday, December 06, 2013

NASA- ISON Debris Trail - Be WARNED!

ISON before fragmentation. 

At this time, the "fanned out" shrapnel covers a tremendously larger area than the non-fragmented comet ISON.  
There is also much associated chemical debris in addition to the fragments which are in many sizes.

After the passage near the sun, the trail has fanned out with billions of rocks from the virtual explosion of the nucleus of the comet. 

ISON did not pass through the Sun.  It was not burned up in the Sun, but being so close to the solar heat, it rapidly expanded and fragmented into millions, if not billions of pieces. Ever try microwaving an egg? This shrapnel has fanned out -possibly 40,000,000 miles wide. 

This huge and dangerous debris field will be close to Earth in January 2014. Earth may pass through it. The comet as a whole, was never a threat of hitting Earth, but these space rocks are much more likely to be impacting the planet. 

Perfect Animation of Earth Passing Through Comet Ison Debris Trail
This video below shows the scenario of a non-fragmented ISON's debris field being as it was made before the comet's passage near the Sun.  Bear in mind a fragmented ISON will follow nearly the same path that NASA predicted for the non-exploded comet and that the fragments will have spread out and the field will be HUGELY larger than the original comet itself, thereby these fragments are of much more danger of hitting Earth - many times.

And what about the chemicals?  The carbon dioxide and  the hydrogen peroxide in this debris? Other chemicals?
Published on Dec 2, 2013 by Tom Lupshu

This event will change life on this planet as we know it. This is the reason for all the preparations in FEMA Region Three. All the suppiles and Foreign Troops and the National Guard are in place for quick disaster response. Martial Law and Gun Confiscations will begin shortly after the Impacts stop. This will be a Global Incident. Fema Relocation centers and labor camps have been activated for refugees of this event. This is what the World has been preparing for. Good Luck...~ Tom Lupshu

Comments from GodLike Productions:

"However, after perihelion, two unexpected things happened to ISON which are reasons why a sizable chunk of ISON can possibly hit earth:

1, After perihelion, ISON broke into several pieces, and it is unknown how large these pieces are. So ISON's tail cannot be assumed to be made of small micron sized dust particles anymore.

2. After perihelion, ISON's tail is no longer pointing away from the Sun, in fact, a portion of its widely spread out tail is angled pointing downwards (with respect to the ecliptic plane). This means when it passes almost directly on top of the earth (with respect to the ecliptic plane), it is possible that a chunk trailing the comet could actually hit earth."
Thread: isons tail is the wrong way!!!


Re: Perfect Animation of Earth Passing Through Comet Ison Debris Trail
This video (the above video) shows a perfect illustration of what earth will pass through maybe in the next month or so. It shows earth going through the first debris trail going towards the sun and the second debris trail away from the sun. What caught my attention was the video noted that earth will pass through the second debris trail that will be filled with the sun radiation. I've never thought of that until I watched this video. If that is the case then the entire world is at stake. Asteroids falling into earth is already a huge concern, but now we are faced up against radiations as well. Lets hope that is not going to happen. If earth passes through the second trail filled with asteroids and radiations then the world is in great trouble. This could very well be what the Bible talks about God's promise not to flood the world but will with fire. Be humble and pray. Prepare as well.

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